Do we need to Install Antivirus ?

Do we need to Install Antivirus ?

hey guys welcome to my channel this is DT Hack & Job back with a new video and today I’m going to teach you that should be
installed an antivirus in our computer is it necessary or we can just skip the steps so just be
stay connected and watch my video so i”m gonna tell you that what antivirus actually do that is it
necessary to install it so my answer is that antivirus just
stopped the services of windows defender and your firewall which is in built in
your computer by Microsoft so it is just use to manage the
detection of virus and manually so antivirus just nothing to it it stops
the service of your defender and your firewall and manage it manually so now you can learn that what is
defender so a defender is an application which helps to protect your
computer against pop-ups slow performance and security threats that are called by
spyware and other malware by detecting and removing these threats from your computer so it’s generally stops malware
function of malware suspect which detects in your pc and it’s actually do
the work and antivirus do so you don’t need to install any type of antivirus
in your PC because you have a pre installed windows defender which work
better than and antivirus and it install antivirus because it gives both
function in a single software that windows firewall and Windows Defender
both quality is contained in that and well so the firewall is a network security
system that monitors and controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic
based on the pre determined security rules it means it it generally create a
barrier between your network and the server from you are getting the data so why it is did because it wants to
protect you from downloading a malfunction file which cannot be
downloaded into your computer so that it can crash your system so it creates a
barrier effort to check that site which you are using and then it proceeds that
if it is safe then you will go to download that file
so this was my procedure that I recommend that you should not install any anti
virus in your system because you have a pre installed windows defender and pre
installed windows firewall which will work better and you have to just keep
updating them so you can easily get more secure system every day so guys this was my video to inform you that how antivirus works and windows defender and windows firewall works so guys thanks and
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help me so thanks for watching and please be
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2 thoughts on “Do we need to Install Antivirus ?”

  • If we don't have a genuine Version of windows….🤔 🤔 🤔 Then should we install any other anti virus.. 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔
    I m using pirated version of windows 7… 🤔 🤔 🤔

    Should i install anti virus.. 🤔 🤔 🤔

  • after watching this video, I will NOT buy any anti-virus software ……….but for slight security should I download free versions of antivirus which are available on the internet …….like Avast, KASPERSKY, BITDEFENDER…….???????????????????????????????????????? I

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