How to give a rabbit liquid oral medication by syringe

How to give a rabbit liquid oral medication by syringe

So to give a rabbit medication they have a gap between the front incisor teeth and the molar teeth behind called the diastema which is about a centimeter to a centimeter and a half long and we put the syringe into that gap. Not the whole lot at once because if we do that what they’re going to do is spit most of it out, so we put in just enough in their mouth they can swallow and we keep going until we’ve finished the syringe. We’re very patient about this and yes, you usually need someone holding them just like you’re seeing in the picture as well. So we’re going to wiggle that in behind the front teeth, here’s the gap. Just keep the head up a little bit, put a bit in, wait for the swallowing. You can see we’re swallowing now, and I’m going to do it again. Wiggle in again, they’re very tolerant if you take it carefully and peacefully. OK, you need a well… a rabbit who’s OK with people. But most of the time it’s as easy as this if you’re not forcing it down their throat, and you let them swallow between each mouthful, if you like, and we’re just about finished now. Last and I’m putting it if you see on the tongue almost, but I’m wiggling it into the the gap between the teeth that’s naturally there, and that was quite easy. Dose done.


8 thoughts on “How to give a rabbit liquid oral medication by syringe”

  • This video is misleading, my rabbit punches, kicks and bucks like a rodeo bull even when held in a towel, turns away, bites me, and jerks so it takes 10 minutes of solid trying to get it to take a 25ml dose.

  • Walkerville Vet says:

    The comment by speckyprick makes a good point. This technique only works if your rabbit will accept handling and two people are usually required. Note also how the owner is holding.

  • I can only say this if you have a crazy rabbit like the one below as I do too, I can give any medicine but the antibiotics or the ones they won't take it depends. I buy a bag of frozen cherries and cut a cherry in half to make a bowl be sure to cut where they've already took the pit out then put the meds in the cherry bowl. Or I also use an apple wedge and take the tip of a pear knife to pierce it and twist to make a small hole then inject the med into the hole it will absorb the meds, use as small a piece as you can so they don't waste the meds. Or use a half capful of apple juice add meds hold the dish or cap tilted while they drink it all. I also take the critical care and chop apples fine mix those in with meds if you don't stay doing this they wont get fat and spoiled. Try not to let them get spoiled or they will forever be a pain in the dupa!

  • Kayleen Westland says:

    My rabbit is okay with people but she will not sit like this to get her medication. It is not this easy. Sure, my other two would be fine and they’re not as friendly. They’re also small and she’s a Flemish giant.

  • The doodling wonder wolf M says:

    Omg when I saw them title of this I misread it as
    Hope to give your rabbit liquid nitrogen
    And I almost exploded with rage
    😂 until I realized that's not what it said at all 😂

  • Umm yeh my bunny's not doing this.. She's going ballistic when I'm trying to give her the medicine, even wrapped up tight. Not sure she's getting it all 🙄

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