Don’t eat medicine in thyroid problem

Don’t eat medicine in thyroid problem

Hello Friends, Welcome back to my channel
Madhulika Kashyap, and I am Madhulika. After delivery I gained too much of weight,
in a period of 2 months I noticed I gained 8 kg of weight, and I didn’t understand why
I suddenly putting so much of weight and due to which I felt a need to consult a Doctor. The doctor suggests me to go for a Thyroid
test. After getting the report, I went to the Doctor
again, he diagnosed me with Hypothyroidism, due to which your weight is increasing. He then prescribed me a have a thyroxin tablet
daily in the early morning, after which your thyroid will be under control. Then I started taking a pill daily, at that
time I was unaware of thyroid and its symptoms. The doctor told me as soon as you started
taking the pill over a period of time your thyroid will be under control. After his suggestions I started taking the
pills, and after three months, I again checked my thyroid, my weight was not reduced but
my thyroid level was slightly low. Along with weight gaining, I am having other
problems too, my body was getting too much lethargic, low energy level, and my clothes
were getting tight, and having many problems. As my kids were too small, and I am left with
no options, so went with the flow, After that I took the tablets for a period of 2 to 4
yrs daily, after having the tablets, I faced too many problems such as pain in my legs, hair falling, my skin is getting dry, and I was helpless. After that, I started checking the root cause
of thyroid and found that our body has a thyroid gland which secrets hormones when this secretion gets low, it causes hypothyroidism. I started doing more research on this topic, when I use to talk with people I started saying I don’t want to eat this tablet, and everyone suggest that if you don’t have this tablet then your thyroid will increase more, and you will
face many other problems in any ways even after that I am not happy to take the tablets, then I
did more research on this topic, I got information from Youtube also which helps me the cause of thyroid due to a pituitary gland, if this gland get disturbed anyhow
due to any reason, any tension, it get disturbed, due to which it stop responding to other organs or glands in a proper way and result to this problem Then I though If I am having such problem , then why I am taking tablets Further doing more research in the topic,
I got diverted towards Ayurveda and Natureopath too, Many years past just like that Fortunately, one day some useful informations that if we give
an external supplement to our body, then our body will stop secreting those hormones ie: body will stop secreting internal thyroxin. if I take thyroxin daily, then it will disturb the natural process of secretion due to external intake I felt that if I took thyroxin more in future, then it will affect my body, and create other problems too., and It has side effects too, it also decrease the level of absorption of calcium in our body due to which you will feel pain in your lower body, or calcium deficiency or deficiency in vitamin B12 or D3 Then I took help of Ayurveda and Natureveda in any means The first thing I did after that was to throw my thyroxin bottle in dustbin. After stop taking the pills, I felt that my thyroid level was getting increase, and then I change my daily routine from what I was doing. Firstly, I worked on my stress level, I started doing Meditation, need to keep mind cool, and calm, as our brain is connected to our pituitary glands. So I worked on my pituitary gland and stress level, Secondly, I started working on my lifestyle, as was used to have tea in the early morning was wrong and do the breakfast late in morning due to which my metabolism was disturbed and I was gaining weight Initially I was thinking to skip meals as I was gaining weight, which was too bad So, I started taking proper breakfast in the morning with nutrients, nutritious foods Most of time I do cheating with meals, but I tried to take good nutritious food in any case. We found many good nutritious things in our kitchen, and even in normal meals, milk, cheese, butter cereals, etc. After this I found increase in my energy level Guys I like to tell you that I never bound myself to any strict pattern of exercise, or gym work outs, Yoga, dance aerobics. Whenever I had an opportunity to do some work out I did. So after 3 to 4 yrs, I am not having a single pill of thyroxin, and feeling much better than before, and when I did my last thyroid test, it was near to normal level and you wan’t believe initially my thyroid level was 20, without any medicine, and making change in life style stress level, and intake of good nutritious meals Adding some new activity, I got freedom from tablets and arising problem Please re-consider while taking the tablets even your doctor recommend or the people around you. Just make change in your lifestyle, stress level, and your foods Take nutritious foods, and not junk food too much. Skipping meals will never make you thin, but it will give you reverse affect When started leaving your meals it will make you more fat Take something within an interval of 2 to 3 hrs, take vegetables salads, fruits, and even sweets(Awala Candy) So you can also get freedom from Thyroxin, and don’t get used to it, and make habit of taking daily It is dangerous for your body Our body heals itself, and it provide everything inside what is needed to an organ So, I expect that you understand my points, but it is you who have to decide what you need to do for yourself. I will meet you again in my next video, and if you have query regarding the same, please do post in the comment section, See you soon, Bye


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  • Mujhey bhi nikla tha par mainey ayurvedic dawali or ab mera thyriod bilkul normal h ye bhi aap ney information di h wo bilkul sahi h

  • Discarding thiroxin could cause damage to life for all types of thoiriod patients or not as I am taking thiroxin tablets for the last two years

  • Mem me 25 year ki hu or thairoid he lekin mera wat only 4o he or badh Navi raha he gatta he to muje kya khana chahiae or kya Karna chahiae 3 month se pata chalaki thairod he ab kya karu

  • Farhana Masood says:

    Mam mai bhi thyroid ki tablet chord dil 2 years lakin mai 5 days before test Kari thi 2 points zeeyada batayaa mam mujha aap kuch khana Pena ka Bara ma bataya na pls

  • Ap koi ayurvedic dawai leti hai. Agr leti hai to batai or meditation k alawa koi or exercise karti hai to batai. Or hair fall control k liy koi suggestion please tell.

