How Do Water Treatment Plants Work?


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  • I was quite fascinated with this specific topic for a long time. There's this company or process called blue water if I'm not mistaken, it uses multiple steps, magnets, ozone all of that.

  • Awesome videos! but at about 3:04 you say "Wastewater Treatment Plants"… when I think you meant to say "Water Treatment Plants"…

  • As an operator in Ohio I can confirm. However I have only ever heard of Chlorine disinfection for the clean side. If O3 or UV gets used It would be on the dirty end for sure.

  • Hey, I just wanted to say, I found you somehow, and I LOVE how you explain topics like this and wastewater treatment. I've subscribed for sure.

  • I have well water it’s got a lot of iron in it but other than that it tastes fine … I do worry about contamination of the aquifer though so I use filtered pitchers to help (at least I hope they do!)

  • Great work. Even though I've learned this whole process in french, however I completly understood it. I was hoping at the end of the video to talk about the reverse osmosis and explain it. Thank you

  • Praise Sino Ltd says:

    Thanks for making such video, shows very clearly how the water treatment plant works, we can supply the flocculant used to treat the water, any companies intersted can send me message.

  • Thanks u very much .
    Though I know every details of water treatment plant , but didn't know about the pressure(40psi) required to be maintained.
    Do a video related to paint shop industry.

  • آهل الخير says:

    Great video
    i would suggest to add subtitle CC in the options because some people i would share the video with them but they chose the auto translation offered by youtube to other languages that will also increase the number of non english speaking viewers.Keep going you are doing an excellent videos

    My Best Regards 🙂

  • As usual excellent video. Can you make a video about MSF (Multi stage flashing) or MED for water distillation? Looking forward for your good videos.

  • i am watching this video while working in a water treatment plant. From last one year i am working here as a operation and commissioning engineer. thanks for the video. love to know about sludge treatment. Sludge treatment facility will entertain new engineer who wants to work in a Water treatment plant.

  • reachyouthafrica says:

    Uv light and Ozone are better disinfection options. Sodium Hypochlorite is carcinogenic. Twin Oxide has no carcinogenic effect

  • 3. List some of the things that are removed from the water during the Water Treatment Process.

    4. Why filters are added to the Water Treatment Process?

    5. What kind of filters are used in the Water Treatment Process?

    6. What are the two reasons chlorine is used in the disinfection step of the Water Treatment Process?

    7. What other TWO methods besides chlorine are used during the disinfection step?

    Questions for my science review HELP ME

  • Hi iam from India I work in company as mechanical engineering and my company is water treatment plant it'sfrom toxic chemicals to drinking water

  • No where in this process mentions why Fluoride to added in our drinking water. It does not contribute to purifying the water in any way shape or form. It can melt concrete on contact, yet they want us to drink it.

  • Your explanation of multimedia filters is completely wrong. Activated carbon is usually placed on top of the filters. Water is added to the filters at the top of the filter, with the course media, usually anthracite coal. Then the finer media, usually sand, then a gravel at the bottom. Most of your other explanations are somewhat correct. BTW, I am a water treatment plant operator. Thank you for the kudos for our unsung efforts.

  • NicaPeruMusica says:

    I have a serious question, i've read that the ph in pure water is 7. to regulate the ph is sufficient to "purify" it ? I mean, Do i need to buy a alkaline water filter to feel it more pure?

  • khaliun battogtokh says:

    Describe the filtration step: what goes in, what comes out. What are filters made of?
    So the answer for the first question would be sand goes in and particles & inactivated organisms come out right? But what are filters made of though? Thank you 🙂

  • Have you heard of using Electron Beam Accelerator irradiation process for treating waste water instead of a variety of chemicals, chlorine or UV rays and Ozone. EBEAM be easily integrated in the pretreatment, post treatment at far less economical cost.

  • Solution help treatment plant lower cost and produce the best quality water check out :@UClkc35NbVnrmq_QfAbBS5qA

  • UV AND CHLORINE HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO HAVE A BAD EFFECT TOGETHER!!! They literally had to cover water sources with shade balls to prevent the uv from coming into more contact with the chlorine treated water

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