Detox Center LA  || Muse Treatment

Detox Center LA || Muse Treatment

I probably the sober and drug-free now
about four years I used to count the days but hoping I
would fail but now it’s kind of irrelevant I was lucky enough to make it
so many years of suffering it hurts to think about it but I didn’t I didn’t
just stop I closed that chapter in my book I was scared and running all the
time looking for that next high to just escape just a minute that’s all you want
to do is just forget it’s it’s just all-consuming
I felt bad every day which made it almost impossible not to look for that
next escape it’s like they just keep pulling me in I have no idea what to do
about it just wanted to feel good again and and
that was my way of doing it through the substances hate is a strong word but I
I’m not gonna lie I may be hated myself for what I was doing I I was scared of
myself and paranoid about every single thing there was no way out for me
at least that’s that’s what I thought every day what what am I gonna do was I
really destined to live this kind of life if I spoke to fifteen-year-old me I
would say I would say what you’re doing wrong it’s completely messed up
and it’s running your life what are you actually doing it’s a good thing I got
help I would probably be dead


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