Get Rid Of Pimples On Face 100% πŸ‘ – Best Acne Cream Remove Pimple | Remove Acne Scars Marks

Get Rid Of Pimples On Face 100% πŸ‘ – Best Acne Cream Remove Pimple | Remove Acne Scars Marks

On public demand. People are after me for about one and half year. They are like “Nadia tell us what is the treatment of acne.” “How to cure acne?” “I have small pimples”. “I have big pimples” “I have pimples with pus.” “I have blackheads.” “I have this issues and that.” “I did that laser.” “Apply that cream.” “I have use this face wash.” You guys know. Whenever I do any video about any product.. I give my honest review about it. I tried everything on myself. Be it something which is branded or some really cheap products. Something made at home. Last year.. I had acne attack. This year.. quite recently. One time.. I had hormonal imbalance or what. This started to happen last year. Doctor prescribe me this horrible medicine. They usually prescribe this when you have really horrible and painful pimples.. which keep on coming back. and when face is getting ruin because of pimple. When I took that medicine.. my face started to get clear. It slows down your oil gland. and it completely make them inactive. So when the oil glands on my forehead get slow down.. My skin started to get clear up. First my skin starts to become really beautiful. Then pimples were gone. But. My skin which got ruin after getting all dry. my lips were so dry that they starts to bleed. that medicine almost ruin me. even after leaving it for one and half month. my lips used to bleed. my skin was so dry. and I have dramas.. commercials… projects along with my YouTube videos. You might have notice them on my last videos. For good two months.. they annoyed me pretty badly. Hardly any cream which I did not try. I have used most expensive Obagi blemish control cream. and face wash.. I used that. I have used Clinique products. and kiehl’s products. and Pharmacies give so many more. Skin was getting dead. The skin was peeling off but the pimple was still there. Then my father came to visit me in Dubai. and he said “What are these on your forehead.” “I said, “Papa I don’t know why my acne is not going and he said “But you never had this problem before.” I said. “What should I do?” and he said “I have one cream.” and I was like..”what you have for me”. and he said..” my head got some pimples. and a herbalist give me something for it. you should try it. and I was like “Father how can I use herbalist cream.” He said “Just tried it.. it has different things..its a type of lotion. Just try it..”what worse that could happen..just try it.” I started using it. and believe it.. after applying it two or three times. I started to feel my acne going down. I was so impressed by it. and I was like.. what is inside this cream? Inside this bottle..a bottle without anything labels. Without questioning too much, I started to apply it. Within days.. I was working on a drama.. and I was hiding like this. I have my bangs cut because of it. Used every type of concealer. Use every time of concealer to hide my pimples. and my director was like “Nadia.. when these will go?” and I was like “How am I suppose to know when they will go?” The problem which the most expensive creams could not get it solve. Cream worth thousands on one side.. and this one.. which is really useful. I asked that Herbalist to make more of these. If you check its price on Outstyle. Very reasonable around Rs 1000. It will last for very long time. I have used this.. it was this much now. My father head pimples got fixed and my forehead. The second thing is when your acne is clears up. For that you need to have blemish control treatment. Which is just so expensive.. what it includes is Cleansing foam. it also has the toner. I know there are company like proactive.. which make whole system. I was like “Such a cheap cream cure my acne.” It’s not always the case that expensive cream works. Sometimes.. things at a reasonable price can do wonders. You must know about Voox Whitening cream. It has shook the whole world, causing chaos in the world. it got so popular. Everyone was using it for whitening effect. Got so many orders of it on Outsytle. It was again our responsibility to send you original product. Even though.. that medicine cured my acne. But these three products.. stop acne form coming back. You have these.. and I think it will last for a year easily. What are these three products of Voox? and you must need a moisturizer. This is not at all oily. Honestly.. whatever cream I use I will have pimples. If you have problem anywhere on your face. or some people who have acne at the back. You can try it on that area too. But first you need to cure your acne. After your acne is cured. Make sure you use them With me..little bit of marks were left because of acne. Especially here.. there were two horrible marks. and these products..fixed that. The charcoal the most amazing cleaning product. charcoal is already famous around the world for its amazing skin care. I don’t miss this on forehead. You can use this little..but for me I apply it every alternative night. Sometimes..I use this daily. Instructions on it are very clear. You have to mix it with water. Just like the sand. Check out my other which I used this powder mix with glue and gelatin powder. and you can make blackhead removing stripe. This is really amazing charcoal powder. Nowadays.. people are selling charcoal powder with certain cream. This is pure charcoal powder. Take this and mix it with little just a few drops. The paste that will form. you have to apply that paste. it will look something like this. I used it mostly here and on the chin. After applying leave it for 10 to 15 mins After you leave it for 10-15 mins slightly wet your hand with this and gently message it like this. After 15 mins After this.. you can use its soap. You can first use its as a cleanser. what I do is I use this little bit late. It also has whitening properties. and it is made for the acne. I usually left it on the skin after applying. I am using this to prevent acne. How amazing it is even removing my makeup. I was just showing you. I did not want to remove my makeup. which already comes off. but when you apply it.. Make sure your skin is clean. You will apply charcoal powder. After that with soap. Clean it thoroughly. You can use soap before also. When there’s good things.. and on top easily affordable. There are lot of fake copies of Voox in the market. We will make sure.. you get genuine products makeup is removed I normally don’t use lotion on face. but if I don’t apply anything on forehead. It feels like my skin is completely dry. With rest of my creams.. I get acne. But I don’t know what is inside it. if you have acne prone skin. then this is good. It has berries extract. Which provides deep nourishment. It opens so easily. I usually apply it on forehead.. did not notice its smell. I think I should apply it on my face too. After today.. I will apply it on my face too. Especially, In summer.. I want my skin to moisturize but don’t want oily or feel so much oil on my face. and that was my secret. If you want. Your skin can also be acne free. And those strong medicine which doctors prescribe.. don’t take them. if you have acne..Just once..try what I am saying. The cream which I told you earlier. Order that from Outstyle and have the treatment of these three things combined. If you don’t have stubborn acne. Though, my pimples were nothing less than stubborn. and it was just not going away. and this is also very reasonable. or just started using them tell in the comments section below You are so beautiful.. then why should there be acne on the skin. My also gone.. Thank god.


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