Frankie’s “Intervention” on His Recent Drug Use

Frankie’s “Intervention” on His Recent Drug Use

I’m trying to figure that out,
honestly. I don’t know if I’ll ever
completely get this or be, like, Mr. 30 Years in Recovery. I really don’t know. All I know is,
I don’t want to die from this, and if I’m not helping myself,
I can’t help other people. ♪♪ Allie: Someone needs to
tell Frankie that they
know what’s going on, that he needs to get help. You can’t just love someone
to death or just watch them
and not say anything. You’re contributing to it,
you know, and that’s what
I have been doing, so it’s time to say
something to Frank. ♪♪ How are you doing…
Good. …with your taper?
Good. Are you still tapering or no?
I-I haven’t started the taper. I start it tomorrow night. You’re definitely not doing
that good on them. They’re fucking
with my health. They’re fucking
with my sanity… Yeah.
…my sleep. Smoke a cigarette
and throw up. Like, they’re
making me nauseous. I don’t like it, man. I don’t want to rely
on something. Nobody’s perfect,
and, like, people are dealing
with all their own shit, but they’re also always
focusing on themselves. Most people aren’t like you,
who care about the world. Like, you carry the world
on their shoulders, like I do. Mm-hmm.
And, like, it’s not healthy. Doing something for me is,
like, going to sleep. I get it.
I’m fucking over it. I sit in my car for hours
just to be on my phone, alone, where no one will bother me.
Yeah. I want to help people. I don’t
want to work in treatment. And I’ve been saying
that shit for years, but people are like, “No, no.
Just do this or work here.” Well, work’s nothing,
Frankie. Work is fucking stupid.
It is something. I’m — I’m fucking tired
of working in treatment. Nobody hears me say that.
I’m done with this shit. I think it would be a good idea
just to take time off. Yeah,
that’s what I want to do. I’m gonna try
and make some changes. Maybe you should also, and think about
getting Frankie back. Why don’t you go to detox? I thought about it,
but I don’t really need detox. You go, you get off.
I’m coming off —
I mean, it’s Subs. I’m coming off
two weeks of Subs, you know. Well, you go somewhere
where no one can talk to you, and, like, if you keep
getting fucked up, you’re never gonna be
able to hold any job. Like, I’m not worried
about that right now. I’m just worried about me
being me and feeling like me. You know what I mean?
Yeah. If this turns into
some intervention bullshit, I’m leaving. I swear to fucking on Christ,
I’m not doing that shit. Fuck that. I’m done.
Take the sound off me. Fuck this shit. I don’t want to make it, like,
a fucking big deal either. You know what I mean?
-It’s, like, fucking… But I do want to see
you get better, Frank. I think they just want you
to be straight. I’ll be straight
in like two weeks, like, off of Subs. Make me go to detox — no. I go when I’m ready.
-Hey. You have my go-to
nail-polish color on your feet. Yeah.
Oh, I got to get them done. That’s why that shit
looks familiar. What’s going on? Oh, we’re just talking about
getting off Suboxone and the taper and if maybe
I should go to detox or do the taper.
You know what I mean? You can ask everyone’s opinion,
but you know it’s got to be what you feel
is gonna work for you. Well, I-I know.
I feel like just doing the taper at home’s gonna work,
but a lot of — Like, a lot of people are
suggesting that I go to detox, so I’m weighing out
the options, you know? I don’t want
to rely on something. Okay. Does it make you
at least not get high? It makes me not get high,
but miserable as fuck all day. I work in treatment. I’m helping people.
Okay. But at the end of the day,
if I don’t take my medication, I’m just as dope-sick
as they are. I feel like
a fucking hypocrite. Quit beating yourself up because
you chose to go that route. I don’t feel good about it. I don’t feel good
about myself on it. Right now, I just feel like
a fucking hypocrite. Well, you would feel
more like hypocrite if you were getting high. I feel the same.
Honestly, Mom. My clients are shooting dope
every day so they’re not dope-sick.
It’s, like… The uncommon denominator is, you know what you’re taking, and you’re not
gonna die from it. Right, but I don’t need
to be taking it. That’s what I’m saying.
You’re — You keep being like…
-I’m not — I’m not — You keep making it
about the Subs and, like, work and stuff,
but the thing is… I’m not — I’m not telling you
not to take it. I don’t care what people say.
I don’t care what people think. I feel like
a fucking hypocrite, and I think that’s why
I’m so irritable and miserable. I’m gonna let you guys
talk for a minute. Love you.
Son needs his ma. I’m just stressed out
with life, Mom. I just… You feel maybe you’re
a little overwhelmed? [ Train approaching ] It — It’s not… [ Speaking indistinctly ] [ Train chugging loudly ]


