How to Sleep like a Southerner

How to Sleep like a Southerner

(traffic noises, horn honks, ambulance sirens) VOICEOVER: Do harsh, big city sounds keep you awake? Do you have a hard time turning your brain off at night? Do regular white noise machines just not do the trick? What if we told you there’s a device scientifically proven to help you sleep like a baby in Memaw’s arms? Introducing: Southern Sleep Assist. Sleep like you’re down home with a shuffle of Southern sounds, including: (rain and thunder) (tornado sirens) (cicada sounds) (train horn) (rummaging sounds, dogs barking) And if you’re looking for more local flavor, the Southern Sleep Assist can authentically recreate the soothing sounds of many Southern cities, such as: (bachelorette party sounds)
“Y’all come take my picture in front of the wings!” (race car sounds) (jazz music) (vomit sound) Southern Sleep Assist also features innovations like the “But Grandpa, we’ve already heard that story…” series. GRANDPA: Eh, so I looked him straight in the eye and I told him, “Rudy! Put your hands on the table!” GRANDPA: Or wait, was that Gerald? It was Gerald. GRANDPA: …I think that was Gerald… And for those with severe insomnia, our certified sleep scientists have developed an all-natural sleep aid supplement. Which, when combined with the soothing sounds of Southern Sleep Assist, will have you snoozing harder than Tennessee’s offense. (tornado sirens and thunder) Southern Sleep Assist. Available wherever they don’t serve grits. Renasant Bank. The best bank in the South. Visit to learn more.


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