100 thoughts on “Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Eye Opening Speech – Best MOTIVATION Ever 2019”

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  • It's a commitment to be great. Look at Michael Jordan. Look at Magic Johnson. It's giving up. It's a drive to become the best keeping God in focus and keeping Him first in your life. He has the right attitude, the only attitude to have no matter what your profession.

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  • Don't think that you deserve all for free. Accomplishments take so much hard work. You don't have to be an actor to be successful. Many opportunities are still available.

  • Suddenly I actually like The Rock LESS. I swear, I do, but this was enough to make me not want to have a conversation with him for more than five minutes.

  • I don't even have enough money to afford to bulk up after paying rent and bills here. I'm 29 now and feel like any crazy career is too late at my age and lack of funds to help me go forward because I made bad financial choices the last ten years to escape the menotny. I don't drink alcohol but I wasn't focused enough. My grandfather was champion in the wwwf. Successful in life, sports and bussiness. And I can't live up to it. I guess don't make the same mistakes as me. Edit: but I'm still trying doing what I can to get on track

  • Would like to see him and Arnold in a movie would be fucken epic.
    Two iconic people that made a future for themselves and both struggled in life.

  • This hit me so hard because I play highschool football and I got hurt during the off-season and now I can’t play this season which makes me angry and I have to wait till next year

  • Ten Ants Parking I drive a small carnow says:

    They offered me the world.
    I said "I will not worship Lucifer", was drugged slashed and bashed by many. My face hanging below my chin, the cheif of police smashed me over backwards and screamed down at me "shut your fucking mouth".
    In Melbourne another States chief of Police did same.
    Did you see what happened to his hit man when I was "lambsy"?. 😶
    No one saw that coming.
    But I saw 911 coming, I told your MIB flanked see eye A rep, he knows, when it happened Word for word, they kept it secret.
    Mr The Rock, in a shopping centre mall with his female minder. I should have been way more friendly but mother fuckers in government have been fucking me and my family sideways for 30 yrs and have turned my children against me, I trust no one, do you blame me, these fuckers place all sorts of famous people in front of me to mock me.
    Believe me. I'm nobody, the biggest, the American government don't know how to treat a non citizen who does them a big one. Instead they watch my downward spiral, hoping to prove Christ is not Lord.
    They are wrong, like miscreants, like that twat pretty boy Lucifer was wrong.
    Jesus is The Rock.
    "what profit you, if you gain the world and lose your soul.
    You can't have both.
    " The World loves it's own", it's own are Mortal and only have the light of vanity to lead them through a very short vain existence.
    Jesus, a lamp unto my feat, what do I care if the whole world hates me. "first will be last, last first.

  • Yo Dwayne dude, with all fucking respect bro but it's very easy to talk and this is for you but you should fucking take a plane and fucking fly from corner to corner around this world go fuking deep inside the mountain and check there most kids with a lot of talents people who WANT who DREAM who HAVE A WILL but … yeah… there's a fucking but if u talk about making it in the US or anywhere in the world HOLLYWOOD AND USA AND MOVIE MUSIC INDUSTRY ETCE3TC should really travel all fucking together and hunt dreams and talents. DO IT, BRO,, now most of u guys are retiring and it's so fucking easy with ur fame to make some video talks shit and that's it. IT WORKD FOR YOU BUT NOT FOR OTHERS, coz there are always barriers and STOP who ..u know what shit I'm talking about… Thanks up!

  • Bring me that fucking pen and paper to sign a fucking contract right now for music, dance, hip hop mix kick, movies gym etc AND I'LL DO IT. Just bring that fucking pen hunt down about 300 people have a summer program for a free check on talents etc and u'll see how that Hollywood red carpet will fucking change right now, and trust me BETTER.

  • Make failure as your fuel,
    Make Criticism to make you strong,
    Prove the doubter wonrg
    And be proud of who you are and where you're from

    In short be happy and grateful for who you are 😛

  • I sincerely like this man. He is not a grade A actor like Tom Cruise or Christaph Waltz, but he has a grade A attitude and he is extremely sincere. He EARNED everything and I cannot be angry at all about that. May God bless us all great lives.

