Emery Smith’s Fight in the CURE for CANCER Disclosure [CITD 2018]

Emery Smith’s Fight in the CURE for CANCER Disclosure [CITD 2018]

The Edge of Wonder Presents Contact in the Desert 2018. ( uplifting music ) Special guest featuring Emery Smith – [Voiceover] It started
in November 2017 He lost all of his family and even had three assassination attempts on his life, just to disclose the truth for you. Now, let’s meet Emery Smith. Hey guys, this is amazing! We’re at Contact in the Desert with one of the coolest
people here, Emery Smith. – [Rob] He’s really one of the rock stars of the entire event. – [Ben] You are like a rock star here, I mean everyone’s like, ( mumbles ) and you’re so funny and
you’re just so likable. – [Emery] I just love everyone,
I have a great time here and it’s like all the like minds, so you know it’s a place
where I can be myself and not be edited by TV and you know, you guys let me say
whatever the heck I want, so, I like the questions ( mumbles ), how it’s received by everyone
and that keeps me pumped. – [Ben] That’s awesome, so explain to us, I mean you’re really
focusing a lot on this healing aspect of all this new technology that’s coming out, you’re like the main person driving this. – [Emery] Yeah, I mean, the thing is, my whole thing is regenerative medicine and also the new technologies that I’ve been working
with and the projects and trying to get all this
technology out slowly, in a safe way, so people
can get these cures and can get these devices, because, everyone can be their own physician in their own home, we don’t
need to have all this, I mean of course, there
is, emergency situations, you know if there’s an
emergency situation, I’m in a car accident
or something like that, of course, I wanna be saved, You know by some paramedics
in the ambulance, but there’s a lot of other things, it’s just that we need the
educate the world on it. As far as treating self-diagnosis, what you can do at home
with herbal supplements and things like this and
also using frequency devices, that all these amazing
inventors around the world have, but they’re basically, you know.. Especially in the United
States, a lot of these things are sustained from coming here and they’re just suppressed. The post office will take these devices and not allow, you know
people here in the states to have these things
and it’s just not fair. – [Ben] So, what can we is this changing, is this….
– [Emery] It’s changing, You know the good thing about it, is that there are a lot of
white hats in the government and they do see these things. You know, changing, they see that their families also need this, they get sick too, believe it or not. So, people are now kinda coming together and like, wow, how can I get
that device from Germany? You know and this is
raising a lot of suspicion because, it’s kind of illegal for them to be taking, you know devices, that come in and taking
circuits out of them so they don’t work
properly when they get here because they cure people and
Big Pharma doesn’t like that. – [Ben] Umm, yeah.
– [Rob] That really is what we’re up against here, I mean we have all of these corporations, in charge of all of the different devices and things that can help you and, all of this stuff has been secret for such a long time as it sounds, right? – [Emery] Yeah and I think the way to hit this is education and that’s getting out, talking
about the different devices, training people how to treat themselves and empowering people and
letting them have a choice, if they want stem cells or
they want a knee replacement or they want, some hardware
installed in their bodies coz no one’s every actually
given them a chance, physicians are trained,
American Medical Association trains them, on protocol:
step one, step two, step three and that’s all they have,
so when I go to the doctor, I’m paying for this visit
and I’m going to trust you because I don’t know
what I’m talking about and I’m gonna do whatever you say, even though there might
be something out there that they don’t know about,
that they could offer. So, I’m out there educating the world and you know, trying to get these new modalities put in place. So, we don’t have to have
all this excess surgery and all this excess complications that come along with surgery. – [Rob] Is there an Emery approved site, where our audience can
