Help CURE Parkinson’s Disease By Driving — DRIVE TOWARD A CURE

Help CURE Parkinson’s Disease By Driving — DRIVE TOWARD A CURE

The first person who signed up that saw
our our notice, I don’t know if it was in AutoWeek or where it was, and called me
and said I want to bring my 356 I’ve got a super 90 and I’m an old vintage racer
and I think this sounds like a lot of fun and then he said and by the way I’ve
got Parkinson’s. I thought if I fail him I’m gonna fail everything I can’t let
that happen. — She didn’t fail him Deb Pollack is the founder and force
behind Drive Toward a Cure, which organizes charity car rallies around the
country to support Parkinson’s research. The group hosted its second annual
California adventure this year and we tagged along to see what brings people
together, be it the cars or the cause. But for Deb it’s more than just a way to
give back. It’s personal. — I lost my mom to Parkinson’s in 2006 and at the time I
was working as a volunteer for the Danville Concours
up in Northern California which also raises money for Parkinson’s and we were
doing a lot of car programs and I was the only one it was coming from Southern
California I worked with Ferrari and Maserati at the time and Phil Hill was
still alive and he had Parkinson’s and he had been America’s first Formula One
champion and a part of the Ferrari Maserati family for many years and I
started a program for them once Phil had passed away to do a driving program that
went from the Walnut Creek area up to Napa which they still continue today
they’re in their eighth year and it was a way to do a one-day drive
people would always say to me well we’re doing a lunch it’s really nice but why
don’t we do a weekend and I just didn’t have the time to do it I still home to
LA and did my work and that was that and in 2016 my mom would have turned 90 and it would have been ten years since she was gone and I said gosh you know if I
don’t start something a little bigger now and honor her I’m never gonna have
the chance to do it the experience of driving on these roads in this rally is
incredibly unique so right now we’re behind a 70s Ford Gran Torino in front
of him is an Aston Martin V8 Vantage behind us is an old Mini and a brand new
Porsche 911 GT3 RS running around so having all these cars on the same
stretch of road is pretty remarkable and it’s an incredible sight people have
been gawking at us people are pulling out their phones it’s like a combination
parade Car Show Road rally charity drive I mean it’s it’s it’s a very it’s a very
cool event it’s not like a gumball rally it’s not like something that’s just
expensive cars you know we have everything from vintage and collectibles
all the way on up to exotics and luxury if people want to support the cause it
doesn’t matter what they drive we just want them to be with us
we started in 2016 and my goal was to become a 501 C 3 charitable organization
and through the people that I met it really just takes a village you know
I’ve been in the car industry for a long time and I thought I want to take care
of the people that enjoy driving the people that I know the people that are
part of our culture and could see a benefit to having a fun day a fun
weekend but for a good cause the camaraderie is wonderful meeting people
with similar likes and passions and then putting it for a cause and meeting some
of these people with Parkinson’s and we’ve had a couple people in our lives
with Parkinson’s and it’s it’s really nice to do something for a good cause
that’s fun how have cars changed my life well it’s
hard to cars have always been in my life so it’s kind of like I was breathing
changing life it just is you know it’s it’s it’s such a huge part of my life I
mean this was my dream car one year I was at my parents house it passed me and
I ran after the car to the guy’s house and said this is my dream car if you
ever want to sell it I wanted wanna buy it and he said I would never sell this
car yeah so a year later I’m at my parents house again and he drives by
backs up pulls in the garage in the driveway and says hop in we take off he
says I destroyed my shoulder I’m retiring and moving to Hawaii and I love
this car too much to take it to why it’s thirty thousand five hundred dollars and
I said sold and I didn’t have $30 and I didn’t know how to tell her yeah and my
family said cars were wasted so I did not understand that at all yeah
and you said what what is it and I said well I found my dream car and I told my
but I don’t know how and she said figured out that was that
was 25 years ago and now I wouldn’t sell this thing for anything in the world
exactly and then a guy just told me in his Ferrari guys when you move in Hawaii I’ve done so many press launches what’s
so hard about doing a drive for a weekend and I guess the challenge was
really seating it out there and getting people to to know who we were to trust
who we were and to to get enough people to participate and the beautiful part is
which is the saddest part everyone seems to know somebody who’s been affected by
Parkinson’s I meet someone and someone knows someone and those people want to
help us the people that are interested in coming to our events tend to not be
rally rally people you know it’s not about the competition it’s not about
getting there the fastest or the farthest you know it’s really about
people wanting to meet other people people wanting to experience the type of
program that we’re doing and have everything all-inclusive but yet they
feel good about being a contributor to something that’s bigger than who they
are I often say that I really don’t have a favorite as long as the car makes me
smile whether it be a truck the car a car that’s really expensive or a car
that’s really inexpensive you’re bringing together all different
types of cars so everybody just wants to kind of talk about the individuality of
each car and you know what do you have there’s there’s no there’s no judging
there’s no finer finer details of talking about the cars it’s just here to
have fun they often mentioned it’s about cars and
camaraderie right yeah that’s perfectly put because that’s really what it’s all
about just having fun with people that enjoy cars and also what I’ve learned
due to the charitable organization is that you know people that are fortunate
enough to have interesting cars know that and they want to give back and this
is this is a way of giving back and having fun and talking about cars all
the same time the iDrive a 1959 speedster it’s a
replica built here in California by vintage speedster and and the truth is
probably if I had a real one I probably wouldn’t wouldn’t go out so boldly
driving it as I do now so it’s it’s really a lot of fun to bring on these
rallies and to take out in the streets even getting gas
you know people stop me wherever I go it’s a happy little car and makes people
feel good and it makes me feel good to know that people like it I think I want
to build something that can really hope it hopefully help us find a cure but my
fear is that in my lifetime it’s gonna be very difficult for that to happen we
give our funds currently both to the Michael J Fox foundation and to the
Parkinson’s Institute and the reason why I choose to do that is because I do
believe in research I’m sad to think that there may not be a cure in my
lifetime so I’m very concerned with people that are challenged by it
so I really want to help raise funds for patient care and I want to be able to
help people along the way I’ve always been a philanthropic person
from the time I was child and I’ve always been involved in things growing
up you know working for causes being a part of things and this is just the
biggest one that I’ve been able to take on and do this has really opened up
doors to me for not just professional people to meet along the way but for
personal relationships and I think it’s just opened up my heart to be bigger so
has it changed me I don’t know that it’s changed me I as I said I think it’s kind
of enhanced the direction that that I like to go you


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  • You monetized a video promoting a Parkinson's charity… stay classy /DRIVE

    Edit: Good on /DRIVE for fixing that. Not everyone would have made the change. Faith restored.

  • I would love to do something like that for Dementia research. I am watching my Mother slipping away. Hard to see someone forget everything that they ever loved, from cooking to cars to us. 🙁
    I remember her behind the wheel of a 70 something Chevy Nova :)… she doesn't tho. Without our memories what is there really? Thanks /THE DRIVE for supporting great causes!

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  • Terrance Coleman says:

    Good morning just watched the video wow just amazing ..keep up the great work the different cars ..having fun an making a difference ..don't ever stop
    God bless you all .an safe driving
    Oh.p.s I own a 1972 Plymouth fury 3 four door had it for over 10 years ..its waiting to get redone soon can't wait ..

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