how to cure DYSLEXIA (IN HINDI) by Kailash Mantry

how to cure DYSLEXIA (IN HINDI) by Kailash Mantry

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  • Omg… you really need to find a friend who speaks and reads and write in English…

    Anyone who can read English and looks at the You Tube subtitles here is having a good laugh at some of the crazy and bizarre stuff this is saying and you need to know what this is saying.. believe me…hahaha.



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  • manjit Kaur Virk says:

    Sir mera beta percent brain damage hai or Osko ab epilepsy v hai aur kise dwaee nl v Frak nhi pai riha apke pass koi pkka ilaaj hai eska to please help me

  • Sir mjhe dyspraxia hai maybe because Mera hand movement sahi se nhi hota hai daily work me…fine motor skills me craft work me brushing me bike ride krne me I m 25 yrs old…..but sir jab maine pehli beer pee to uske 24 hrs bad mere hand movement San apne AP hone laga Mera dimag SB kuch apne AP krne lga Mera concntrntn level increase ho Gua 48 hrs ke liye wo stage activate Hui….. Or kabhi kabh achanak se wo stage aa jati sab apne AP ho jata hai mjhe Jada daily work me Sochna nhi padta hai….. Sir plz sgst me Kya mjhe dysprexia hai ki nhi…….plz sir me bhut pareshan hu in Sab cheejo ke chakkar me ab me depression me bhi ja Raha hu….

  • meri beti 4 year ki shayed mujeh aisa lagta hay bachi ko dylexsia hay lkg padti bahut acha oral speach song sab karti
    hay magar likhne ka ultha likhti hay ab mai kya karun ghar may kuch therapy kar sakhti hun kya pls batao

  • lopamudra parida says:

    Sir mere beta ko bhi ye bimari hai . Usko padhai aur likhai mai dikhat hoti hai . Wo bahut man kharaf kartahai iss bajase .8 year ka hogayahai .sir plz help my son

  • Sir ma bolna nahi pata hon long sentence ma….toti pouti bolta hon……or eak bath ma class ma bikul nahi bol pata hon….I do more hardwork..but result is not come so far.

    Please help easy be lekh nahi pata hon…long sentence ma…..

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