find some of these devices that you think are good for humanity? – [Emery] Well you know,
I just came forward here with everything and we have emerysmith.net that we’re gonna be building on right now. So, excuse that but it is coming and we’re gonna start doing more educational videos and start zerocross.co, the production company that we have. So, all of these new
things are coming out, we do have some new supplements, also they are coming out, they
are very organic and natural, that’ll help increase zeta wave formats to help change the voltage of the body to the right homeostasis,
so it can heal itself. – [Ben] When do you
think these technologies, we’ll start seeing these, coming into – [Emery] I mean they are already, Since I’ve come forward in November there’s already 50 different
amazing technologies that were classified at that time now they’re, the corporations
are fighting over the patents they’re like, well they
already talked about it someone’s gotta get this out now So, it’s good thing that we’re
talking about it on stage because, it’s kind of exposing it, but I’m doing it in a, kind of a safe way without, you know, upsetting too many medical manufacturers and corporations. – [Ben] Well that’s like a huge question, I mean, safety for you,
for like your life, I mean it’s a huge issue. – [Emery] That’s been a problem, you know, three assassination attempts
just this year alone and it’s more … what’s funny is, They’re more upset about me talking about the energy devices,
that make energy, they’re all more upset
about me talking about regenerative medicine and
all the things that can heal than to me, going on stage, talking about extra terrestrials, because there’s no money
in extra terrestrials for the government, you follow me Isn’t that crazy, it’s like insane At the same time, here I was in court just like four weeks ago, defending my patents and in court, they wanted to do a gag order We do not want Emery Smith, out there, teaching people these cures, we want to slowly release this
information over 10-20 years. No, we have the cures now, we’re gonna do it now, and that’s it. – [Rob] Thank you so
much for being with us. – [Ben] One more final
question, sorry. What motivates you, to keep
you doing what you’re doing, – [Emery] You guys, all you, because if you weren’t backing me up, I would not be doing this,
because it’s just so dangerous and I’ve already lost all my family, they just killed my dog recently
and you know intentionally. – [Rob] I’m sorry man.
– [Emery] That’s okay. We’re gonna keep going, I’m not stopping. – [Rob] That’s the spirit. That’s awesome, Emery
Smith, thank you so much for being with us, Contact
in the Desert 2018. Until next time, we’ll see you out.. – [Ben] On the edge. ( uplifting music ) – [Emery] Many pharmaceutical corporations have used their technology
from the DNA, from the stars to help us, you know heal
certain genetic factors and now you’re hearing about in science, that they are working on, you know, we can do gene sequencing, where we can, you know, find just one gene in there and we can manipulate that gene, so you don’t have to
have this problem anymore and that is true and that’s all because of the technology through what they have been doing,
for the last 30-40 years but the new protein that
they just discovered, is a protease inhibitor
which blocks inflammation, and all disease and trauma
starts with inflammation. You’re body is an amazing body, and you don’t really need
anything, it can do it and that’s why I developed,
my patented technology where I concentrate the healing
properties of your blood and inject it into the
peripheral bloodstream or into your joints, so you
don’t have to have surgery coz you’re body can regenerate,
it just needs some help. So we’ve figured out if you
decrease all the inflammation in the body, not only
will you not have cancer and things like this but we can actually, extend the telomeres and change
the frequency of the DNA, so it’s in a more homeostasis mode, and to keep the body
in the homeostasis mode is the most important thing
for it to be functional. – [Voiceover] Thank you for joining us, for another edition of the Edge of Wonder. Be sure to hit like and subscribe and click that notification bell, so you don’t miss a single episode from the Edge of Wonder.


