How to Perform a Simple Man-I-Cure – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails and in this video we are going to do a man-i-cure for a man, a very well-known man in the nail industry. This is Chris Kitchen. He doesn’t do nails though, but he’s well known to the beauty nail industry but we’ll talk about that in another video. Chris said, “do you want me to do anything to my nails before you look at them?” and I’m like, “no, I want this to be real. I want to see what your nails look like and then we will make them look even prettier.” Let me have a look. Oh my God! You’re so…look at the scars and everything and the hairs and Kirsty: Quite hairy, are you?
Chris: They say sign of virility, isn’t it? Kirsty: Relax your hands. Oh God, he’s doing that…that you hate clients do. We don’t want no stiff hands today, darling. Chris: Not today.
Kirsty: Not today anyway. No stiff fingers. Kirsty: So, what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna work on his cuticle. So, you can see his cuticles need a bit of attention. They’re not that bad for a man. You clearly don’t do much manual labour. I feel like I’m giving you a palm reading now. I’d say you work on a computer most of the time. You know, do very little with your hands, just the normal day-to-day things. I don’t think you, you know, Kirsty: …you do any kind of manual labour in your field.
Chris: So, It’s like an episode of “Through the Keyhole” isn’t it? Kirsty: It is, yeah. Can anybody guess what Chris Kitchen actually does? Those that know him will actually know what he does obviously. So, we’re gonna sort his is nail out. I’m gonna start by softening these cuticles a little bit. So, I’m gonna use the Freesia Cuticle Oil. Kirsty: You feel nice.
Chris: Feels lovely yeah. Kirsty: You’re good?
Chris: Yeah, I’m looking forward to it. Adam: So, it’s been, what you do in the industry, not that we’ve talked about it yet, you were in a lot of salons and know a lot of people, do you get manicure as often or? Chris: I tend to be looked after. To be fair… Kirsty: Have you seen Chris’s eyebrows? On fleek! You know, he’s got some nice eyebrows going on. I did think he might have had a shave today, you know, but he didn’t. Chris: It’s cold. It’s really cold.
Kirsty: It is cold outside, so you’re sticking with the beard? Chris: For now.
Kirsty: Yeah, I do say to you… Chris: Until the sun comes out.
Kirsty: …when does the beard gonna go? Chris: When you go back to you natural hair colour, maybe. Kirsty: That’s never gonna happen, so keep your beards, yeah?
Chris: Yeah. Glad we got a deal. Kirsty: I’m just gonna rub that cuticle oil in for now. Just wanna give him a little bit of moisture before I attack those cuticles of his. Right! I am going to push back his cuticles now. I’ll possibly…haven’t even figured this out yet, but depending how much cuticle comes off with the Cuticle Pusher, if enough off comes off and that’s fine, but if it doesn’t and I will use the electric file. Kirsty: Yeah, you look a bit worried. It’ll all be fine.
Chris: I trust you. Kirsty: Yeah, okay.
Chris: Just. Kirsty: I don’t do a lot of manicures because everybody kind of want nail extensions nowadays, but, Kirsty: …you know, is it called metrosexual. People that…
Chris: Metro. Kirsty: People who really look after themselves.
Chris: I believe so. Kirsty: Because men really do look after themselves now, don’t they?
Chris: I actually used to be a really bad nail biter. Kirsty: Yeah?
Chris: Yeah, and then I started living with a beauty therapist and from that moment, I just stopped biting my nails and… Kirsty: Really?
Chris: Yeah, yeah. True story. It was like an instant thing. No, it wasn’t it? Kirsty: You just like…got stop there.
Chris: I wasn’t bullied into it. Chris: Ironically, spent a lot of time watching Kirsty’s videos not knowing who on earth she was. I don’t know, I just decide yeah, let’s stop biting and it just… Chris: …just happened.
Kirsty: So, you didn’t really know much about the beauty industry and until you Kirsty: …had a relationship with a beauty therapist?
Chris: Yeah! Kirsty: Pretty much.
Chris: I’ll say that’s fair. Kirsty: Mmm! And then it just snowball from there.
Chris: That’s it now, yeah, bikini wax and all that. Kirsty: Okay, okay. See, what I’m looking for here when I’m pushing these cuticles back is, how much excess sort of apenicium that is there and cuticle that’s attached to the nail. Adam: It’s very little, isn’t it?
Kirsty: Very little. Adam: He gets looked after by.
Kirsty: He does. See…I think you’ve had a manicure before. Adam: I think he gets one every month, at least.
Chris: Possibly not every month. Well, no. Yeah, probably so actually. Kirsty: You get looked after.