82 thoughts on “Frankie’s “Intervention” on His Recent Drug Use”

  • G.Jared M. Garrido says:

    Rly sorry to see this … First time saw dood helpin ppl was inspiring! damn drugs aim to destroy good people ….!

  • "I feel like this, I feel like that, and I hate it" hey Frankie, welcome to being sober. When you're sober, you actually feel things. Stop running away from your feelings and start addressing them. Then, and only then, will you be successful at staying clean.

  • Oh god I’ve been on sub for 5 years it’s my security blanket and I’m straight and sober as an arrow . No side effects either . Not sure what this is about cuz sub doesn’t make u feel like the way he described .

  • If this guy cant look in mirror see how much he has fucked up his health already then there is little hope. He look like he was on meth picking at his face hard core. Helping people more like need help himself. And seems so scripted and fake. Vice feeding off addicts who cause people in actual physical pain to suffer smh some sick shit. Drugs dont do humans humans do drugs. Think about it.

  • Real_Talk_ Recovery says:

    Why is he so worried about getting off subs?? Why doesn't he chill and build his foundation and get into some therapy???!!!!

  • Real_Talk_ Recovery says:

    That is The Stigma connected to Suboxone. Stop worrying about what People Think Frankie!!!!! Stop worrying!!!! U do care about what ppl think!!!!!!

  • DNA WhiteBoy says:

    I remember when I used to look like a drug addict. U dnt even realize u look like that until you're off it and u look back like "damn I was all bad."

  • Skylar Cooper says:

    6 months clean from xanex alcohol coke Molly acid shrooms I was basically taking every drug you could put in front of me I was getting high on my own supply making so much money hurting people then turning around and buying more drugs to sell till I got to the point I would take then all getting arrested my girlfriend and mom saved my life I was in 2 5150s (mental hospitals) and jail before I got clean with so much help anyone can do it

  • Soulja’d Down says:

    I don’t believe in rehabs nor the 12 step program.. I believe the key to defeating drug addiction is communication, acceptance, and community ..

  • Anson Critchlow says:

    Rehab……followed by 12 steps it's the only way for us chronic addicts …the drugs are not the problem…..there are attempt to solve the problem…..the problem is us and we need a complete transformation in our thinking and obviously our behaviour…..and that doesn't come about by rehab alone ….. It's takes daily action ….all subutex does at its best is suspend our heroin use… Also taking substitute meds is still using ……sorry if that pisses anyone off … But it's the truth !!

  • Anson Critchlow says:

    Ps…….people that say are clean whilst on substitute meds is subs or methadone are diluting themselves !!

  • Janos Pergely says:

    is there no methadone treatment over there??? if you find the right clinic that TRULY CARES, it will save your life. been 4 years off heroin and detoxing off methadone for a few months now. shouuld be done in alittle over a year and i wont feel ANY OF IT. seriously amazing 🙂

  • Janos Pergely says:

    HE IS REALLY LUCKY TO HAVE A MOM. so many dont. no where to turn at all even if you DO get better. its a good motivation tactic to get better. knowing you have someone who will have your back. so many people i know dont have any motivation to get better because they have lost EVERYONE already. they think they have no way of getting their life back.

