How to Renew your Antivirus – Panda Security

How to Renew your Antivirus – Panda Security

Welcome to your Panda Account! Technologies are evolving at the speed of
light, and so are the threats that we face in our digital lives. By renewing your protection, we at Panda Security
will take it upon ourselves to keep those threats at bay, while you continue to enjoy
online streaming, purchases, games, or updating your social networks risk free. As your protection period reaches its end,
the time has come to access your Panda account to renew your services. In this video, we explain what
you need to do in order to keep those threats at a safe distance. If you’re already a client, access your
account now. If not, create a new one in just seconds. Select the service you wish to renew, then
select the number of devices and the amount of time you’d like to extend your service. Confirm your purchase. You’ll receive an email with a new activation
code which you will need to introduce when you open your Panda product. Go to “My Products”, and in the bottom
right hand corner you will see a button that says “I have an activation code”. Once there, introduce the code and click on
“Activate now”. And there you have it! Now you can safely enjoy your online experience
while we take care of the bad guys.


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