Freaky IV Antibiotic Reaction: I TURNED RED! 😱 (11/17/17)


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  • I could not give it a thumbs up as I felt so bad for you, but you are always a thumbs up, I pray that made sense. Sweet socks.Kudos to you Jaquie, you are excellent at being efficient with the raw feeding, makes me keep getting better at it, I am a sloppy woman at it but getting better, mind you I have been feeding raw to dogs for years now but with my family I could never get more than 1-2 days in order as we also had 3 sick senior dogs with individual needs that we rescued. They taught me lots on how to feed myself and my family, now we hardly eat any junk and if we do we make it ourselves or look for really natural stuff, no process or by products, wow are we all better. In fact I hardly ever get those mild gastroparesis issues anymore. Wow you started turning red as you started complaining of the itchy head, you can see it in the video. Forgive me, if you are reacting to the med why take more? Did I miss something in your explanation? Wow when I turned red like that it would then go crazy into hives too and start my mast cell craziness. So sorry for all that happening to you. Maybe ask your Doc on more natural things, it may be worth aksing

  • I'm on both antibiotics at the moment and I take the pill form of Benadryl about 5 minutes before my Vancomycin or I get red man syndrome which I've had before. It's a pain in the butt tho to deal with. Along with everything else we have going on.Mary Frey was talking about this issue aswell. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers

  • Oh, you poor thing! I understand what you are going through. My husband picked up staph when he broke his shoulder. He fought the infection for 3 years, had 12 surgeries and ended up with a prostatic humorous bone. It was a long road for us and very costly even with insurance. I pray that all works out well for you! GOD BLESS you and yours.

  • I just want to thank you for posting these videos and showing how you deal with your chronic illnesses. I have an autoimmune disorder and have been refusing to wear a mask because I was embarrassed. I love going to concerts and events but I would always get sick after because of all the people and germs my body couldn't handle. After watching your videos, I finally bought a mask and wore it to a concert last night for the first time! I was so nervous but I got so many compliments- even one of the musicians on stage pointed at my mask and mouthed "cool mask!" It feels good to do the right thing for my body and I really owe it to you and your confidence. πŸ’œ

  • OMG oh my goodness I'm sure glad you're feeling better much love just rest you're an inspiration I'm telling you that I'm so glad you're here and you have a channel but educate a lot of people much love and your socks are amazing I collect really we're past the knee socks and I always say my socks are amazing I'm glad your mom's there

  • wow so red… I can't tell the difference between you having a red light in your room or you are really really red, and I thought I was red the last time I had an allergic reaction to shrimp.

  • Rachel Kimbiablue says:

    You two should visit the Newport Aquarium here in Northern Kentucky sometime! I live near it and it's amazing. πŸ™‚

  • I have this reaction to Vanco as well! Highly unpleasant and I'm sorry you had to go through that. First time they were treating me for sepsis and becuase of how quickly I was going down hill they wanted to get it in me as fast as possible. That plan backfired lol! The red man's syndrome stuff almost landed me in ICU but thankfully, like you, the acute phase didn't last more than 4 hours. We cautiously gave it a try about a year later with the oral form to treat Cdiff and whilst I still had some itching nothing like the RMS. About a year ago I had meningitis and they really wanted to use iv vanco what we found was that if we infuse it SUPER slow than I don't get the reaction, this was inpatient though so very diffrent circumstances but maybe there's still a chance if you absolutely have to in the future. Praying that they can truly find SOMETHING to treat with that doesn't make you sicker. Hang in there Jaquie!
    Was wierd watching this, had a port placed about 36 hrs ago and seems like I'm having a histamine response which is turning me red and itchy so I feel for you! Praying!

