HOME REMEDY TO CURE CATARACT II घरेलू उपचार से मोतियाबिंद का रख रखाव II

HOME REMEDY TO CURE CATARACT II घरेलू उपचार से मोतियाबिंद का रख रखाव II

Welcome to health care at home Today we will talk about Cataract Cataract is found in almost every person as the age increases So is it possible to cure cataract by home remedy? We found lots of mail asking this question Yes it is absolutely possible to cure cataract by home remedy You can avoid cataract operation Cataract is a type of a disease So why wait for a disease to take place as we can prevent it before it comes what we can do for this is very simple If you take this simple steps from now onwords then you will not have the cataract problem ever The first step you can take is While brushing your teeth fill in the water in your mouth and then start splashing water on both your eyes splash water twenty times on each eye Your eyes gets exercise by doing this You will get rid of all the irritation of eyes Apart from this When you are absolutely fit you can do a step which can help you get rid of this problem Take pure honey When your eyes are normal Twice a week Put two drop of honey in your eyes What will happen is Due to increasing age this problem of cataract will never effect you Twice a week Put two drops of honey in your eyes You will never have any eye problem Neither wear spectacles nor you will get cataract This is simplest way to prevent disease before it occurs Now if the problem has occured Suppose you are just now diagnosed with initial stage of cataract So how can we avoid it There is a method to avoid cataract at initial stage itself Put two drops of your fresh urine in your eyes thrice a day Do this step thrice a day for seven to eight days your initial stage of cataract will be stopped there itelf Cataract will get destroyed there only So do this experiment What will happen is There will be no need to operate cataract after it grows up it will get controlled in the initial stage But when you come to know that you are in the initial stage of cataract You should start this remedy immediately Thrice a day You can do it three to four times a day Your fresh urine two drops in each eye Apart from this You can go for this remedy this is a very good remedy Good for eye problems cataract can also be controlled by this Keep four almonds in water overnight Add four black pepper in it Four almonds and four black pepper And in the morning You can add sugar lumps if you want Grind it and make it into fine paste And you have to mix it with a glass of cow’s milk and drink Morning and evening twice a day What will happen with this is It will increase your eye sight It will work as tonic to your eyes Good for brain as well It will stop initial stage of cataract Apart from this If cataract has already occurred then what can we do is That time you can do this remedy Get white onions from market Take ten grams of white onion juice Pure honey ten grams Bhimseni camphor two grams Ten grams of white onion juice Pure honey ten grams Bhimseni camphor two grams Mix it well in a bottle and keep Put one drop of this mixture in each eye every night Cataract will be stopped Cataract will get cured with this remedy If you don’t find bhimseni camphor in market Then too take honey and white onion juice in same proportion A spoon of white onion juice and a spoon of honey mix it Put two drops of this mixture in each eye With this remedy also you can stop cataract No need to go for operation Do this experiment Person who already have cataract should not have oily stuffs in their meal Oily stuffs like samosas and all the deep fried items should be avoided Maida, Chocolates and alcohol should also be avoided Avoid tea also if possible So avoid all this stuffs like butter, oily vegetables Apart from this you can have gooseberry It is very good for your eyes If its gooseberry’s season then have gooseberry’s juice Its beneficial for your eyes You can also have carrot and tomatoes juice These both works as eye tonic for your eyes You can have leafy vegetables as well Have spinach, fenugreek leaves, corriander leaves in your meal These are good for your eyes And avoid pizza, burger, samosa all the deep fried items and junk food Avoid cigarette and alcohol as well By doing this simple remedies you will find that you will never get cataract If you don’t have cataract start doing these remedies you will never get cataract If its already there it will get cured by these remedies So these are very simple steps Do this regularly and get rid of cataract stay safe from operation as well We always wish our viewers happy and healthy life keep watching us Thank you


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  • sir,my daughter is 6 yrs old and for past 2 and half years she is suffering from eyes allegy,her eyes have become very pale and she has lot of irritation in her eyes,she keep rubbing her eyes,many times her eyes becomes red,we have changed many doctors and her eye drops are still going on,every month we visit doctor,her eye irritation reduces but again it starts….is there any permanent cure?please please let me know..can i get back her beautiful bright eyes? 


  • Sir, My right eye has gotten blurry and I think I've got it from using computer for long period of time. Do you have any home remedie for me?

  • If the cataract is really bad will taking the honey and onion juice eye drops help any. It seems to help on right eye with only slight cataract but not on right eye which has much more severe cataract. I have been taking the eyedrops for two weeks so far.

