Denise Vlachou – MSc Mathematical Medicine and Biology

Denise Vlachou – MSc Mathematical Medicine and Biology

Looking at the course I wanted to do it was
one of the only the universities that offered the course, luckily. I love the campus. It’s
got a great reputation. It’s got a brand new Maths building. It’s a great place to be,
with the Medical Schools right across the road.
I took a course at Warwick called Mathematical Biology and I knew that’s what I wanted to
do. It made sense to me. So doing it all together — something that brings them all together
— was something that really interested me. I’m really enjoying the course. What I enjoy
most about the course is the group projects that we do. The 10 of us on the course are
really quite close friends. So when we’re put into these groups we have a great time
and we do a lot and lot of work on these projects. The project that I’m working on at the moment
is actually to do with chemical reactions, so it’s Chemistry; it’s not Mathematical Biology
people would say. And lots of the mathematics we use actually has applications in Quantum
Mechanics. So it’s extremely varied. It just depends on the direction you want to go in
on a project. if you want to concentrate more on the Maths, or the Physics or the Chemistry,
or the Biology, you can take that spin on what you are doing. And that’s a great part
of this course as well Species A eats species B, B eats C and C eats
A so it’s a cycle. They all depend on each other. So comparing what happens if there
are many, many of these animals in a system or if there are only, say 10 of each animal
in the system. So I’m a member of the water polo team and
it’s a very difficult sport. It wasn’t something that I did before. It’s just something that
I went to the taster session and I made friends and ever since then I’ve gone back. The city of Nottingham is a great city for
students. The university is a very short bus ride into town. To get there for the nightlife
and for the shopping is really easy. You’ve got the Union here as well if you don’t want
to go into town. So you’ve got the bar and the pub called Mooch, the Student Union pub.
And then you’ve got all the food outlets and Starbucks and Costa Coffee all on campus here.
So you don’t have to leave if you don’t want to. I’ve applied to do a PhD here. Hopefully it’s
going to be in the same topic as what my dissertation will be, which will be modelling brain tumours.
And that will be alongside the Medical School as well, so I’ll have two supervisors, one
in the Maths department and one in the Medical School. It’s very exciting. it’s something
that I’ve already done a bit of work on before in a project and modelling brain tumours is
definitely the thing that I want to pursue.


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