Early Antibiotic Use May Predispose Children To Weight Gain And Asthma Later In Life

Greetings. It’s Eric Bakker here. New Zealand naturopath. I’m author of Candida Crusher, formulator
of the Canxida range of products. I read an interesting article an online blog
site, The Guardian. It’s a British newspaper about the early antibiotic
use in children. In Finland, they did some research on a group
of kids, 236 children were checked out between 2 and 7 years of age with the median age being
5. They found that there’s a big correlation
with children. I think this is a long term study. A huge correlation with these children long
term and their body mass index. If antibiotics are started at a very early
age and they disrupt the microflora quite profoundly, which they tend to do at a young
age, they can very much affect that person’s ability to maintain a normal body weight when
they get to be older. Not only that, they predispose the person
a much higher risk of asthma, and no doubt eczema, and no doubt other immune dysfunctions. Children are born with quite a healthy gut
microbiota, which means that they’ve got hundreds of trillions of bacteria in their digestive
system. These, in fact, outnumber human cells by about
10 to 1. So the number of bacteria that we’ve got in
our gut is immense. There are trillions of bacteria. The child will get these bacteria from the
mother and breast feeding is very important because breast feeding will confirm a very
powerful strong immunity and protective factors when this child is quite young and protect
them from disease. They found in African countries that breast
fed children tend to resist infectious disease much more so than kids that were put on formulas. It’s important to keep that gut ecology intact
for a child, particularly when they’re young, up to about 5, 6 or 7 years of age. Because that sets the tone for the rest of
their life for how powerful their immune response is going to be. If you’re a parent looking at this video,
I encourage you to think carefully before you give your child antibiotics for a little
cut or a cough or a cold. Because you could be doing them a huge disservice
by the time they get to be a lot older. There are natural things that you can give
if you’ve got infections. You can look at changing the diet of the child
and look at using essential oils. You can use a probiotic. There are many different ways to boost a child’s
immune function apart from taking devastating pharmaceutical drugs. I would like to give you that information. Think twice before you medicate a young child
with an antibiotic because it could be of no real benefit for the long term and have
a serious consequence when they get older. Thanks for tuning into my video. Be sure to click on the description in the
link below. That’s going to give you a free Candida report. You’ll enjoy that one. Thanks for tuning in.


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