DermTV – How Do Antibiotics Treat Acne [ Epi #323]

DermTV – How Do Antibiotics Treat Acne [ Epi #323]

Hello I’m Dr. Neal Schultz And welcome to DermTV. One of the more important treatments for acne
with red pimples, pus pimples or cysts, is antibiotics. But
acne isn’t an infection. The red pimples, pus pimples and cysts aren’t
contagious… acne isn’t contagious… You can’t spread
it to yourself or to other people. Well, if inflammatory acne, which is what
we call acne with pimples and cysts, isn’t an infection, then why do antibiotics help it? There are two reasons. First and most important,
most of us have an otherwise HARMLESS germ which lives
in our skin, in the oil gland and hair follicle. It’s called
Corynibacterium. While it doesn’t cause an infection it does
make a protein called Lipase. Lipase is an enzyme that splits the normal,
gentle, non-irritating Triglycerides, one of the normal fatty materials
in your oil… It splits those harmless Triglycerides into
several parts. One is called a free fatty acid, and free
fatty acids are very irritating to your skin and cause swelling, redness,
pain and pus, which are what cause the red pimples, pus
pimples and cysts of inflammatory acne. So the antibiotic helps inflammatory acne
by killing the bacteria… that makes the Lipase… that splits the Triglycerides… into terribly irritating free fatty acids which cause pus pimples and cysts. The second reason antibiotics help inflammatory
acne is because zits are caused by the formation of pus in
the skin. Pus is caused by the accumulation of good
well intentioned white blood cells trying to fend off the irritating effects of the free fatty acids
on your skin. The white blood cells that cause pus come
out of the blood and move into the skin and when they do that, they cause pimples and cysts. So even if there are irritating, free, fatty
acids present, some antibiotics can prevent these white cells
from moving into your skin and causing pus which is at the core of all inflammatory pimples
and cysts. So the next time your doctor treats you with
antibiotics for your acne, he or she may not be treating an infection, but he or she certainly is treating
your acne.


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  • LOL sorry the video won't load fast enough and it keeps pausing. Whenever he's pausing he's doing funny faces hahaha. Great video though.

  • Oedipus58921 says:

    I have a question about scars, is it possible to scar in a certain way in one side of the face and in completely different one in another side?

  • this is so sad but i got into an arguement with my sister and it was kind of full on next day i wake up i have 6 spots…stress defo does cause acne..i'm the proof lol but they've gona down now i used duac gel

  • Thank you Dr. sooo much for your videos.You give a great insight to all these issues that concern us…Really Thanks….

    I have a question about Acne and its treatment.Through the years my doctor dealt with my acne with topical creams,antibiotics and pills of certain vitamins.What i have noticed is that the stronger the pills that are used are,the worse the acne that rares its head the Next Time is. Is it true…?

    TThanks in advance…

  • shangrila628 says:

    I don't have big zits but small bumps spread out bumps on my forehead (the oilest part of my face). Tried everything but nothing works. Its so persistent and freaking annoyingggg!!!! Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • i was prescribed antibiotics (amoxicillin) 6 yrs ago as acne treatment and it never worked. It however put stress on my digestive system and I still suffer from digestive issues after so long. I seriously do not recommend antibiotics for acne as you need to take it for more than one or 2 weeks and can cause severe symptoms.

  • I use cleanser with salicylic acid, diluted witchhazel as a toner and moisturizer with glycolic acid and I still get breakouts.. I try to keep my face as matte as possible .. I don't know what to do anymore

  • Well, i've used every treatment the NHS offers, including roaccutane, and nothing works!!! You can't believe how happy I am with living with incurable severe acne!

  • Cool, I have a lot of acne. I got antibiotics for my ingrown toenail but I have a lot leftover. Maybe I can use it for my acne.

  • TheCherrycherryboom says:

    @marcosAKAshorty2895 are u serious? please do not do that. different antibiotics have many different ways of working. ingrown toenails have nothing to do with acne..

  • @TheCherrycherryboom well it wasn't specifically for the ingrown toenail, it seemed like it was just for general use but I decided to buy some stuff made for acne.

  • Dr. Schultz, today my derm prescribed Doxycycline and Epiduo. I am nervous about taking the antibiotic only because I'm afraid it'll come back once I get off it. The derm assured me that by then the Epiduo should be able to control it alone. Have you prescribed this combo before? What do you think? Thanks, love you!

  • Bubba's Channel says:

    Juicing garden greens with herbal teas works better than any meds hands down, works overnight instead of days. Instantly reduces inflamation. Exercise and fruits are good to. Its all about reducing inflamation caused by a bad diet. Your face is just a gauge telling you what you have recently ate.

  • Bubba's Channel says:

    Thats the worst thing you can do since you are wiping out your good bacteria allowing bad ones to flourish. The best thing you can do is feed your good bact. with garden greens. Juicing them with herbal teas will quickly reduce inflamation caused by inflamatory oils and refined sugars. Nothing works as good. Meds just keep you in a never ending circle, the more you use the more you need. Get the fried foods and refined sugar out, eat more fruits and veggies then exercise to further remove inflam

  • Ramesh Dhungel says:

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  • Bangla Crime Report Documentary says:

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  • We are using antibiotics to freely which is creating a super bug. Try using natural remedies, I read that they can help a lot

  • Akshara sonam says:

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