  • Anyone who starts taking suboxone for opiate withdraw be fucking careful! Im trying to get off of it and its nearly impossible.

  • How does ganja oil not help? If you only use cannabis it will help with recovery.. maybe, maybe not. Not just smoking weed tho but using cannabis as medicine. Sticking to a strain specific full spectrum cannabis tincture is what Frank should try, and also Kratom. Right?

  • joeychrist.666 says:

    I shot my last dose of Heroin/Fentynal and Meth on September 11th of 2018. I went to treatment, denied Suboxone/Subutex/Methadone. I kicked it cold turkey and am still clean to this day, it's not very long, but it was a 5 year habit and I'm not even 25 years old yet.

    But what I'm trying to say is if I can do it, anyone can. It gets easier everyday, I promise.


  • Sooo this is what happens when you make a show revolving around “recovering interventionists” who aren’t even working a solid program and only want to do the 12th step. Helping others will NOT keep you clean. You need steps 1-11 before you can do 12. They’re in order for a reason.

  • Ive literally heard those exact words what sets it off your such a smart guy what the fuck and it sucks cuz you truely dont know sucks

  • I'm exactly feeling the same way….I hate being on subs… I think certain people feel this way that have just been through the fucking wringer of opiate addiction and dont ever want too be dopesick again….I get it…I feel like a piece of shit still cuz I'm dependent on subs.

  • Robert Fernandez says:

    The main cause of overdose is getting out of jail or getting clean then relapsing. The way we all think needs to change. So someone gets high?! SO FUCKING WHAT!!! DOPE, SOBOXONE, PILLS!!! So what. If we can take the drug and function through day, why should it be such a big deal!!!

  • Are we going to get any follow ups? im so curious whats happened to frankie and everyone else, the girl too.

  • 10 years on Percocet and opiates ( never heroin) but major withdrawals trying to get off, went to suboxone and thought it was life saver until I got hooked on that and had worse withdrawals getting off, suboxone for long term use fucked me up big time, mental issues and physical issues. One thing saved me and made it 2 months which I haven’t in 10 years, no interest to ever go back to drugs! Mentally I’m over it. KRATOM! Kratom for a month saved my ass and got me clean. Tapered off Kratom easily and finally after a hard month of depression I can see sunlight again and smile.

  • I got off of that shit and it was the hardest thing I've ever done. The taper works. Its just hard. 3 weeks of laying in bed watching re-runs of Seinfeld.

  • It’s such a catch 22. People who haven’t used drugs don’t really know what these people are going through but the people who have risk triggering themselves when helping others. ☹️

  • K2 somewhat had me throwing up every mornings barley eating but i always felt good lol wasn't allowed too leave home for 2 weekd now im good

  • I know Frankie from living in Delray Beach for a few years. He makes money getting people into treatment centers who pay him. He tries to hide his using while being one of the most public advocates for sobriety. Shady fuckin guy.

  • i know howhe feels i get clean time then my mental health kicks me in the face and i believe the only way to feel better is to get numb,its so freakin hard,its all i know,good luck frankie youre awesome!you r a good person to be helping ppl get clean,coz u struggle yourself,jt keep it real&always tell the truth,ppl will confide in you,i know i would

  • I've been clean off ice and heroin for just over 6 years. The beginning is the hardest first year/two was the toughest to get through but so worth being off all of it. I feel for frankie, I can see how tormented he is.

  • It's all about the process, taking the first step. Suboxone helped me a lot, Started with 16 mg a day. Now I'm currently at 1mg a day. Started the suboxone program a little over 7 months ago! So I'm almost at the finish line and I know I will face some withdrawls but that's what I have to go through I decided to take opiates and abuse them so that is what I've accepted! If I can do it ANYONE can do it ! And If used correctly, with support from a medical team it is possible to get cleaned. But he is using suboxone for the WRONG WAY !!! . That is how some people overdose , using suboxone then using drugs your not getting high so u take more and more and boom their you are overdosing.

