How To Clean Stethoscope Littmann LightWeight II S.E.

– In this video I’m
going to be showing you how to clean the Littman Lightweight 2SE thoroughly from top to bottom. (gentle music) (gently chiming bells) Hey, hey what’s up guys? Nurse Jenny here. In this video here I’m
going to be showing you how to thorougly clean the
Littman Lightweight 2 SE. So we’re going to go from the ear tips, to the diaphragm, and
we’re even going to take it apart and clean in all
the nitty gritty areas. If you’re like me, into
all things nursing, please consider subscribing, and if you found this video at all helpful, give it a thumbs up. I’ll quickly show you how I would clean this stethoscope between each patient use. Which won’t be a thorough clean, but it’ll be a clean that
you do many times a day. I would use one of these alcohol prep pads which has got 70% Isopropyl alcohol in it. I always keep it it my pocket, most nurses do I think. I would clean the ear tips, scrub it around, then your diaphragm, because that’s been on the patient. Clean that around, and then I’ll just give the tubing maybe a little rub down like this. Like that, let it dry completely, and then ready to go. Ready to use on the next patient. So let’s start with the cleaning of the ear tips. On the Littman Lightweight 2 SE you can pull the ear tips off. Straight off, and then what I would do is I would use a cotton tip or a Q-tip, the things you
clean you’re ear’s with, and dip it in some
alcohol, and rub it inside, all inside there, get all the grot out if there’s any in there. Both sides, make sure it is thoroughly dry
before you reassemble again. Then I would go to the diaphragm. Take the diaphragm off, again I would use an ear cleaner, that
quick Q-tip or cotton tip. Dip it in some alcohol and clean around all the crevices in the diaphragm, and then also on the chest piece. I would clean and thoroughly make sure that is dry. Before I put the diaphragm back on. Now the bell side, this little plastic thing also comes off. So I would take that off, clean all around in the crevices where bugs like to run. To hang out, and then clean the plastic part up thoroughly and then reassemble when it is completely dry. So if you want to give your stethoscope a real spring clean, a
really thorough clean, you can pull this stethoscope
apart in two places. And you would clean around
all the edges there, you can take your little
Q-tip and clean inside there, and you can also pull chest piece off and do the same there. Clean all around the crevices, clean just inside there, let this, for goodness sake, let this dry properly before you reassemble. Because you do not want any fluid or any condensation in your stethoscope. Remember guys, it is super important to clean your stethoscope between each patient use. You want to avoid that cross contamination at all times. This is why we wash our
hands so much as well. Now I like to use these prep pads, which have got 70% Isopropyl alcohol in them, basically just alcohol. And every hospital should have them readily available for you. You can buy this at the chemist but if you don’t have these, can’t get ahold of them, the Littman manual actually says that you can use soapy water. Just to clean it down with a cloth, and that works just as well. Thank you for watching the video, may your stethoscope be clean, and your next shift quiet. I’ll see you guys on my next video. Laters. Boop. (light music)


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