Eliminate gastric reflux (heartburn) instantly using this easy trick – Animated – No medication

Eliminate gastric reflux (heartburn) instantly using this easy trick – Animated – No medication

Hi, and welcome to Minute Science! Do you sometimes feel a sharp pain in your chest? Like a burning sensation right in your solar plexus? You might be dealing with gastric reflux, also known as heartburn, even though it has nothing to do with the heart. Gastric reflux can occur after a heavy meal, when you bend over to pick up an object or when you lay down, especially on your right side. This solution for getting rid of a heartburn has more to do with physics than biology and anatomy. Your torso has two main parts: your thoracic cavity (containing your lungs and heart) and your abdominal cavity (containing your stomach, liver, intestines, and so on…) Your thoracic cavity is separated from your abdominal cavity by a dome-shaped structure of muscle and fibrous tissue, called the thoracic diaphragm. It has an important function in respiration. Mainly, when it is contracted, it creates a vacuum in your thoracic cavity that absorbs air from the environment into your lungs. But back to heartburn. Your esophagus is a tube, which transports food from your mouth, passing through your thoracic cavity, and through the diaphragm, to your stomach. The esophagus is also the thing that gets affected by gastric reflux, when acid from the stomach flows up in the esophagus. The solution to heartburn is filling your lungs with as much air as possible for 10-20 seconds. This increases the pressure in your thoracic cavity above the pressure in your abdominal cavity, forcing anything from your thoracic cavity to go out. Since you’re holding your breath, the only way for pressure to get out is down the esophagus. This constricts the esophagus and forces anything in it down, into the stomach, meaning no more gastric acid in it, meaning no more heartburn! It only takes a few second to drain the acid, but some may still remain on the walls of the esophagus. You can either wait for it to wear off or you can eat a cracker or something like that, to clear it from the acid. And there you go. That’s how you get rid of gastric reflux. No surgery, no meds, no doctors! This is worth sharing with your friends! They deserve to know this simple trick! Good bye!


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