FAST Food Cures For Acne ( Know the foods that can give you clear skin!)

FAST Food Cures For Acne ( Know the foods that can give you clear skin!)

You know we hear an awful lot these days about food triggers and acne breakouts! and it’s true… Foods like sugars and dairy, and meats that have been treated with antibiotics and hormones, can actually trigger acne breakouts in people. That’s been proven but what about other foods like fruits and berries? Do they contribute to acne breakouts? Well today, I’m about to share with you the very foods that you can put in your diet that can make a significant difference in the health and look of your skin! Clearing up acne breakouts and actually putting a stop to them. So if this is what you’re looking for then keep on watching! Well hey everybody, welcome back to the channel! If you are new, I’m Chris Gibson and this is Chris Gibson Live where we help you look good, feel good, and live good, and if finding all natural healthy ways to have clear and beautiful skin is your thing then you are definitely in the right place! 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Okay the reason that food can have such a dramatic effect on your body is that it can affect your body in so many ways like blood sugar levels hormone balance and releasing of hormones and even the amount of oil that your skin produces now I learned this during my own 14 year battle with acne in which I went on what you would call a food vacation I took everything out of my diet dairy sugar processed foods and I concentrated on a fruit fast apples and water only for three days after 14 years of fighting this ridiculous amount of acne that I had going on it stopped it just stopped but as soon as I added sugar and processed foods back into my diet guess what the acne returned so I learned that diet plays a huge role in what goes on in our bodies and what our body and our skin which is our largest organ is trying to tell us now for a video on that story I’ll put a link up for you guys at the end of this video so you can hear all about that but the question of the day is what foods can actually stop breakouts and as you can guess ice cream and fried foods they’re not on the list but don’t worry the foods that are on the list I promise you even though they have anti acne nutrients that are going to help you out there quite tasty so let’s get started number one is selenium selenium is a nutrient or an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation in the body and you can get that from nuts fish poultry and whole grains try Brazil nuts walnuts and almonds to add this important nutrient to your diet and it will go a long way to help improve the health of your skin one of the other most proven nutrients in helping stop acne is zinc we hear a lot about seeing kits almost every article that’s written out there in natural ways or natural approaches to acne breakouts you want to add at least a serving today of these types of foods that will bring zinc into your diet and that’s means fish things like chicken oysters chickpeas which are one of my favorites bring out the falafels right all of these foods serving the day will add enough zinc into your bodies diet to help you battle your acne breakouts now here’s one that I talk about all the time and that’s omega-3s and you can get Omega threes from avocados olive oil fish like tuna and salmon some nuts like cashews also supply this important important nutrient and omega-3s are important because they reduce inflammation in the body and inflammation in the body means that your immune system is hyperactive and it’s going to be much more aware of andit on the attack for acne bacteria that’s on your skin we’ve proven this when we reduce inflammation in the body acne breakouts become less often and less severe so omega-3 is very very important and the great thing is if you don’t want to get them for food you can get them from supplements but they’re so easy to get from fresh foods that’s the way I would go if I were you the thing to keep in mind about omega-3s is when it comes to body inflammation it’s sort of like they’re the superhero of putting the fire out ok next up in the anti acne fighting food area is beta carotene now I know you’ve heard of that for like eye health but it’s extremely important to skin health not just because of the vitamin A but because it goes a long way in super healing super speed healing any sort of infections in the body it’s a really great thing to keep in mind to have a cup of beta carotene rich vegetables each day you can get better care team from sweet potatoes from carrots from red and yellow vegetables like squash yellow squash yellow and red bell peppers all of those are gonna give you plenty of beta-carotene every day in your diet to help you have beautiful clear skin and then there are the wonderful fruits berries and leafy greens and these are all important because they’re rich in vitamin C and minerals that your body needs to be in balance to reproduce healthy skin cells to help speed healing of any skin breakouts that you do have or infection and they also have a calming effect on inflammation so they sort of do it all and you don’t have to worry about fruit sugar because your body knows how to process fruit sugar so don’t be worried about that when I’m talking about taking sugar out of your diet I’m talking about taking out refined sugar processed foods flours anything that’s outside of that that’s fresh is going to be better for your health and better for your body and certainly much better for your skin and the best thing is it’s easy to get that daily dose because you only need one piece of raw fruit per day along with one cup of raw vegetables or foods like kale say for instance a cup of that and a 1 a cup of that and one fresh piece of fruit a day will give you what you need to help you fight acne now I hope you’re finding this information today really helpful in if you are do me a big favor hit the like button share this information out to people that it might be helpful for and if you haven’t subscribed by all means please 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