Dr. Neeraj Mendiratta on Complex Care and the Future of Medicine

[♪♪♪] My name is Neeraj Mendiratta, I am the Service Chief here
in Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group for the continuum care program
in the DC and suburban Maryland area. I’ve been with MAPMG for eight years now. I started as a hospitalist,
and shortly after that, kind of moved up my way
to service chief of continuum care. I oversee our rehab facilities,
our palliative care team, and, last but not least,
our complex care program here in Mid-Atlantic
Permanente Medical Group. One of the things that I’m particularly
very, very proud of is our complex care program. It’s a fairly new program,
it’s about three years old. The way I’d describe our program
is a focused health care delivery program for the sickest,
most vulnerable patients here in Mid-Atlantic
Permanente Medical Group. They see patients in the office, they go to the hospitals to make
visits when the patients are there. We do a lot of collaboration. We do video visits,
telephone encounters, it’s really a great service
for our members. If you think of our program as already
being integrated, this is one step up. Nothing like this is happening
anywhere in health care. I believe that this is the future
of medicine, period. [♪♪♪]


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