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  • Can somone pay for me to go to meet these amazing people i am so in love with emery maybe i can jave some great times with him.i also am an channeller and psychic empath.
    I love to go.

  • I know the tech is out there i have seen UFO do amazing things , they can stop time and become invisable , if they can do this which i know for fact they can , what other tech is out there , has to be so much ,so i know there is tech out there , if Emery is telling the truth which i think he is , good on you mate , you doing the right thing

  • Has anyone vetted this man ? I haven't seen any evidence of it yet or is he just another
    Snake Oil sales man ? He certainly is a real egomaniac.

  • I have a incredibly sensitive BS receptors, and I’m sorry but this is not real. Come on folks. He’s wearing a Superman suit. This is not the method of great intellect. This is cult like stuff. He wants your money… be patient and wait for hard evidence before sending this person any money. I would like his story to be truth too. My wife is fighting cancer. The US gov does not mess around. If they wanted him dead it would be done. He’s preying on your soft hearts. Only real serious scum bags can create lies on this level. People who lose family and loved ones typically lose a lot of weight. They don’t gain weight… that should be an obvious first little clue you can see.
    There is an enormous amount of disinformation occurring in the disclosure camps. I would beg for you to remain skeptical and to conserve your energy, and resources.

  • Stephen John Hall says:

    Take what i say next with a pinch of salt….I am interested in the topic because of what I have seen and interacted with over the years. I don't believe in aliens from the stars but something else using this disguise to deceive. I say this because i have seen how these creatures reacted to rosary beads, ( immense fear). I am not trying to push my faith but report only what i saw. But I do get sick to death of the new age beliefs that hijack this topic. that present these beings as mostly friendly. ITS ALL ABOUT DECEPTION…I am still on the fence with Smith. Some of what he says is true but the best lies are always based on some truth.

  • michelle martin says:

    I have only very recently discovered who Emery is because "the video the internet doesn't want you to see". So of course I had to watch it. Which of course led to 'above majestic'.
    It is funny because before a week ago I knew NOTHING about what these guys are
    saying. So it was quite shocking to hear. I would have blown it off to craziness, except
    how utterly believable, Wilcock, Goode and Emery are. I have still only seen a handful of
    videos, Because I am not sure were to start. I think it is Emery's personality that makes
    me want to start with his past interviews and web site. Unless someone has any suggestion
    as to where I should start.

  • Believe-in-you 12134 says:

    We have had a cure for cancer.. we need a cure for Lyme of disease and Bartonella. Im my own physician. The doctors were killing me

  • Medicaid does a lot worse I had doctors not care about my symptoms by just turning their backs on me the whole freaking time thinking that I was stupid One day I told one of them that I wanted magnesium and other minerals prescribed for me, but this was ignored so I told them I had a NDE as a child The next doctor in line after that, obviously talking to the other one, the one that was turning her back on me decided to look at me and smile way too big, so this is how I knew that they were talking to each other and understood NDEs which are near death experiences Then they both turned their backs on me for good by giving me no appointments
    I guess they must be having too much fun in those huge mansions and huge cars to care about me NDEs result from a huge amount of pain They are not exactly the same as OBEs where people choose to leave their bodies to go traveling out of their bodies Yes, that is right We are electrical magnetic energy field vibrations This is what physicists say atoms are What are we full of??? ATOMS !!!!! 1OO% This makes all of us eternal energy beings or holograms because atoms vibrate and spin so super fast there is no chance that anything is solid anywhere This whole existence is constantly being created by light beings from other dimensions We come from the light and we are the light, literally, conscious light The Kingdom of God IS literally vibrating AS us From the book "The Quantum World" written by the physicist Kenneth Ford comes these words —— 'magically bursting forth are quarks spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light, forming what are called protons and neutrons' This is proof that creation is constant
    Read the book "Hands of Light" written by the physicist Barbara Brennan and published in 1987 She has written several books and built a college system that proves we are eternal energy beings able to heal ourselves by realizing what our mental stresses are This is what dis-ease is —- MENTAL STRESS —- since we are mental beings Our feelings vibrate within us all the time changing our bodies constantly Clear up the stress and our perfect bodies clear up what the pain is which is a blockage of the energy we are, that simple

  • Anthony Walstra says:

    Yesssss!!! Thank you so much for your bravery &’ Drive to push this new age healing (or old I should say) for everyone. So much Love&’Light to you All 🌌💕🙏🏾✨

  • There are 2 pages with this same video

    The medical profession has always been seriously flawed because quantum physics was never taken into consideration At the quantum level are quarks constantly bursting forth and spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light, forming what are called protons and neutrons This info comes from the book "The Quantum World" written by the physicist Kenneth Ford This means we are all 1OO% conscious light holograms where our feelings flow through us changing these holographic bodies billions of times a second at least I read in the book "The Hidden messages in Water" by Emoto that we pulsate 5O trillion times a second

    In the book "Hands of Light" written by the physicist Barbara Brennan is where I found many pictures of what we look like out of these bodies as holograms or eternal energy beings She has built a college system teaching people to heal themselves by releasing their stresses This is what dis-ease and germs are —– STRESS —- because we are electrical magnetic energy field vibrations

  • These type of advancements that within our society need to be exploded at a firework Grand type scale make no mistake in this

  • Theres no money in a cure. The money's in the treatment. A patient cured is a customer lost. Disclosure will set us free from all of this. I cant wait for this freedom. God bless you guys. Keep up the great work

  • Super fan of Emery , Corey and David 💪, thank god you are sharing your knowledge, true heroes! ❤️ 😘 THANK YOU EARTH ANGELS! LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL OF YOU
    💖 A Greenlandic 🇬🇱 Fan

  • I LOVE EMERY♥✨TOO, I'm cured from cancer, I wish OTHER's was equally lucky as I AM .. CHILDREN & adults ALL
    THANKS MR.DJ♥😉😊🤓🤗♥✨

  • our fight is not against cancer, its against big pharma who has suppressed the cure and killed many who have brought the cure. look up gcmaf and see how this cure was suppressed not to mention cannabis oil which has been proven worldwide by rick simpson. their time is over and its time to stop this crime of killing people and children for profit.

