Finally, A Great Free Antivirus! – Sophos Home

Finally, A Great Free Antivirus! – Sophos Home

What’s going on guys, I’m John from TechTested.
In this video, I’m going to be talking about a piece of free antivirus software that’s
been developed to harness the power of the cloud. The software itself is called Sophos Home
and, you can protect up to ten computers per account, without spending a single penny.
Unlike other freeware of its kind, Sophos home won’t send you annoying pop-ups or emails
telling you to buy or upgrade your copy of the software. It simply works, which is great.
There *is* no paid version, unless you’re a for-profit organisation. It’s also cross
compatible between all of your Windows and Mac devices, and it works with a large database
of viruses to help keep your device secure. As well as this, the software also offers
website blocking, should you wish to prevent access to illegal or illicit websites, though
this feature is off by default. So what can Sophos Home do that other free
antiviruses can’t? Well for a start it is accessible from anywhere with a functioning
web browser through its cloud platform. For instance, if you have it installed on a relative’s
computer and a virus or potentially unwanted application is detected by the scanner, you
have the power to allow the programme to function as normal, disable it, or even remove it remotely,
meaning no intervention is required by the end user. I find this feature to work amazingly
with my grandparents – the type of people who jam USB devices in the wrong way and corrupt
hard drives by turning a PC off at the wall while it’s updating. From the cloud control
panel, I’m able to ensure they don’t accidentally install ransomware or keyloggers disguised
as an innocent game. As previously mentioned, Sophos Home also
includes a comprehensive web blocking solution – which automatically applies itself to all
web browsers without the need to install plugins. The administrator is able to choose whether
they want to block sites of certain categories alltogether, or to instead turn on a splash
screen, which warns the user about the content of the site and then asks them if they wish
to proceed anyway. If they choose to do so, this event is logged in the cloud control
panel. Because of this extra element within the software,
I feel as if Sophos Home would be well accustomed to those who frequently allow their children
to use their computer, and who don’t want them seeing the wrong kind of content online.
Also worth noting is that the pages that the software blocks are not able to be modified
without logging into the cloud control panel, so even children of a high computer aptitude
would find it hard to bypass the software. Also useful is that exceptions can be added
to the block. If a website is mistakenly blocked, the administrator is able to unblock it, and
on the contrary, additional pages that do not fit into the predefined groups can also
be added to the block list. So, where’s the catch? Why would a company
want to offer all of this for free? We were confused too, so we reached out to the Vice
President of Product Management by email. He told us that the company has offered free
products and services for years and that they truly do not gather or sell consumer data.
They also mentioned that a paid for version could be in the works in the future but the
base product will always be free and they are totally against nagware – as they called
it. So there we go, Sophos Home truly is a great antivirus solution for PCs and Macs.
Thank for watching this video. We’ve also made a website so our viewers can ask us anything
technology-related – it’s in the description below so check if out if you have any questions!
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