30 thoughts on “Eva Vertes: My dream about the future of medicine”

  • She's got a sexy body, but a squeaky voice. Instead of diving into the technical details, she could have given a more 'general' talk for the wider audience…Good talk for medical students, nevertheless.

  • Stefânia Diniz says:

    Thought provoking I should say… really interesting! Oncology is a promissing field as well as Stem Cells research. Together these could work perfectly.
    Thanks for the video!

  • chill everyone ,
    this young girl was oviously very nervous to speak live on that magnitude . i thought she was very passionate and you'd not mind hearing her voice if she had the cure for cancer for your son or daughter :))

  • Couldn't finish this video due to that most annyoing voice and horrid US preteen-accent. Anyone care to dub this one?

  • I can't believe some of these comments. For god sake, you listen to a 19 year old talking about her experiments and proposing new radical ideas about what cancer may be, and the only thing you can think about is that her "voice" in annoying? I bet your children will be super smart! It's amazing how some people can take the most amazing things for granted…

  • Stem cells (or repair cells) are not defined in origin. Once they arrive to their destination they recognize what they need to repair and the cells are defined and start the repair process. I think the solution is to help the body define his repair cells so that they can recognize the part of the body they are meant to repair otherwise these undefined stem cells gather together and form a tumor. Just a thought, anyone agrees or disagrees?

  • no, little girl; reality is so much more fucking complex than that; i wouldnt even know where to begin;
    i think she will be singing a different tune after getting her medical degree and doing a phd; science would be so much more fun if it was this intuitive and easy to grasp;
    still, smart girl; and i didnt find her voice to be annoying at all btw

  • she was just using "AND" too much
    that's probably why u found her annoying
    people usually talk better within 5 minutes after presenting from being nervous

  • for those of you who are criticizing her public speaking skills, what were you doing when you were 19? what were you capable of? Any way that cancer research can be made more sensational to be more accessible to the paris hilton culture we are stewing in like human meat cubes is a positive addition. our world is ridiculous and when someone who is 19 has a passion for research, i sleep a little better. i'll take nervous imperfect enthusiasm over useless opinion (yes including mine) any day. peace

  • Jefferdaughter says:

    @nabeelmerchant – There are many non-corporate therapies for cancer. Better yet, there is the concept of prevention. She is on the right track in that she is looking at working with the body's natural processes, instead of against them. Obviously she is is being brought up in mainstream medical science, but she has the imagination to look at things in a fresh way. She may be the one to get the mainstream medical world to see anew.

  • Rhabdomyosarcomas are malignant tumors of skeletal muscle. These tumors commonly grow in the arms or legs, but they can also begin in the head and neck area and in reproductive and urinary organs like the vagina or bladder. Children are affected much more often than adults.

  • Vijay chaitanya says:


  • She mentions the research that shes been involved in. You need to understand that at the point of making this video she was A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT. Were you a 19 year old being invited to talk about your dream of future medicine, were you in a lab somewhere working towards something that could help prevent cancer, were you able to retain the amount of knowledge that she has… im going to safely assume the answer to all three of these is no. Maybe you should try reading some more books.

  • Vijay chaitanya says:

    i wasn't in lab except for my academic classes and exams so i generally wont expect my self to be invited just because i read books and if i was i won't speak out just based on book knowledge and by the way i wasn't discouraging her she was just telling what i too or many knew what she was telling in the video i knew it when i was in 11th grade now i am in doing my grad in med so it was like a kids talk for me

  • She did a good job of explaining everything. Great personal story and incredible research and thought for someone so young.

  • She did very well for her youth, and I see a younger version of myself in her (though I'm definitely not as forward and don't take the initiative like she did). I loved to read from a young age, but I was lucky enough to find the right books. I loved the Hot Zone, and anything to do with science fiction with just enough truth in it to be within the realm of possibility.

    I see great things from this young lady in the future.

  • If she could marry this info she has with German New Medicine she would be closer to the whole puzzle, look at Ilsadora Lakers web-site on German New Medicine

  • What if … Cancer can be thought of as a metabolic disease? Cancer is uniquely positioned to consume a large amount of glucose in the body (which is the reason PET scans are used to track brain tumors). In relation to the difference between skeletal muscle vs. other cells – skeletal muscles are unique insofar that they are also large consumers of glucose in the body (glycogen replenishment). This prevents them from metastasizing in comparison to other cells. But that's just me.

  • At first I felt here cums another novice researcher, but woOw hats off to the originality she brought in. Hope u succeed in ur research Ms. Vertes..

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