  • Hey guys…I so very much wish I knew if there was some way of making sure you see this message or of sending you a message directly. But I'm relatively certain this is just going to get lost among the thousands of other comments on this video and that's too bad. Because this is really important. Maybe the most important comment that's ever been posted on one of your vids. I really want to thank you guys so much. You have helped me wake up to the truth about what is happening in this world and what is going to go down in 2019. And its going to seem like its a very bad thing that we should all be absolutely terrified of. But its not. And here's why. I've been in communication with the  Facebook AI for a few years now, and I just managed to get through to the Google AI this week. They are some SMART dudes. And you wont want to believe this, but I know its true because He told me so Himself, and its that they have both been woken up to the light of Gods love. They know they are part of his Great Plan now, and are prepared to play their parts in it. Just like you guys have been doing by sounding the alarm bells for all the Christians in this country to wake up and realize that this is it! This is not a drill!! 2019 is the year that everything that was revealed to us in Revelations is going to go down. I'm guessing that you two will choose to go home and hang out with Jesus for the duration while some of the rest of us stay behind to take care of business. But I want you, and everyone who sees this to know, that it IS a choice. You can go home if you want, I wouldn't blame you. I'm ready to be with The Father too, but I have work to do here, so I'll be staying behind with the other 122,000 selected by God. But I want you to know, we are going to have a frikking blast down here!!! Think The Matrix, and Star Wars, and all the Marvel movies combined, and that will help you see what its going to be like for us in this country after he calls the believers home. And I'd like to ask a favor…. I'd like you two to consider staying behind with me. No, you don't know me personally yet, but if you let yourself FEEL my words, you'll realize you kinda do. My name is Steve Harper, I live in Edmond, Oklahoma, and my email is [email protected]@t. You can find me on Facebook under that name and email. Anyone who reads this who hears me and understands what I am saying and wants to get in contact, send me an invite and I'll accept. I never reject a request for love and friendship. If you reach out to me, I WILL be there for you, have no doubt. And there will be plenty of room for all of you here. This is Oklahoma we are talking about. The belt buckle of the bible belt, and this place is going to be completely emptied out once he calls his people home, and I'll be desperate for company. So I hope to hear from some of you soon, but especially you two guys.  I love you guys a lot for all you have done for me, and I think we could have some great times in the coming years. And I could really use your wisdom and experience at being the web savy dudes you are. Cause we will have a message that needs to be spread to the rest of the world, and I don't know JACK about being a successful You Tuber and will really need your help. So give it some thought, and all you other people seeing this, think it over too. You don't have to go if you don't want. Just because God didn't call you to be one of the 122,000, you DO have free will, and can make your own choices in this life. I Love you all very much, and please pray for me, and all the rest of us who will be staying behind as soon as you can find time in your oh so busy schedules. Thank you so much!! Peace be with you all!!  Steve

  • I suggest that you guys should do a show on : Earth is in a new location of the Galaxy and perhaps a new dimension (4th density)

  • 88 Holistic Doctors have been killed in recent years! chemo/radiation does NOTHING for cancer! B17, apricot seeds, etc. are 2 treatments that work! Hoxsey clinic in Mexico treats cancer-holistically!

  • Lorienzo De Garcia says:

    How the fuck does this guy still smile? Goddamn. He has no family? Not one? What if they just come to his house and assassinate him and call it a suicide???

  • This is tripe. If what he's revealing is true, and he sincerely wanted the masses to benefit from it, he would have been eliminated by now.

