How to Make Pharmaceutical Emulsions, Creams and Ointments

How to Make Pharmaceutical Emulsions, Creams and Ointments

Today we’re looking at how to form an
emulsion for pharmaceutical creams and ointments. Creating a fine stable emulsion with good dispersion of active pharmaceutical ingredients and other raw materials, is essential to obtain the right consistency and functionality in the end product. Silverson rotor/stator mixers provide positive mixing that draws the oil and water phases into the workhead and subjects them to intense mechanical and hydraulic shear as they are forced out through the
perforations in the workhead and back into the body of the mix. In a short mixing cycle the liquids passed many times through the workhead, progressively reducing the droplet size ensuring a fine, stable emulsion. The high shear mixing action will also rapidly disperse the API and other ingredients in the formulation. A Silverson mixer can easily
create an emulsion with a droplet size of 2 to 5 microns. Finer emulsions down 0.5 microns can also be obtained depending on the formulation. For low to medium viscosity emulsions, a Batch mixer can be used for smaller volumes. For higher viscosity creams and ointments we’d recommend a Silverson High Shear Bottom Entry mixer with a scraper/stirrer to maintain uniformity in the vessel. For larger batches an In-Line mixer recirculating the contents of the vessel, will produce a homogeneous, fine emulsion. Silverson
In-Line mixers concentrate their energy on the small amount of
product in the mixing chamber and a correctly sized mixer offers greater efficiency on large volumes. They are self pumping and completely aeration free.
Silverson is a pioneer in the development of ultra hygienic sanitary mixing equipment for the Pharmaceutical industry. Our mixers meet or exceed all guidelines set by the regulatory bodies. We can custom-build equipment to suit specific customer requirements, and we can supply mixers with FDA
documentation packages including full material traceability. To find out more, contact us today or visit our website at


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