Does Lamisil Cure Toenail Fungus?

I’m going to talk about a pharmaceutical drug
called Lamisil today, Terbinafine hydrochloride. That’s the name of the drug basically. It’s
a generic name for it. This drug was very popular particularly and it still is today
for the treatment of toenail fungus. A condition that millions of people from around the world
suffer and from many different countries. Lamisil is widely promoted by doctors, dermatologists,
and other people as being the “nirvana,” like being the best thing you can take to cure
a toenail yeast infection. This drug basically works by interfering with
the cell wall synthesis or the production of Candida, a particular type of yeast that
really invades the skin and the nail tissue. And if we can work on an enzyme and inhibit
the production of this enzyme itself and that’s what this drug does and it stops the cell
wall formation. It can rapidly help to knock Candida on the head. But when we say rapidly,
it can act sometimes twice if not faster than many antifungal products on the market. But
it comes at a huge cost. This product does create side effects. I’ve got many patients
who’ve told me about these side effects. The side effects really vary from person to person.
I typically see people with sleeping problems, gut problems, bloating, flatulence, nausea,
all kinds of side effects from this drug. I’ve got a current drug guide here and let’s
just have a look at some of the side effects. Some of the common ones are gastrointestinal
upset. That can be bloating, farting, burping, heartburn, nausea, areas of itchy skin, skin
rashes, eczema, pain, fatigue, poor concentration, dry mouth, taste disturbances, headaches,
low blood sugar, elevated liver function test, hair loss, liver toxicity, problems with the
eye, retinal changes. You can even get liver failure in some rare cases.
Drugs like this while they do work, they can come at huge cost to people. But the problem
also with taking this darn drug is it’s not just the side effects it produces. Because
when doctors put you on these drugs, they don’t actually tell you about how to make
changes so you can stop getting this toenail fungus in the first place. And if you do cure
it or get rid of it on Lamisil, you’re probably going to get it back again, which means you’re
going to be hooked on this drug or take it on and off for years to come. This is just
what the drug companies like. They like making people life customers.
Well, that’s not what I like. I like people getting rid of stuff and then keeping it away
forever. That’s the intelligent choice that you could make. So the choice really is yours.
You can either want to do symptom suppression with drugs and then the side effects are apparent
with that or you can use natural treatment and have no side effects. Because I can guarantee
you one thing, if you’ve got a toenail yeast infection, it’s recurring, and it’s on multiple
toes, you’re probably going to have a gut based or a systemic yeast infection that’s
low grade most probably as well. You really want to make some lifestyle changes.
You want to make some dietary changes. Have a look at my book, Candida Crusher. I wrote
this book especially for people like you watching this video, people with toenail fungus. It’s
a powerful book. It’s got a lot of good hints and tips in it on how to get rid of toenail
fungus. is the website I created for someone just like you, but I
also created the best online quiz. If you go to, you can actually
find a link straight through to that quiz. You can also find it on
I also created what I really believe is one of the world’s best antifungal products and
it’s called Canxida. Not only will it get rid of Candida and help you to clear up the
toenail fungus, it will also work on bacteria and parasites. Lamisil won’t do that. Lamisil
is purely targeting yeast; whereas, the Canxida is going to target bad bacteria and parasites
and multiple yeast species. It’s got 12 ingredients in it. We’ve just created a brand new Canxida
Remove. We’ve actually improved on the old formula, made it even better, so hopefully
that will be released in the not too distant future.
Have a think about that. Have a think about why you’re taking this drug. And if you’re
taking it repeatedly, are you really curing the problem or are you just controlling the
symptoms? Controlling the symptoms come at a huge cost. The choice is yours.
Thanks for tuning in.


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