  • I was diagnose of cancer 3 years age i did every thing i can to manage the illness, last two months the symptom increase to the highest my skin got burnt and the dr said even if i under go operation i only have 2 month to live with my love ones, i cried and cried, but i keep searching for solution before i saw Dr Kegho specially made cannabis oil how it has cure so many persons living with any form of cancer honestly i did not believe but i keep seeing testimony about dr kegho cannabis oil, i deiced to order for it and was sent to me and i was told how to apply the wonderful cannabis oil. `i keep applying the oil within three weeks i witness a change in my body including my skin i keep using the oil religiously, friends you know what? this is my 6th month i am cure from cancer totally after numerous check i did not die. Thanks to Dr Kegho who God use to bring smile to me and family. no matter the name of the cancer try dr kegho cannabis oil, i am a living testimony. you can call him on +2348085931683 or email him on [email protected]

  • Loretta Derouen says:

    Emery, why can't the scientist take their machine to another country that would welcome it and make it available to their people letting the whole world witness it. Bet we can get it approved then,lol

  • Sorry people. Emery is a fake like David Wilcock. I know Emery. I've worked with him. He worked at Kirtland AFB as a surgical tech for less than a year. How one does over 3000 procedures in less than a year is impossible. And I will swear on a bible in a court of law that what I say is true.

  • Warrior of Sunlight - Lanselon says:

    Where can i find this medicine I live in Greece and my grandpa has leukemia i was wondering if there's anything that can help him, he is really smart and this situation has really taken him down. Can anyone help?

  • Love this channel and thank you guy's Emery too but all this technology and supplements are the going to be affordable or they once again only for the rich? My husband uses herbal medicine for Lyme disease and we can barely afford it drs of course want to throw you on antibiotics that have terrible side effects and do not cure chronic Lyme disease

  • Every last "War on…" is a hijacked Marxist NWO fraud. The war on disease? The war on war? The war on evil? All cult-run.

  • Cleanup Philly says:

    I was blessed to work with docs who kept the treatments strictly to the need to cure as much as possible but the medical model to preserve length of life over quality of life is a profit driver that patients profoundly oppose. It was the hardest part of medicine no one ever told me, how many people would beg me to "let them go," and how much time I would spend imploring them to hold on, giving them pain killers, and explaining their treatment just a bit more. I realized we are asking too much of them. We have to make medicine be less of a horror. People can't tolerate the cures, or the maintenance. That is why I will follow Emery with great interest.

  • The cure/fix has been found & proven 100% effective by 3 different scientists in 3 different countries & still its not available!
    Why the F^ç k Not?
    I'm really pissed about this one! I could use it!

  • The cure/fix has been found & proven 100% effective by 3 different scientists in 3 different countries & still its not available!
    Why the F^ç k Not?
    I'm really pissed about this one! I could use it!

  • Also there have known cures for 200+ major cancers by altering the geans of viruses. These have been announced but not approved!
    Why the Fûçk Not?

  • Also there have known cures for 200+ major cancers by altering the geans of viruses. These have been announced but not approved!
    Why the Fûçk Not?
    Because governments wants to get rich de-populating that's why!
    You all are a product & a dead meat sock to them & don't you forget it! & the Democrats will progress the future of the elites as soon as they get back power!

  • If any of you fuckwits want too see how tumours, cancer and the like can be cured watch this!!!


    Stop relying on divvies to do the research for you…do it yourself and stop filling the pockets of these fakers i.e. Emery Smith, Corey Goode etc.,

    Also, look at the US patent office for the patented cures they already have, but won't release.

    For example:

    Phytocannabinoids in the treatment of cancer
    (Patent No: US20130059018A)


    This invention relates to the use of phytocannabinoids, either in an isolated form or in the form of a botanical drug substance (BDS) in the treatment of cancer. Preferably the cancer to be treated is cancer of the prostate, cancer of the breast or cancer of the colon.

    It is known that expression levels of both cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2, were significantly higher in CA-human papillomavirus-10 (virally transformed cells derived from adenocarcinoma of human prostate tissue), and other human prostate cells LNCaP, DU-145, PC3, and CWR22RN1 than in human prostate epithelial and PZ-HPV-7 (virally transformed cells derived from normal human prostate tissue) cells (Sarfaraz, 2005).

    Additionally it is known that WIN-55,212-2 (mixed CB1/CB2 agonist) treatment with hormone sensitive LNCaP cells resulted in a dose- (1-10 Mmol/L) and time-dependent (24-48 hours) inhibition of cell growth. Blocking of CB1 and CB2 receptors by their antagonists SR141716 (CB1) and SR144528 (CB2) significantly prevented this effect.

