How To Cure A Hoarse Voice In an Hour (Is It Possible?)

Is it possible to get rid of hoarseness quickly
and if so how to cure a hoarse voice in an hour? Stay tuned because I am sharing practical
tips on treating hoarseness so that you can get your voice back as soon as possible. Hi! I am Katarina, speech language pathologist
from How 2 Improve Singing and here on this channel, I share practical tips about using
your voice in a healthy way. So, if this is a topic that interests you,
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miss any of my videos. So, the big question is: can you cure hoarseness
in an hour? Well, it depends. I don’t have any magical formulas or potions
but I have a story that demonstrates that you can get rid of acute hoarseness in a very
short period of time. But first, let’s make it clear that there
are some types of hoarseness, which cannot be cured quickly. I am talking about chronic hoarseness of voice. If you have been suffering from hoarse voice
for more than 2 weeks, meaning you are experiencing chronic hoarseness, and now you expect your
voice to magically cure within a few hours, you are in for a huge disappointment. Chronic hoarseness requires time and a more
complex approach than a few quick tips. I talk about treatment of chronic hoarseness
in a different video. So, if that is you, click here to watch that
video right now. Also, if you are hoarse or lost your voice
due to an acute viral illness such as common cold or flu, there may not be a quick solution
that will get your voice back in an hour. You can certainly try some of the tips that
I share in this video but usually, the viral infection has to run its course and your voice
will come back when the sickness goes away. It is still possible to use your voice or
even sing when you are sick but it is not ideal. In cases of acute hoarseness due to a viral
infection, the best emergency vocal remedy includes lots of fluids like water or warm
teas with lemon, honey or ginger, vocal rest, warm steam for your voice, good nasal hygiene
and sleep. But it may take a few days to get your voice
back. So, let’s go back to our question: is it
possible to cure hoarseness in an hour? Yes, if the hoarseness is a symptom of vocal
fold swelling due to one short-term episode of vocal misuse. Let me tell you a story. My son loves to sing and he was invited to
sing at a half-time show during a football game at his high school. His preferred genre of music is classical
singing and jazz, that’s his vocal training background. However, to entertain the teenage masses at
a football game, the school band opted for a heavier type of music and they played Ozzy
Osbourne and Steppenwolf. My son decided to add some grunts and roughness
to the sound and after 30-minute performance, he ended up with a hoarse voice. Of course, he did not know how to grunt in
a healthy way, he never did it before. When I picked him up after the performance,
he could barely talk. His voice was weak, raspy and breathy. I immediately ordered him to stay quiet on
the way home, even though I was very eager to know how the performance went. On the way to the car, I also bought a cup
of warm tea for him. Instead of talking, we listened to some music
in the car. When we came home, I asked him to still keep
silent so he spent some time texting with his friends. I made him more warm tea with ginger and lemon
and he steamed his voice. After about an hour, his voice cleared and
he was no longer hoarse. However, my trained ears still heard some
breathiness in his speaking voice. So, I suggested that he takes the night off
from talking and does “quiet work”, which meant playing on the computer in silence. His voice was back to normal within 24 hours
and he decided not to sing heavy metal again or at least without proper training. So, here are three learning points from the
story: 1. You can heal a hoarse voice in a short period
of time. The main trick is vocal rest. Here is why. My son’s hoarseness was a symptom of vocal
fold swelling. He grinded his vocal folds due to bad vocal
technique. As a result, there was a fluid build up inside
the vocal folds, which is actually a protective mechanism to avoid more serious damage. When the vocal folds are thick, they cannot
vibrate normally, which results in changes in voice quality. Luckily, vocal folds have an amazing ability
to self-restore if you give them a chance. And that is exactly what vocal rest does. Plus, good hydration in the form of warm teas
and steam inhalation also helped. 2. My son was lucky that his vocal misuse resulted
only in vocal fold swelling and he did not harm his voice even more, for example with
vocal hemorrhage. Vocal fold hemorrhage is when a blood vessel
on the vocal fold ruptures and the vocal fold fills with blood. This is a serious vocal emergency and is treated
with absolute voice rest and requires attention of a voice professional. So, remember, not all types of hoarseness
are easy to “fix”. So, don’t play with fire and avoid vocal
misuse whenever you can. 3. Finally, hoarseness is a symptom, not a disease. There are many different causes of hoarse
voice and they are treated differently. It is important to know the cause in order
to plan a successful treatment. Vocal rest, hydration and good vocal hygiene
are the first line of treatment options for any type of hoarseness. But if your voice is hoarse for more than
2 weeks, make an appointment with your doctor and have your voice checked in order to prevent
a serious vocal problem. For example, if you suddenly experience hoarseness
without a presence of acute viral infection such as common cold or flu, order yourself
vocal rest and improve your vocal hygiene. But if you don’t see any improvements in
the next few days, then it is time to find professional help. And that is all for today. If you liked this video, give it thumbs up
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