How To Get Rid Of Arthritis Pain – Crazy Fast Arthritis Pain Cure. Try EFT Now – Energy Healing

How To Get Rid Of Arthritis Pain – Crazy Fast Arthritis Pain Cure. Try EFT Now – Energy Healing

This Quick 10 Minute Video Shows You How To
Easily Heal Arthritis Pain, Naturally… So Why Would Even Your Best Friend
Keep It A Secret? Welcome, friend…
Nigel Normanton here, from Yorkshire, England… Millions of people have already stopped their
suffering with this unique new energy therapy… Now in this short video, you can try it for
yourself… So you too can find arthritis pain relief
– fast. Look – You’re obviously tired of repeatedly
treating your arthritis pain… You’ve likely tried a bucket-load of arthritis
pain treatments… And you’re sick of being told there’s
no quick cure… But listen – It’s not your fault! You’ve
simply been sold the old, conventional ways of Western medicine, of ‘Big Pharma’… You’ve only been taught to treat the symptoms
– not treat the cause – right?… So naturally, if you want a breakthrough,
you must change something, do something different – yes? Well – my mission is simply to help you change
the way you think… And when you change the way you think, you’ll
change the results you get – which is what you’re looking for – isn’t it? Look – this simple 2-minute technique works
in a totally different way… Heal the hidden emotional cause – and like
millions of regular folks around the world, you too can feel the rapid relief you’re
hoping for… So why on earth has nobody told you about
this – until now? See – here’s the deal…
By any traditional standards, this is a crazy cure for sure – for three very good reasons…
It sounds crazy… It looks crazy… And here’s the kicker – it works like crazy too…
Which is why they’re calling it A Crazy Cure… So even though it’s being proved, every
day, by people just like you… Because it challenges those conventional beliefs… Nobody else will know if you’re open-minded
enough to even give it a go… But look – these famous Doctors highly recommend
it… Deepak Chopra, MD says it -“Offers great healing
benefits.” Dr. Oz calls it – “The next big frontier
in medicine!” And Dr. Joe Mercola confirms it as – “A
major component of our treatment program.” So hand’s up who’s open-minded – and ready
for something NEW? … 3-Step EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
– or ‘Tapping’… A unique new combination of modern psychology
and the ancient Oriental healing art of acupressure… (That’s like acupuncture – without the
needles!) The combined effect is like re-booting your
body… Tapping points on your face and body with
your fingertips… Whilst speaking positively yet gently to your
subconscious mind… To clear your blocked energy channels, or
meridians… And ZAP the hidden emotional cause of your
problem… See – sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But wait!
It flat out works… And it’s not just for any one problem – so
you can try it on everything… Because, believe it or not, those negative
emotions we all experience every day… Like Stress, Unworthiness, Anger, Anxiety,
Frustration, Grief, Guilt, Blame, Shame, Bitterness, Resentment…
Are, in fact, your inner guidance system… Powerful indicators of limiting beliefs, definitions
or opinions of yourself, picked up throughout your life…
Hidden by your subconscious mind – and stuck in your body’s energy system…
Yes – those hidden, limiting beliefs are the proven root cause of your suffering…
Of all your health, wealth or relationship problems – and more…
Skeptical? I can understand that. Even the most open-minded people may be – until they
try this – and prove it for themselves! Listen – Chances are good that in a matter
of minutes, you’ll begin to feel relief faster than you ever dreamed possible… You see, ‘emotionally simple’ problems,
such as Aches, Pains, Anxieties, Allergies, Food Cravings, Phobias… Often fade away completely with the use of
Step 1 alone – sometimes, almost miraculously, with a single 2-minute session… Most likely, though, with a number of repetitions… So let’s find some relief right now, shall
we?… It’s time to dive in and test this Crazy
Cure for yourself… First though – the required legal disclaimer… IMPORTANT
3-Step EFT is a complementary therapy. It should not should be regarded as a medical
claim. For medical advice, you should consult a qualified health professional, and the techniques
described must not be used as a substitute for any treatment they recommend. In using
this information, you are responsible for your own actions. So now, pick a ‘simple’ problem to try
it on… Any ache or pain in your body, a feeling of
anxiety about a specific event, a food craving, simple allergy or phobia… Got one? OK. To help you appreciate your progress,
rate the current intensity of that problem, on a scale of zero to ten… Ten being the most intense possible, zero
