Holley Water Methanol Injection Components

Tired of the high price of race fuels? Water / meth injection is a budget-friendly
alternative for most anyone running expensive race gas. Holley’s developed a high-pressure system
to inject your engine with a 50/50 methanol / water mix. Our system works in both naturally aspirated
and boosted engines to help reduce detonation and increase horsepower! High octane Methanol absorbs heat directly
out of the air, a term known as “latent heat of vaporization.” When this finely atomized water / methanol
mix is introduced into your engine, it absorbs heat and provides a cooling effect, lowering
the air intake temperature. This cooler, denser intake charge reduces
the chance of detonation allowing you to run more ignition timing. It can also increase the boost handling capability
in a forced induction applications. Holley offers components in a convenient kit
or you can purchase them individually and build your own system. Our installation kit P# 557-101 includes a
fluid reservoir, polyurethane tubing with filter, a fused wiring harness with relay,
warning led light, and low level float. All components are compatible with water/methanol
mixes that contain up to 50% methanol. Holley pumps and solenoids are light-years
ahead of the competition! Our Solenoid P# 557-106 is run by an injector
driver output from the Holley HP or Holley Dominator ECU. Solenoid flow is programmed with the ECU ensuring
your engine gets a precise shot of water/methanol mix based on the percentage of fuel flow present,
at any RPM and load. This makes tuning a simple and accurate process. If your ECU does not have an extra output
available, you can install a solenoid driver P# 554-115 that can be driven by a low side
PWM output. The high-pressure pump maintains line pressure
and volume, ensuring that you’ll get the full benefit from the cooling effect that
the water/methanol mix provides. Take your ride to the next lever with a water
/ methanol injection system from Holley! Thanks for watching! To find out more about our water / methanol
injection components visit our website at Holley.com


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