Chris: It’d be disrespectful to the people I work with not experience what they actually do. Kirsty: Mmm-hmm.
Chris: Hence why I’m here today. Kirsty: Yeah. Kirsty: So, you’re kind of making my job very easy.
Chris: It’s what I’m all about. Kirsty: Mm-hmm! It is indeed. So, I’m gonna do this on all ten nails. So, see this bit here, so as I push, I can feel pressure. Kirsty: Can you…are we zoomed in?
Adam: Yeah. Kirsty: Yeah, are we zoomed.
Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: And I’m just gonna ease that cuticle off the nail plate. So, what happens is, when the nail grows, if there is non-living tissue attached to the nail plate as it grows up, it snaps back and then you can get a little splits in the cuticles and hang nails and all that kind of business. So, I do think it’s important to maintain those cuticles and keep them nice and neat. Even for a bloke. Kirsty: Do you know the thing I don’t like about your nails?
Chris: No, Kirsty. What? Kirsty: Apart from they’re not really long and got nail art on them?
Chris: Right, okay. Yet. Kirsty: You do have calluses at the sides. So, what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna use the electric file to just exfoliate… Chris: Okay.
Kirsty: …those calluses away, so don’t be scared. Kirsty: Other than that, they’re quite nice. Chris: That’s why I like darling. Chris: Give me a bit of criticism and then build me up again afterwards.
Kirsty: I will. Kirsty: Don’t worry, I’ll dash you back down in a minute.
Chris: Can you give me any advice to maybe prevent that in the future? Kirsty: Don’t do anything with your hands.
Chris: Anything? Kirsty: Anything.
Chris: Okay. Kirsty: Just stay there like that.
Chris: Like a meerkat. Kirsty: Forever. So, I’m gonna use this pointy bit to remove the skin from Chris’ fingers. Adam: The flayed man.
Kirsty: Not all the skin. Kirsty: Maybe all the skin. Not all the skin. So, we want it of a quite a slow speed. We’re just exfoliating it. So, we have a buildup of skin here, so it’s hard skin. So, we’re just gonna exfoliate it, we’re not going to remove all of the hard skin. You will need to leave a tiny layer because if you completely remove it, it will just come back like that. Kirsty: What you need to do is, you need to get another manicure at about a week’s time.
Chris: About a week? Kirsty: Yeah. Chris: Book in.
Kirsty: And then you need this to be done again, yeah. Chris: I should have to say the gem placement on this nail is a banging, ain’t it? Seen ’em? Kirsty: I like it. It’s not bad is it? She’s alright. and I’m like, she’s alright. She’s not bad. Now, each time I do that, I am going to add a little bit of oil and let that just soak in and soften. Now, there will be certain fingers that have more calluses around them. You’ll notice it on the index finger and the ring finger of the dominant hand. Okay, it’s going… Chris: That actually feels really relaxing, you know. Kirsty: I am just gonna do that, I’m just going just to skip under here because there is some stubborn cuticle. So, the rotation is going counter clockwise or anticlockwise. Now we’re pushing against the cuticle and it will lift it slightly. Kirsty: Does it still feel gentle?
Chris: Yeah! It does, yeah. Since you do after to call it counterclockwise now because it’s not gender-specific. Anti-clockwise is a bit sumptuous. Kirsty: Get lost. Put a bit of oil on. Let that set in there. Chris: Can smell that pineapple as well.
Kirsty: Can you? Chris: I have a good nose. Kirsty: So this one, can you see that that is even transparent. This part here is that hard that the skin is even transparent. Kirsty: So, you’re right-handed yeah.
Chris: Oh, yes. Kirsty: This is the finger that your pen will sit on, so that’s why you’ve got a heavy callus there. Maybe I should do like cuticle readings and look at people’s cuticles and then tell them what kind of occupation they do. Chris: How often do you think I use a pen?
Kirsty: Not very often. Kirsty: Right! So, I’ve got a 240-grit file here, so it’s soft. I am gonna take the edges off though because I do not want to cut Mr. Christopher Kitchen. I’m gonna take these edges using an old file. As you can see, it’s an old file because some of the file has been removed from here. Oh, and we did that in a video. If you haven’t seen that video, I’m sure Adam will link it somewhere. Chris: Without the nail file.
Kirsty: Mmm! The nail file. The nail file video. Kirsty: Just checking, it’s not gonna…I prefer it cut me than cut you. Honest. Right! So, we’re going to… oh, we’ve got glitter. Well, never mind, like a bit of glitter. Right, so you filed these recently. they look softened. Kirsty: Yeah?
Chris: Fairly recently. Kirsty: Yeah.