  • Mam hi: I have thyroid I'm taking medicine, for long time I'm not conceiving so I checked thyroid level it was raise hypothyroidism,if there is any solution, I would not like to take thyroid medicine pls reply

  • Main b isliyea use ne krte thyroid tablets ,muje b yehe tensiom hoe ha ,lag jayege ,ab main thore bhut dieting kar rehe hu,thore bhut exercise b krte hu ,gym.b join kruge lkn medicine ne

  • Plz ager app mje kuch bat sakti hai is problem ke bare me Meri help kar a me her eakt is problem we preshan rehti hun aur mera thirod point 7 hai

  • Thanks मधुलिका बहना , मै भी थाईराईड से परेशान हु और 15 साल से गोली खा रही हु , मै आपसे रिक्वेस्ट करती हु कि आप अपने डाईट प्लान कि विडियो भी बनाये ताकि हमे मार्गदर्शन मिले ,

  • Thanks for the information….muje v thyroid h avi tsh 12point h badha hua h mai bahut paresan rahne lagi hu kud k helth se bahut weeknes mahsus hota h chidchidi si rahne lagi jor se bolne me v problems hoti h…Mujhe thyroid huy 6year ho gay h pahli bar itna badha h mai pahle thoyronoram 25mg leti thi avi jan 2019 se homeopathic ilag kra rahi hu avi tk to sb thik tha par family problems se 1month se paresan hone ki wjh se stress bahut ho gya isiliye thyroid itna badh gya….Mujhe yahi samjh ni aa rha k jb dwa kha rahi hu to fir aisa Q hua …Aapse reply ki ummid karti hu or medicine chorna chahti hu….Plz help me

  • It is not mind set….what the lady has said is true. It depends if you want to be dependant on unecessary meds for the rest of your life or do something positive. She has not generalised just told her story it there to take or leave. I ha e been clean off meds for 5 yrs

  • Good suggestions. In my case many years ago my TSH shot past 250 and became life threatening condition. I will give in addition try to homeopathy. I am still looking for solutions.

  • Thank you so much mam for sharing this knowledge with us, its really appreciate to you mam. Me too feeling same signs of thyroid but now i will start eating healthy and change my life style and add meditation in it. Thank you mam .

  • Hello mam I am taking thyroxin medicine from 10-15 years. Can I leave this thyroid medicine as of sudden. What should I do? In the previous on June I had tsh 21 in my report doctor said you should take 100mg for a month and take test after a month, then on July I gave my thyroid test and it was 7 now i am regular on 100mg should I drop this medicine or less quantity of mg's. What to do?

  • Itne khubsurat dhang se aap apne video me thyroid ke bare explain kia ,isse bahut khuchh sikhne ko mila hai THANK YOU SO MUCH .

  • U r right mam… Maine b hipothyroid ki medicine chhod di qki usse koi khaas asar nhi hota h… Weight b km nhi hota… Ur all advise are right…

  • Roseline Mathias says:

    Maam as I take Thyroxine tablet 50 I use to feel v week even after taking my heavy break fast I use to get palpitation while walking and taking. I left taking my thyroid tablet .v soon my problem that is weakness and palpitation is gone I test my thyroid T3 is 100.40,T4.
    5.00, TSH 5.320 showing high what should I do. Pl guide me.

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  • Hello Mam ur information regarding thyroid medicine is really informative for viewers,, Thanks for tht,, My TSH level is 5.0 viz 1 point more only, T3 n T4 are normal,,m worried with symptoms lyk i hv startd hvng hairfall n smtymz swelling in eyelids, doctor recommended me medicine but i hv nt started taking tht , can u suggest me what should i do?? Kindly reply

  • Thanks Madhulika for your clip and your story which is almost similar to mine , I too have Hypothyroidism and at first I was so adamant not to use the synthetic hormones medication that doctors quickly prescribes without finding the root of the problem but then my body became so weak and my heart was beating so badly that I gave up and since then for almost 5yrs now I'm on meds but just recently when I saw my health was good I decided to stop the meds and infact I have been feeling so much better until just today my doctor sent me my new blood test readings and my Tsh is 15 (very high)but my FT4 is 9.57 (normal is 12.0 – 22.0) F3 is normal my doctor has no idea that I did stop my meds for almost a month and so he says I need to highr my dosage ? but now I see your clip and has given me more confidence not to go back to the meds but instead eat well . exercise and meditate of which I have been meditating for some time now and I believe and pray that all will be well insha Allah.