  • PsychedForLife* Eva says:

    Wow I’ve never seen anything like that before with the redness. I’m glad you are okay. As always I wish you well my friend. Xx’s

  • I do this with any type of Flagyl(metronidazole) oral or IV,it's horrible..and so itchy! The last time it happened it didn't go away for 12 hours..and I was getting IV Benadryl (50 mg) every three was really bad,I had to spend the night in the high dependency unit( I had been on the neuroscience unit(neurosurgery) so when they can't handle it you know it's bad 😰….I'm glad yours went away within a few hours and you didn't get any breathing difficulties because I know how bad it can get! And yes I would say no more vancomycin,because the next time the reaction may be worse…hope your medical team can come up with something better,although MRSA is notoriously hard to treat…I've had it's creepy little cousin VRE and I think it took 3years and several nasty phone calls to microbiology( out of like 20 tests I only ever had 1 come back positive,so it was probably a misinterpretation ) before they took that sticker off my chart( at my hospital if your positive for either one,you have to be on contact precautions,which means a private room ,in a old hospital with very few private rooms) at least you can treat MRSA though,VRE you basically just have to wait…..any way hope everything ends up okay : )

  • I get Red Man’s when I’m on Vanco! I just got off it for my MRSA in my lungs a few weeks ago. I slow it down to about an hour and a half or 2 hours. I haven’t turned red but I get super hot and itchy all over. Especially in my head and chest. I’m so sorry it happens to you too!! It’s never fun I know. The things we have to go through to stay healthy.

  • As an RN for 40 yrs I have been infusing Vancomycin thousands of times to patients on dialysis. You definitely have to run it slow. Not everyone can tolerate it at the same rate.

  • You can safely take up to 75mg of Benadryl within a 4 hour period and then take another 25mg after that if you still need it. The more you take, the drowsier you might become but some people also experience an increase in heart rate. The 50mg is just the standard dose but more can be taken for an emergency. Most people can safely take up to 100mg at once in the event of an emergency but for you I gave the suggestions above.

  • Jaquie, With your port, any time you access it or put any Med thru your port, should you not have gloves on (and when opening caps on the syringes using in your port)?? At work we have to for any central lines and when I had my picc, I also have to use gloves any time I flushed or changed the IV bag.

  • I admire you so much Jaquie…I cringed so bad seeing you with the Red Mans Syndrome..made me sad πŸ™ looked so uncomfortable…(((hugs))) and prayers.

  • I us d to have a ort but it got infected so hopefully I’m getting it again because I have to get like 12 shots because I have sickle cell the worst kind and my gains are really small and when I’m in pain I need to get meds right away at the hospital and you have helped me get through my chronic disease so thank you sooo much I was also on transfusions for 6 years and guess what I’ve had a stroke heart attack and I’m only 13 so thank you soooo much for helping me get thorough my tuff pains and times

  • Hey @Chronically Jaquie
    If you should have the red woman syndrome again here are some tips:

    -take a towel and make it wet with (ice) cold water and wrap/lay it on your skin
    -Hear music or watch Tv or talk to someone, because you trie to ignore it it will get better sometimes
    – If you want to scratch so badly then lay on your bed or couch close your eyes and scratch the bed/couch (your brain will think you're scratching your skin)😏

    P.S.: I have Atopic Dermatitis which is a chronically skin issue. I hope I could help you with this tips.

    Katharina(Kathi) from Austria πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή

  • You should do the Egg Challenge with Harlow! It's basically when you give your dog an egg and see how long they can hold it in their mouths without cracking it

  • They've always had to slow down the rate and dilute it down with saline + 50mg of Benadryl right before. I ALWAYS get red man with vancomycin.

  • puuuuurrrfectkitten says:

    I am glad you had the IV benadryl. Or that could been very bad in your type situation so glad you had it. Or most likley in your case you would end up at ER. Know red man syendrom happens at times. But with all your other complactions health makes things more difcuilt

  • It was interesting to watch as you were getting itchy because you could actually see your face slowly get more red. I can't imagine how annoying being that itchy must be.

  • So cool that the nurse was ok with being filmed :). How funny that she 'learned something new' from you.

    It sucks though that you have to go through all this hassle because of the MRSA.. as if you didn't have enough on your plate. You're really strong!!

  • I had the same reaction with Vanco. It's miserable. I'm glad yours went away fairly quickly, and that you didn't need your epipen.