Chris: I would say. Kirsty: I’m literally just gonna smooth over and I’m gonna pull from the sides to the middle. Yeah, this is quite short, this one. I feel like I’m doing…now, don’t take this as an insult, I’m feeling like I’m doing my dad’s nails. Only because it’s a man’s hand in my hand and that’s the only time that I have a man’s hand in my hand. Chris: Oh, Kirsty.
Kirsty: I know. Kirsty: My dad’s hand goes in my and when I do his nails and he’ll just like go, “ooh, could you just adjust a nail normally then take a sock off? Kirsty: Could you just do my toes?” and I’m like, “oh, for God sakes!”
Chris: Be careful what you ask for. Kirsty: I’ve even brought him like, his own little kit so he can do it himself, but no. Now, I just use the kit on my dad, doing his fingernails and toenails. Kirsty: Did I tell you about the story about the toenail with my dad and Allyson?
Adam: I don’t think so. Kirsty: Oh, I’ll tell you all about this. It’s dead funny. My dad and Allyson are going mad that I’m telling you. So, my dads in bed and Allyson on the same bed and they just sat there and they’re eating sweets. I forget what sweets it is, they were just like, you know, eating sweets. Kirsty: It might have been Bombay mix or something like that.
Chris: Bombay mix? Kirsty: Yeah. It’s something. They were just have little nibbles while they were lying in bed, which it messes with my OCD because it’s a total no no, like I think it’s horrendous. Kirsty: Relax!
Chris: Sorry, It’s an important story. Kirsty: You’re trying to look at the nail, aren’t you while I’m filing it? That’s impossible. I can’t see it. Kirsty: So, relax. Alright! Just saying.
Chris: I’m good. Kirsty: So, I’ll continue telling the story. So, they’re in bed and they were just chatting away and they’re like, watching something as well. They were watching something. So, my dad’s just handing over the sweets and all that and then he hands over something to her that wasn’t a sweet and Allyson puts it in her mouth and realises…and goes… Chris: Toe nail?
Kirsty: Toe nail. Chris: Oh my God!
Kirsty: So my dad has cut off his toenail and handed it to his lovely wife and she put it in her mouth. Chris: You know, having children yourself…
Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Chris: …Nappy bags?
Kirsty: Yeah. Chris: When they stick together?
Kirsty: You got to open them, yeah. Chris: Just a bit of advice to everybody from experience, if you need to lick your fingers to open that bag up, make sure you do it before anything else within that process. Kirsty: No! That’s gross. You haven’t. Chris: Unfortunately, true story.
Kirsty: Oh my God! Adam: Yeah, that’s grim
Kirsty: That is gross. Chris: But you do it. Just natural instinct.
Kirsty: Yeah. Chris: In a supermarket, if you can’t pop the bag,
Kirsty: Mm-hmm! Give it a lick and then Chris: Dub your fingers…
Kirsty: give it a… Chris: Open Sesame. Kirsty: Right! Now, I’m gonna clean underneath these gross nails. Chris: Gross?
Kirsty: I’m joking. They’re not that bad. I told you they’re not bad, I’m pretty impressed. Kirsty: That’s the only thing I don’t like about…well, not the only thing, it’s one of the things that I don’t like about natural nails is, they just show up… doesn’t matter how much you clean the nails, they still find those little bits do find their way underneath the nail. You don’t wanna press too hard because you don’t want to release the apenicium away from that nail plate. You don’t want to break that seal. So, I’m gonna use a very soft buffer now just to matte off the surface. A matte look for a man is very popular. Kirsty: You could buff it to a high shine, but I don’t think you a high shine kind of guy.
Chris: No! Chris: Not shining in other ways. No! Kirsty: You’re right. So, I’m just going over and that’ll smooth the surface as well and actually buffing the nail will stimulate the blood flow to the fingertips, which will encourage nail cells to grow. Right! I’m gonna wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution just to clean them up, then I will replenish the oil. Right! So, let’s add a bit of oil all the way around the nail, not just around the cuticle. So, you can see that they are all like a matte finish. Why I’m going to rub the oil over the nail, just to nourish that nail and skin, and we’re gonna let that soak in. So, Chris is gonna let that oil soak in, I’m gonna make myself a cup of tea. You’re gonna watch the next video because in the next video with Chris in, we’re gonna talk business and we’re gonna reveal a lot of exciting stuff. So, keep watching. Bye-bye! Kirsty: Say, bye-bye.
Chris: Bye-bye! Kirsty: Say bye-bye, Adam.
Adam: Bye! Chris: Bye! Kirsty: Keep watching this video. Maybe not this one, maybe the next one because we’re gonna finish now. Chris: Start again.


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