  • Dr Goutam Mukhopadhyay says:

    I m using thyrox 37.5. Now my TSH is 4. Want to leave that medicine. I use to practice excercise regularly. Should i lwave that medicine. What's will b the remidies ?

  • Bichitra Bhushan Mishra says:


  • saloni pradhan says:

    when I saw this video I felt that is my case,i m also thyroid patient since 1 and half year and I also started taking thyronorm 25mcg after tests and consulting with doctor and after 6 months my tables raised from 25 to 75 mcg,after taking tables there was no difference in my weight, from 58 kg I put on weight of 73 kg,whetever is said above you is the same case wid me I also don wan to take tablets in any cost so I have also seen so many youtube videos where we can improve thyroid from diet plan and yoga so I have changed my life style and its 8 days I m following the same diet plan as u r saying above.i have totally stopped taking medicines and taking care on my diet and morning yoga,within this 8 days I have reduce my weight atleast 2 kg,and I think ths is the best way to control thyroid,i also suggest not to take tablets.

  • I am also suffering from this problem /hyperthyroidism, since 1994.Dr check up and initiated my blood test, after testing the results Dr. Prescribed me some tablets" Newmarkazol"which I used for a year and tested my blood T3 T4 and Tsh. Anyhow I undergone drops of Iodine in hospital. In the 2001 I was tested againT3T4andTSh. Dr. Prescribed me thyroxine tablet 50mg 2in in the morning and in2015 again after the test 2×2 morning and evening on empty stomach. Now suggest me what I do now? Advise me please for healthy life.

  • Thanks Madhulika for ur useful information even I am facing the same problem from last 15 years and had gained a lot of Weight due to thyroid my thyroid was 50 and Dr. Suggested me to take 125 mg thyronorm even I don't want to continue taking this tablet. Pls give

  • Tsh level mera 8.1 aayea HA dr Bola ha 25 mg table Lana ko mere weight normal ha.
    Kay ma tablets lu nahi.
    Mera Man nahi kar raha lana ko

  • Subbulakshmi Ramachandran says:

    I am also the same problem i don't know ur language pls send ur diet plan i started diet without tablet but getting pain in throat and feel so many problem in my neck pls reply

  • Plz siter ap k watsap no do mere waif ko b yahi problem hai aur report me 1000 dika rha hai plzz mera watsap no a hai 9886637664 plzz sister

  • Don’t listen to this women. People need hormone replacement if thyroid is not working right!. More problems if you don’t take the medicine

  • Thyroid disease me aapko kuch chheze totally avoid karni chahiye jese refined oil any soya product, peanuts katte fruit, tandi khne ki cheeze, masale aur spicy khane, road side food bhi maida, thyroid me 40%salad 40% fruit aur 20 % khana hona chaiye with green leafy and bens all green vegetables with roti kabhi kabhi chawal kha sakte aur haa makka bhi avoid karna chaiye

  • Mera thyroid bahut jyada badha h or ghutne me b problem hone lagi h.. meri family me aye din stress rehta h mam.. or tablet b le rh h ek saal ho gya h kya karu pls motivate

  • aap bata sakte hai ki thyroid hamesa k liye cure ho sakta hai?? koi gharelu upchar hai ?? mujhe medicine nahi leni to koi aur rasta hai . mujhe abhi abhi tyroid hua hai. 6 month pehle nahi tha . thank u for good informations

  • Dear Madhulka, I would like to see or read this information in English. Do you have a blog where we can read it? Sorry I don't understand your language 🙁

  • Thank u so so very much…. Inshallah i wont take my 2nd month tablets…… Will follow ur routine…. Thanks a million….. !!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I have TSH of more than 100. What do you recommend? Allopathic or homeopathic?

  • ѕry тo ѕay, apĸa нaιr ғall нone ĸa reaѕon тнyroιd нaι, apĸa ѕĸιn dry ĸa reaѕon внι тнyroιd нaι, мedιcιne ѕe naнι нυι ye ѕaв, aυr ap agar мedιcιne cнor ĸe acнe нo gye тo ιѕĸa мaтlaв ye naнι ѕaвĸe ѕaтн aѕeнι нo, ѕaвĸι proвleм alag, alag нoтι нaι

  • Hello present my throid is 11 … weight loss bhi bahut ho rha ha and I feel terribly hungry after every hour despite eating meals timely…so should I take medicine or not and any diet advice

  • Mam I am just 34 yrs and my thyroid 12 I started taking medicine thyroxin as per doctor. But the main thing is despite gaining weight I lost my weight 4-5 kg. How is it possible?

  • Nice video but please do not stop your thyroid medicine all of a sudden. Instead think about lowering the dose stopping it slowly probably a better idea. Keep taking it and consult homeopathic doctor and start homeopathic medicine therapy for your hypothyroidism along with your current medicine. It will take up to 8 to 12 months to permanently cure your condition. Homeopathic doctor will prescribe you proper medicine based on your case history and constitution type. There is a medicine called Thyroidinum 30 and Calcarea Carb 30 can permanently cure hypothyroidism, but please consult homeopathic doctor for that. Do not take them without consultation. Every case is different so as every person is different.

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