  • This idea and this notion that you could be anything you want, you can accomplish anything you want. SOMETIMES… I will never be a Tyrannosaurus Rex, nor create a black hole, invent cold fusion, make a perpetual motion device, Travel to another habitual planet, can't even be super sayian…. Impossible tasks. I get the message, but one also needs to be realistic…

  • This is the day of my movie audition, I will walk in with confidence with all of these jewels of wisdom in my mind. I was always scared of what people thought of me so I switched to someone I wasn’t to fit in. Dont make the same mistake and change who you are to fit someone else’s ideals. You are special in every kind of way there is only one of you.It doesn’t matter what everybody thinks of you,be unique. Make you own story,don’t act out someone else’s. I just thought that I would put my thoughts here before I attend my first audition.

    My name is Selo Hill
    I’m 16
    And I hope that everyone that takes the time to read this has the motivation to follow your dreams and beyond.

    Thanks for your time.

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  • I wish he didn't swear so much. Would have loved to share this with some young people or our Middle School students. Fan of Dwayne Johnson!

  • Cant say I've heard the rock swear this much but he's still real lol more real now than in anything else I've seen.. hes a superstar

  • Rock is a wonderful guy. He is very humble and never forget very he came from. Hr is so humble and down to earth and tells you that when he was graduated he only had seven dollars in hid pocket. He humbly said that he was bring evicted and hadno place to live. It will takes a real man to admit to homelessness. Great guy. Grateful guy and frankly now blessed guy. He had accomplished so much. And has himself and positive attitude to be thankful.

  • My spirit lifted just watching this guy talking the way he has. And I am not an easy person to be easily motivated. Rock is a great guy and may god bless him and his entire family. The best medicine in becoming successful, is to think positive. Believe in yourself. Along the way, you may see some people trying to discourage you and tells you that its all in your head. Those are the folks that you can definitely afford not have around you.

  • I dnt like celebs, but the rock I cant help but love. Him and Mike Tyson are two celebs that have me wanting to be like them. they seem so genuine and down to earth. its like they know how to laugh joke around have fun and have a heart to heart talk to ppl. if there were a few celebs I'd love to meet it would be them oh yeah and Mickey Rourke and Quentin Tarantino

  • lol, let's be honest here Rock. You were heading downwards but then you roided up hard for the Pain and Gain/Fast and Furious movie. The business lacked a good muscle head, capable of the leading role. You fit that perfectly but it was more down to luck, I mean come on. You say hard work like nobody else in the world is having a hard time, fighting against the odds everyday.

  • Rubes Sum Tertius says:

    I like the Rock, however, what people including the rock haven't figured out that the F language will keep so many people from sharing this to others. Filth is a decease within. No one that uses it has reached a level of worthiness that can teach others.

  • You know my positivity comes from my love for all living things, I even have love for non living things. My respect and admiration for these things helps me in everyday life.

  • This is true! My friend I grew up with was 5' 2" and 135 lbs. He wanted to be an NBA center one day and everyone said he would never make it, he was too short! Today he's an NBA center! It can happen!

  • This guy is a straight
    Best motivation is you, and you alone. You either step up and move forward, or you stay put. Perhaps you may even sink point blank. Everyone always says they only had $7.

  • Battle Born Renegades MC says:

    First rule- Never listen to anyone negative. If someone doesn’t support you and all your dreams, GET AWAY FROM THEM!

  • Whilst I respect Johnson's dedication this is one of the least inspirational 'inspirational' speeches doing the rounds. In essence it is the same old cliche- Life is tough and you have to push yourself to achieve

  • Fortis in Arduis says:

    And I've always kept this thought—>>>   Don't be jealous, envy or hate on what other people have or the levels they've reached…..Surround yourself with them and Learn from those very people ! Along with—>>> Never-ending Persistence WILL get you where you want to be !

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