  • I had Vancomycin for complications from abdominal surgery way back in 1997. I got Red Man's Syndrome too! It's amazing that it's still such a common side effect, after all this time.

  • I'm concerned the RN didn't know about priming the line by hand! I know I've been trained for years but really, I'm surprised she was so shocked. It was like you were the nurse and she was the patient. I don't know what the training is like in the USA. X

  • I experienced red mans syndrome a few years ago while on vancomycin. It started while I was still in the hospital, but nobody seemed concerned. The rash continued to spread as we continued the infusions at home. Home nursing was very alarmed at how red and itchy I was. They called my Dr who said that we were to continue with Vanco and I was to take Benedryl for the itching. Over the next 4-5 days the rash went away, but I was miserable while it lasted. I had never heard a name for the red, itchy rash until seeing your vlog. It's funny that red mans syndrome is a common side effect while taking Vanco, but no one on my medical team at the time seemed to know about it.

  • dawn ann Gallagher says:

    I'm sorry you had a run to the medications. Β I could see you slowly getting blotchy on the right side of your face and neck/chest area as you were speaking saying everything was great. Β I was surprised the nurse didn't see it happening before it looked like you were pan fried with olive oil. Β Bless Harlow for staying at your side and watching over you. Β She is one dedicated pup along with your mom and Judd. Β Happy Thanksgiving early! Β I think Harlow deserves a wee treat for being so attentive during your rxn, perhaps a turkey leg or some stuffing or ?

  • MS Strong with a Service Dog says:

    Hello, Jaquie I started my channel but Call me stupdi but I want to make a pretty banner on my channel but I can figure out how to do it. Can you help me?

  • I feel so sorry for you reacting to the antibiotics. I am allergic too. I just use my favorite safe antibiotic and don't let them "PRACTICE" on you. It could kill you. Prayers for your safety Jacquie… πŸ’ž

  • When my boyfriend had a an infection in his head and neck (at first they thought he had meningitis) they gave him a some sort of antibiotic and this same thing happened with him. They said it happened because they administered it too quick. πŸ™

  • Very very sad that the nurse apparently isn't aware that you are to push the Vanco over 4 hours and it would have prevented the "red mans syndrome". Cripes.

  • How do you do them at home I get three infusions a month and have port. I have autoimmune diseases and never feel good enough to go anywhere.

  • Lorie Parker Wade says:

    My IV antibiotics made me so sleepy I couldn’t stay awake for half the day! I was on two different kinds, I don’t remember which ones now.

  • Inquisitor Christopher says:

    F**k Rocephin, that garbage made my testicles swell. —

  • Wow does that bring back memories. I had a Pick-Line and had to do the Saline and Hepren. Also took Vanco when I would go to the hospital. The only side effect was a smell of some kind.

  • AnnetteLamour says:

    I understand that so much about sterile practices. Right after I had my heart surgery I went to the hospital for a severe spasm and the nurse took the tip of the syringe with his teeth and I about flipped out on him!

  • Poor baby! I’m watching this in July, 2018 and think you really are an amazing trooper, kiddo. And you always look beautiful no matter how ill you feel! God bless!

  • β€’ Ghostonic β€’ says:

    I like watching you since I am getting educated with everything! You explain things so thoroughly and easily, and you are inspiring with everything that is going on!

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  • Is there a difference between environmental illness/multiple chemical sensitivity and mast cell activation disorder? I am trying to figure my symptoms out. I am thankful that I don't break out in rashes or have breathing problems (other than one possible issue with being tight-chested in a moldy environment) but I deal with headaches/migraines, fatigue, nausea, muscle soreness, joint pain, weakness, dizziness, dry eyes, brain fog, etc. etc. etc. induced by exposure to perfumes, mold, and other triggers.

  • OMG red man's syndrome I get that I'm allergic to over 37 types of meds it's only happened about 4 times but it hurts like helll

  • Grace Cornelius says:

    I had this when I was in the hospital because of vancomycin and it was AWFUL! Luckily they just swooped me some benadryl and I was ok pretty immediately.

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