being no more problem at all – which of course, is what we’re aiming for… My brief demonstration shows you how and where
to tap… Then you just follow-along to Step 1 – ‘Tap
The Problem’… So let’s go… Hello! And welcome to 3-Step EFT – A Crazy
Cure. In this short video presentation
I’m going to show you the tapping points that you need to use
in the Step-1 tap-along video. There’s 8 of them
and the first is on the side of the hand it’s the base of the palm
the fleshy part of the hand, often known as the karate chop point
where you would karate chop a piece of wood! So taking the
fingers of the other hand, 1,2, 3 even 4 – whatever feels comfortable to you
as with all the tapping points, just tap gently – whatever feels comfortable to you
the next point is the top of the head – right on
the crown just tapping gently, and then you move down
to the eyebrow point which is between the two eyebrows – right in the middle there…
Next is the side of the eye – on the bone parallel with the eye there, and then
underneath the eye – the under the eye point –
on the bone just there. Next is the collarbone point – you have two collar
bones topping on either side – right there…
Then moving down to the breastbone point The breastbone runs down the body and at
the base there’s little indentation which is known in acupressure as the Sea
of Tranquility so you just tap gently on there… Then finally
we have the Fingertips Point. The meridians in the body
run down to the end of the fingertips, so you
put your fingers together with your thumb underneath, encircle it
with your other hand and squeeze gently on the fingertips.
Whilst you’re doing that you take a deep breath – in and out.
And that’s it… those are the simple tapping points you need
to use for the Step-1 Video. Ok. Now you know the 8 simple tapping points,
bring your problem to mind… Create a simple phrase for your specific symptom,
to fill in the blanks as you tap-along to Step 1 – for example… “I have this splitting headache”, “I
have this lower back pain”, “I feel anxious about my test”, “I have this chocolate
craving”, “I have this fear of spiders”, “I have these itchy eyes”… Now, check the intensity again, from zero
to ten… Done that? Great. Now relax, and tap-along
with me… Speak the words out loud, and fill in the
blanks for your specific problem… Let’s tap… 3-Step EFT Step 1 – Tap The Problem.
First – Rate the intensity of your problem or negative emotion from zero to ten. Now
tap… SH: “Even though [problem/emotion], I know,
inside, that I’m OK…” SH: “Even though [problem/emotion], I know,
inside, that I’m OK…” SH: “Even though [problem/emotion], I know,
inside, that I’m OK…” SH: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank
you, I love you…” FT: Breathe and feel relief… “RELIEF!”
TH: “Letting go of [problem/emotion]…” EB: “It’s OK to let go of [problem/emotion]…”
SE: “It’s safe to let go of [problem/emotion]…” UE: “Please let go of [problem/emotion]…”
CB: “Please let go of [problem/emotion]…” BB: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank
you, I love you…” FT: Breathe and release… “RELEASE!”
SH: “I now prefer to feel aligned, inspired and peaceful inside…”
SH: “I now prefer to feel aligned, inspired and peaceful inside…”
SH: “I now prefer to feel aligned, inspired and peaceful inside…”
SH: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you…”
FT: Breathe and feel peace… “PEACE!” Well Done! Now rate the intensity again – on
that same 0-10 scale. Did you feel some relief already? I do hope so… Did you find yourself yawning – or even
giggling? That’s your energy shifting… Although ‘emotionally simple’ problems
often fade away quickly as you tap, sometimes they take a few sessions to clear completely… So don’t give up – take a break, drink
a glass of water… Then continue – tap along again, as often
as you need… You can join me, free, at… You’ll receive powerful hints and tips to
make the most of your Unlimited Free Trial of Step 1… And a Free Report to help you understand how
this powerful process works… “How To Heal Yourself By Aligning The 3
Levels Of Your Mind…” You’ll see how Steps 2 & 3 not only speed
the process, but will quickly help you heal more ‘emotionally complex’ issues… Including chronic pain, serious illnesses,
trauma, PTSD, grief, betrayal, depression, OCD – and oh, so much more… Such as self-sabotaging behaviours that cause
financial, relationship, weight or performance issues… Listen – you’re obviously serious about
natural healing… I applaud you for being open-minded enough
to explore this… Most people simply don’t take time to educate
themselves the way you have… NOW – It’s your time to find out more…
What you’ll discover will open your eyes, for sure…
When you feel the relief you’re looking for… Do it now – Join me on the inside…
Grab The Report – And Your Unlimited Free Trial of Step 1 of
3-Step EFT… Click Below – Quick!