  • My dad has an eye problem his eyes are blurry and he cant see well what remedies can i use i would love to know

  • He has cataract or glaucoma and its really have home down and the family sad what remedies can i use and We went to the doctor the doctor say he see hope for him to get back his eye sight so what is it can i use as in i cant afford to get him a surgery

  • hello sir,
    My son is 7 years old. He had difficulty seeing far objects, so took him to the hospital. Doctor diagnosed as congenital sutural cataract and said can wait 6 months for surgery, not more than that as it can lead to lazy eye. Please let me know surgery is the only option for him or there are any home remedies to cure this type of cataract

  • मेरी बेटी जो लगभग 9 वर्ष की उसकी एक आंख में मोतियाबिन्‍द हो गया था और उसका आपरेशन भी करा दिया है। रोशनी कम है। रोशनी बढ़ाने हेतु कोई घरेलू उपाय बताने की कृपा करें।

  • sir plz btaa de cataract ho chuka hai mujhe kya mein honey aur white onion ka juice mix kar apni aankh mein dal Sakti Hun aur meine 4years pehle LASIK bhi karvayia tha sir u r my last hope plz reply me

  • Sonakshi Mittal says:

    mere mummy ke ek eye operation ho gya h aur dusri m bhe catract h agr dusri eye m yahi remedy agr follow krenge to koi problem to nhe

  • Rakesh khati says:

    Rakesh khati18 hours ago
    sir plz tell me mare dono eye ke white part upper utt gaya hai plz tell me ye kya hai

  • Hi sir, If there is no availability of Cow Milk to mix with Badam and peper mix then can we use Buffalo milk. If we use Buffalo milk then will that give positive results.
    Please advise…

  • if eyes nerves is damage 90 percent n got glaucoma in right eyes…n left eye 99 percent nerves damage n catract…what to do

  • If one has had cataract surgery and also post cataract surgery for capsule opacification, can they still use these remedies to avoid further opacification or accumulation of dead cells behind the lens? I am specifically asking about putting honey & onion juice in the eyes. Thank you.

  • sir meri mother ka ek eye ka operation hua. fir dusri eye ka bhi 2 mnth baad operation karwa liya. ab unke right eye l upar wali side pain hoti h. iske bare me btao plz

  • sir, I'm Chandan My Eyes Are Getting Yellow It's Making My Look Very Hard So Please Give One Good Remedie ,
    I Have No Cataracts,Eye Sight,Jhondies No Problem But Getting Very Yellow Day BY Day SO, Plz Tell Any Cure For This Problem

  • CRAZY my grandma is 90 years old she stared with cataracts very young never had surgery on her eyes she cured it with one lemon drop straight into the eyes ones a week!😉

  • sir Meri ankho me Infections he 8 sal SE or bahot Jada he me bahot hi Jada preshan hu agr AP mje bta do ki ye kese thik hoga pls

  • Fariya Barbie says:

    Sir mere Dad Ko 2sal se Cataract hogaya hai aur o Operations se bahoth darte Hain .plz mujhe koie toodka batayey

  • Sangeeta Sharma says:

    Sir main ek cml patients hoon aur mera ilaj aiims main chal raha hai.mere sir evm band dale hue hain yani ki chale es ka koi ayurvedic elaj hai challo la.

  • sir mere ladke jiski umar 4 month ki hai usko motia bind ho gya hai doctor operation ki the the hai uska koi or illas hai

  • Nano-grade eye drops can cure cataracts because nano-grade eye drops can effectively treat

    those AGEs (advanced glycation end products), CML (carboxymethyllysine), pentosidine,

    ALEs (advanced lipid peroxidation end products), to be excreted out of body through urine.

    This is the first time in human medical history that eye drops can cure cataracts. It's impossible

    for other eye drops to cure cataracts because nano-grade eye drops consists of nano-materials

    and pure water. Those nanomaterials are hydrophilic as well as lipophilic, i.e. amphiphilic.

    Please browse @t

    All glory belongs to God !

  • Creativie ideas business says:

    my name is Harinarayan Gupta i am from Nagpur M.H sir last month my excident for bike than my right side eye not clear so pl help sir 9405139441

  • Amanpreet Singh says:

    After my cataract surgery my vision did improve but after 12 weeks it was blurry again and something was missing. I met the ayurvedic Doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and he said that there was formation of water in the centre of the eyes and he gave me Bilberry Capsules, Amla Saar and Amalaki Rasayan Capsules to apply. which are too effective for the natural treatment of cataract. I tried it for three months and my eyes have improved dramatically.

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