  • the thearapy at the methadone clinic and rehabs treats you about triggers and what sets you off. relapse happens, but they teach you how to try to avoid it. i

  • he isn’t dedicated to the program. you also can’t get high on suboxone at all, ie maybe why he wants to just taper at home. methadone/suboxone is safe, you go through the therapy and work the program. etc. it took me a while to stick to the program but when i did it was the best decision i have ever made. being in a program is nothing like going and shooting everyday. can’t be compared.

  • kidswillbeskeletons Grimm says:

    Subutex was the worst decision I've made. Finally been off for first time in 8 yrs bc of kratom. Next is to finish this kratom taper.

  • I think frankie and her should hook up i know frankies personality and it's just like mine he cant do it on his own I think he needs her to help and love him like my girl did me

  • i feel so sorry for frankie,ive been there so many times,taking subs is so miserable and all it does is stop u from buying other shit,but then u realize u taking a drug that blocks everything even all ur good feelings,ou dont sleep good,eat good,they destroy your liver and make u depressed,hes doing great work,but every addict will understand hes an addict,we slip,hes only human

  • Alex Mccutchan says:

    I wouldn't wanna be around junkies all day trying to stay clean either. And this bitch is so selfish she just doesn't want him to quit work and the producers only want to keep the show going. Let that man go do something with his life. Why is he responsible for getting all these junkies clean.

  • Burnintreez321 says:

    No matter how many times I try to watch this show I just ultimately can't get into it because this guy is such a douchebag. He spends so much time posturing for the camera acting so "cool" and wants us to think hes such a intelligent "tortured soul" hes like the real life embodiment of edgy reddit posters.

  • This is exploitation at it's finest. This dude will never get better in that type of environment. The rehabs/treatments that never work any way, and that blonde chick looks like a bigger enabler than his mom. New environment and new mind-set is the way to go. This once an addict always an addict is such bull shit and obviously doesn't help. Change your physical and mental environment and find out for yourself.

  • Joseph Coolmeltdown says:

    His pride is still in the way when you hear him talk and avoid constructive support from others. He is irritable from pride, and feels guilty from pride. It sucks, but he definitely needs to let humility slip in before he can make actions towards his physical and emotional health. Sometimes it feels like a repetitive circle by using, but the more you deal with the same issue in life the more you realize the deeply rooted problems you’re avoiding instead of confronting. I hope he lets those walls down and allows full transparency so he can get better and help others. Patience for yourself and patience for the process.

  • Henrique Mariusso says:

    One thing about recovery is that is so much easier to give advice than to follow it. We know what to do, but do we do it? You can give great insight on talking hundreds of addicts out of using, but can you talk yourself out of using. We all go thru it, it’s crazy. It starts with the admission of having a problem, we can always think recovery works for someone else, but when we try to run our own program this is what we get. The truth is there’s nothing to get in recovery, we don’t get this we simply admit our powerlessness and stay away from the fist one. There are three things that we’ll keep us clean “make a meeting, talk about how we feel and don’t use”. The rest is conversation, even the steps, but don’t get me wrong they’re important to reach ongoing recovery and the obtain the gifts the program has to offer. I’ve seen people with the 12 steps and 12 traditions and substantial amount of clean time (25+ years) use. The program works we just have to surrender on a daily basis. Frankie is a good dude, but he loses sight of himself trying to do too much for others. I’ve been where he’s at and wound up using after 4.5 years of recovery. Was out there for 3.5 years. The disease handed my ass back to me on a golden platter, now I have 9 months and a few days. A more rigorous application of my program that’s what I relapse calls for, a day at a time if we survive it. The program is simple, we just complicate the crap out of it with our two sense.

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