♪ (tinny music playing over speakers) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chords) ♪ – Apartment 143. (doorbells rings) ♪ (music gets louder) ♪ – About time. – Hello again, Jimmy P. – Are you here before midnight? Miracle. – (under breath) Dick. – Listen, Alice.
– Please, not now. Not today. The longest day today dealing with idiots. – Still, Alice, I wish– – Wish I was here right at your door
in 30 minutes or less. – Wish you were here before. I got to sleep every day 3:00 high.
That’s the way I like it. – Cut the guilt trip, Jimmy. While you were sleeping, I am on the job in over my head all day, every day. Take it or leave it. I’m here now.
You see me? Yes or no? – I see you. You are here
now, you know. Still… – This is where I leave you. – Hold on. Wait. – Thin ice, Jamesy boy. – Break down the goods here. – Speed, blow, dope, crank. – Lovely. Molly? – Ecstasy.
– All good things. Grass?
– The usual suspects: Blue Jasmine, Afternoon Delight,
Pineapple Express, Black Snake Moan, Shortbus, Air Bud. – Badass. The right stuff. – Best of the best. – Something new? – Triple X. I got the hookup. – Effects? – Premium rush, limitless confidence. – Sounds riddick. Side effects? – Insomnia, fear, vertigo,
falling down, nervous ticks, happiness, misery… arachnophobia. – Hook… me… up. – Brave. – What’s the worst that could happen? – Unknown. – Bring it on. What doesn’t kill you. – Good boy. A man for all seasons. – Price check?
– The pill, 50. The takes two, 50, 50. This is 40. 20 bucks. Cheaper by the dozen. 20 once again.
– Steep. Okay, good. All that
I need for me… and my gal… four bags full. What now? Remind me. – All together, 360. Throw down. – Killing me. – Any day now. – 300. – While we’re young.
– About 50. – The remaining 10. – The 10. Paid in full. Thank you. – Thank you for smoking.
(phone ringing) Hello? (aside) I must be going. – I can see you out. – I know where I’m going.
61 Columbus Circle. On my way. – I’ll be seeing you next time. – This may be the last time. – You’re gonna miss me.
– No. This is the end. (camera clicks)
♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – Photographic evidence. – Checkmate. So long, Jimmy. – 42, 54, code blue, 12:00, boys. Go! – We are the best. – Next, court, the judge, jail. – 10 years.
– 16 to life. – Drug war! – God bless America! (both laughing deviously) (laughing uproariously) ♪ (dramatic percussive music) ♪


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