I am CA. Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach and mental health consultancy. Since the last 25 years, we have researched
more than 50 diseasesandcured without medicinelike a Migraine, Epilepsy, Depression, Insomnia,
Schizophrenia, Arthritis, Alzheimer,Parkinson, Drug Addict, Alcoholic like such disease there
is no treatment in medical science, and this disease is 100% curable without medicine. Today I am talking about Parkinson’s, this
disease is related to age and when the period is growing this disease is coming.8% of people
suffer from this disease which is above than 60 years, and 5% of people suffer from this
disease which is high than 80 years. This disease is discovered by neurologist
Parkinson,in 1917 and this disease is known by here name Parkinson’s. This disease has 50 reasons for coming to
this disease. We have developed a MIND MAPPING test and
the patient easy understand that what is the 50 basis for coming todisease? In 10 hours I can quickly convey to the family
member that it’s not a brain disorder or a neurological disorder and it is a psychological
and emotional disorder. This disease starts with nervousness, restless,
tension, confusion, indecisive through all this reason the disease come. It is one type of mental illness, and in the
whole world,there is no medicine to cure it. The doctor is not claiming that they control
the disease, but they cannot cure it. The doctor is giving medicine to rest the
mind, relax the body, sleep properly. We have seen that frominjury the prematuredead
through this disease. From this disease the patient health is stiffened,
balance loss, memory power loss, weakness in the body and feels lethargic. The person who thinks a lot, negative thinking,
in life keep negative approach, fearand while doing thisthere nervous breakdown andthrough
this disease comes.The person whotakes medicine, taking drugs, smoking and they have a changeof
getting this disease. The first sign of this disease is damage of
memory, and they do not do any work their hands or legs are shivers, and they do not
write with pen, and they cannot stand on legsand have a lot of fears to do any work, and this
type of person cannot drive a car. 40% of people cannot diagnosethis disease,
and 20% of people have the wrong disease. In city scan or MRI they cannot work, and
in the report, there is not coming anything. There is not any test developed or not any
laboratory test has developed. The doctor experience and to sees and tell
that it is a Parkinson disease. Sometimes the doctor givesan opinion to do
surgeryby which operation called asDeep Brain Stimulation. Through this name, they are doing surgery,
and maybe there is a brain stimulation come and confidence. In this disease, there is a role of stress
and anxiety. This diseasecan be a cure in 3 to 6 months
without medicine. Basically, it’s a stress management course
which is for one month, and they have to come residential for one month, and then it is
a weekly telephone conference orsends an audio program, and this disease will be a cure in
3 to 6 months. I am CA. Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach and mental health consultants. Once again I will tell that Parkinson’s is
a cure.If your health is good or otherwise if you are a week then also it can be cured
without medicine. Medicine will not becure entirely.It is even
curing the symptoms like restlessness, anxiety.


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