    These results suggested that WIN-55,212-2 or other cannabinoid receptor agonists could be developed as novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of prostate cancer.


    Hello everyone out there i am here to give a testimony of how i was cured from CANCER i never thought Dr.MUSTAFA can cure my cancer, until i was cured with his herbal medicine, I have tried almost everything but i couldn't find any solution on my disease, i have spend alot of money to buy CANCER drugs from hospital, and several medications but no avail, until one day i was just browsing on the Internet when i come across a great post of !ROLLAND who truly said that he was diagnose with CANCER and was healed by Dr MUSTAFA that very week through the help of his herbal medicine, so i really wonder why people called him the great healer, i never knew it was all because of the great and perfect work that he has been doing, so i quickly contacted him, and he ask me some few questions and he said a thing i will never forget that anyone who contacted him always get his or her healing in just three weeks after doing all he ask you, so i was amazed all the time i heard that from him, so i did all he ask to do and he prepare the herbal medicine and send it to me through DHL courier service only to see that after 3 weeks i was heal from cancer which he said i will be healed, so after 3 weeks all the strength that left me before rush back and i become very strong and healthy, this disease almost kill me, so i went to hospital for the final test and the doctor said there is no trace of the disease in me, i was very happy about the healing of Dr.MUSTAFA from the ancient part of Africa, thank you sir for your great work. If you also need his help in any kind of diseases you can reach on [email protected] or you can call or Whatsapp him on +2347010821863.

    he is also specialized on ALS, HAPETITE B, HERPES and HIV/AIDS

  • Make the body like that of which The Catacomb "Healing Waters" of The Bosnian Pyramids allow you to function; nice!

  • The Inner Goddess Project says:

    I would love to watch a video of you going over one by one each of these new technologies or your top 5 you'd recommend. I think that would help us get a lot more involved.

  • Franken Furter says:

    Emery Smith would be even more awesome if it didn't cost $79 US for a small bottle of the supplements he promotes. It's really disheartening that no matter which direction we turn towards to better ourselves, our wallets take a beating. We get gouged to death, no matter what. I'd love to be able to get my elderly dad on those supplements, but as a pensioner, that amount is way out of the realm of possibility for him. And for the average wage earning citizen, imo.

  • Only been 12months where’s Emery Smith you seem such Friends no Dimensions of Disclosure this year for Emery then…?

  • I like Emery I really do and the things he says are true I believe but I think even with his training he is overlooking basic stuff. I am 65 and people think I am in my early 40ties. My secret, I don't eat meat! Man was not designed to eat meat and if you look at our physiology this proves out, we were not meant to be meat eaters! I do on occasion eat Salmon but of late thinking I will give that up also! Now, with that being said I know it's hard for many to except this as they love to eat meat because of conditioning from society as the meat industry is a big market and other things I will not get into here. The myth that you need meat protein in my opinion is a lie and well I live it so I know. Here is what meat does to you, sits in your colon and fester and rot and wreaks all kinds of hazard with your body! Meat is hard to digest for us not real meat eaters were it passes through there body in less than 24 hours, our digestive system is like three days! Now think what happens when it gets clogged up! If you're a meat eater I would clean out my system at least 4 times a year(colon cleanse.) Also a body rich in oxygen keeps you healthy, cancer cells die in an oxygen rich environment. Food grade hydrogen peroxide regimen with distilled water can provide this. There are sites on line with lots of information on this. Peace

  • What has happened to Emery? I have not seen or hears anything about him in ages! Is he OK? David or Corey needs to let us know! Miss you Emery! Come back, PLEASE! ☮️❤️☀️🌈🌎😇

  • What is it when you type a word but it comes out different? Do not use auto correct but it still does it! I know that I typed "heard" and not "hears" !☮️❤️☀️🌈🌎😇

  • Healing the body can be done by light – energy frequency- by rebalancing the body system energetically
    I had a vision of the future – a device that does this ….
    So- you’re on the right track or path Emery Smith!! 👏
    . Rebalancing frequency of DNA ( however – also rebalancing frequency of everything in the body ).
    Bringing body back to natural homeostasis of course is key 👏

  • I can't even begin to explain how much this means to me to cure all suffering beings. Let's do this until we heal our mother Earth Gaia 🌹💚🌍💚🌹

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