How To Beat Drug Addiction? 💡💊 – Steal My Method (2019)

How to beat drug addiction that’s the question I will talk about in this video I will give you three things You need definitely in your life to beat your drug addiction and Let’s begin. The first thing is the past and everything related to the past and is Finding your why Why did you consume and the second thing is the D-DAY Don’t worry. I will explain it later but the D-DAY Is very very important and the last and third thing is the future everything it’s all about how you will prevent relapse and Let’s begin with the first one the past It’s so essential to know Why you were consuming in the first place, what’s the reason? Everyone has a reason for consumption Maybe your life is so bad, it’s getting worse and worse and you’re trying to escape that’s Addiction all about you trying to escape from reality because you can’t stand “Normal” reality anymore consumption if you consuming the only thing you want is to get happy because everything sucks and you want to escape and Therefore it’s So important to know WHY You are consuming Because if you know you why, you know, you know your triggers and if you know your triggers you can try to solve and try to Manage those triggers at the root cause. Otherwise You’re only trying to manage the symptoms. It’s like taking a pill for depression it won’t solve the root cause only the symptoms so my suggestion is to Grab a pen and paper and I know, that’s boring But it works best. It’s the most effective way to Know to To get your why on paper. Really dig in your past Come back to the first time you where consuming You don’t have to know the exact time date and so on but approximately the year That’s the first thing I want to give you as a hint and Please make sure Take your time 20 minutes 30 minutes For as long as you need to figure out your why but please use a pen and paper and write it down Alright, so the next thing is the d-day. The d-day is an event, a situation, whatever, it is something That’s happened in your life. And from that Moment you’ve made the decision you want to beat your drug addiction you can’t take it do it anymore. Whatever, that moment happened in your life and from then you’ve made the decision to stop it and Always remember that d-day if you have a craving if you’re thinking about consumption that’s the the thing I’m doing Once you get a thought of thought of thinking about consumption always think about the d-day Go back to your d-day And make it worse make the worst case scenario A result that could or maybe or will happen in the future so For instance if I’m facing a craving for a millisecond, I’m always thinking about the end result if I would consume what would happen if I can’t stop consumption? As an addict you can’t handle moderate consumption. It’s as simple as that. You can’t handle it. So there’s there’s only one way, to stop it completely and again Always think about the d-day and make it worse and Maybe you can exaggerate it to jail or you can what I’m doing is thinking about the end results and maybe it’s committing suicide that would be the final result if I Begin again to consume and the end result will be committing suicide all right, so we now we have point number three: The future It’s all about the question how will you prevent? relapse in the future? What will you do if you face a risky situation? What are you gonna do? One thing is to avoid the hot spots avoid for instance people maybe you have to move to another city or to cut the friends Cut to friends, ignoring the friends, but if you are an addict normally your friends or Your friends are mostly doing drugs and If you’re hanging out with those friends guess what, you’re probably doing drugs as well So cut the friends, as hard as it might be, but cut the friends They’re doing drugs and if you’re hanging out with them It’s almost guaranteed that you’re doing drugs as well find a new hobby, something you can fill the void with, because doing drugs is was the thing to fill the void before, so you need a new coping skill to beat your drug addiction and I have a blog post with about thirty Coping skills you can use They are from easy to implement to sophisticated There are several Coping skills. You can implement instantly anytime everywhere and there ones which Hard to implement, but we’ll help you in the long run if you don’t have any clue which coping skill you can implement check out my blog post, I will put a link something here and in the description But check it out if you’re struggling with finding a coping skill I have 30 of them and I bet you have will find at least one who can implement and yeah, that’s All I can say about that question again To recap the points you need To figure out your why So, why was or what’s the reason? you’re consuming? Because therefore you find your triggers and you can handle, manage to those triggers much much better. Number two is the d-day and the d-day is The situation the event that happened in your life and because of that situation you want to beat your drug addiction and If you have a craving always remember that day, it helps really really a lot Making that d-day worse, the worst case scenario helps even better if you have a craving remember that d-day And the last thing is the future The question or it’s all about the question. How will you prevent relapse in the future? What will you do instead of consumption? thinking about systems skills You can do instead To not consume and I really hope you liked this video if so if you give me a like and if not then thumbs down. Subscribe to my youtube channel. Tick the bell You know what I mean, tick the bell Have a nice day. Take care. Bye bye You


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