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    tried it. it gives some relieves for a while. but my back pain comes back again with greater intensity. can you help me sir ? whats wrong with me ?

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  • Very peculiar, step 1 really reduced my arthritis pain from 8 to 6 in just few minutes! I think i will start using vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acid along with these 3 steps and see what happens in few weeks. No more expensive medication that damages liver.

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    How did this actually work??! I’m so shocked right now. My RA pain has been unimaginable lately and this calmed me and reduced my pain immediately. Wow.

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    Hello. I liked it and I will start from today. Hope to see some more like this as these are very easy.

  • im in a serious pain
    (midfoot atritis) and i look to yout tube
    at first i dont believe the claims and i hate the intro of this video… but after trying this the pain went away… thank you so much for sharing…
    i rated my pain at 9 out 10
    after the activity i got zero pain… amaizing

  • I am 55 years old and have Severe Osteoporosis, Ankylosing spondilitis and Rheumatoid arthritis, I have severe pain from them and it's been like that for 25 years now and I am always looking for anything that will help so I tried this and it made me feel relaxed but unfortunately it did nothing for the pain so the search continues

  • It is what you eat causes pain. Tomatoes for instance, are members of the Deadly Nightshade family, so are white potatoes ! All beans and seeds are bad..
    Sweet potatoes, lovely, much more nutrients in those. I have switched from butter to Virgin Olive Oil. Its actually very nice. I pour it over cooked veggies and dip toast into it. I have taken to like goats milk and cheese. Did not think I would like these things but they are great. I also eat half as much meat than before. I had a knee and ankle problem 3 months ago. Not any more.

  • I think it would be quicker to learn to tap dance! But I tried it for a month, after one week I had bells ringing in my ears, after two weeks it was measles, then I had no movements in my right testicle, but by the fourth week I was entered into a psych ward so it’s all fine now.

  • Whaaaaat !! I have serious back problems , it came back really nasty a couple of weeks ago and I haven't slept since , it doesn't let me stand or sit for any amount of time and today was no different . I really don't know how your channel got here but you did and I'm going to bed with NO PAIN !!! Dunno how it works but it works ! I finished the programme and this severe pain I live with has gone . Thankyou from my true inner being , I will recommend you to friends and family . Marvellous, just great . May Our Father who reigns from on High blessyou for sharing this , you saved me . I hope I get up tmrw with no pain . I can actually rest my foot on the floor without flinching .

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  • Dr ranjana kaushal says:


  • I am in severe pain my arm not working can’t work.
    Hate my life.
    Taking medicine regularly. But didn’t help.
    I don’t think it’s gonna work.
    I am suffering since last 19 yrs.
    only one joint maybe van heel
    But mine is almost everywhere in Body. Neck’ Elbow ‘ finger ‘ feet’ hip & back
    I am only 41 yr

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    "…a high percentage of RA patients have systemic mycoplasmal infections", per the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

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