DermTV – How to Get the Best Improvement from Antibiotics for Acne [ Epi #395]

DermTV – How to Get the Best Improvement from Antibiotics for Acne [ Epi #395]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] And welcome to DermTV. When topical products and treatments just
don’t bring my patients’ acne under control, of the
three most commonly used oral medicationsantibiotics, birth control
pills and Accutane – antibiotics are virtually always my go to
first choice. Compared to the other two options, antibiotics
have many fewer side effects, work faster – often in just a few weeks – and are easier
to use. But when antibiotics actually do bring your
acne under control, do you need to continue to take them forever? And if you do discontinue them, will your
acne just rebound and breakout all over again? Fortunately, the answer to both is no. I like to explain this by saying that your
skin has a memory. When it’s “used” to breaking out, it
continues to, and when it’s used to not breaking out, it tends to stay clear for quite a while.
For the scientists out there, you could call this the inertial theory of
acne! So when your acne is controlled with antibiotics, and stays clear for a few weeks, you can gradually decrease the dose until you are no longer
taking it and still maintain acne free skin. The theory is that when your skin has stopped
breaking out and gotten used to not breaking out, by gradually decreasing the dose, you sort of “fool”
the body into thinking you’re still taking the full dose. So instead
of taking a pill twice a day, you go down to once a day for
two weeks, then perhaps once every other day for two
weeks. And then, under your doctor’s guidance, you can finally stop the antibiotic. By this
time, your skin has gotten so used to not breaking
out, that your acne stays quiet for at least many
months and sometimes even longer. So if your dermatologist suggests treating
your acne with oral antibiotics, give them a chance. The treatment will only be temporary, and you may well become acne free for a long
time to come.


23 thoughts on “DermTV – How to Get the Best Improvement from Antibiotics for Acne [ Epi #395]”

  • Hi Dr. Schulz i would like to know will exfoliating with glycolic or other AHAs irritate ethnic brown skin? if so how what type of chemical exfoliants should people of brown skin use thank you.

  • FYI…when I stopped drinking milk, my acne problems improved 100 per cent. I really believe the hormones added to the milk causes acne.

  • Me too!! 2 weeks after i stopped drinking milk and stopped eating cheese and all dairy products my skin has improved sooo much
    I don't even get any pimples anymore and i used to get them every single day

  • Aren't most antibiotics wide spectrum? Seems like it would be harmful to the rest of the your body, what with wiping out the other normal flora, while only suppressing the acne bacteria for the short term.

  • I started with 100mg on minocycline and it wasn't working very well so they bumped it up the 200mg a day and my skin has cleared up amazingly! I took about two weeks, but it was well worth the wait (: maybe you can ask for a higher dosage, or try taking a pill morning and night for a week and see how your skin does?

  • Your so awesome. I just found out about this channel a week ago and I've watch like a hundred videos. Thankyou so much for sharing this information and educating us =D

  • I have so much Doxycycline 100 mg left and it says "use by 4/28/12" Do these meds turn immediately into poison after the expiration date. They still smell the same. I had so many but I'm awful with remembering a schedule. Please answer and clarify, Dr. Schultz =]

  • I was prescribed antibiotics and my acne never fully went away. I was taken off antibiotics, and it came back, even worse. I'm taking the same antibiotic again. I'm also on birth control pills. My acne is not bad enough for accutane.

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  • Σωτηρης Ματσακης says:

    There are a few tips for treating acne at home
    Ensure you consume plenty of fruit and vegetables.
    Take sleep
    Avoid food that is processed or contains additives
    make use of low or no sugar foods.
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