Cure Your Myopia Naturally by Staring at the Sky, Study Says

Cure Your Myopia Naturally by Staring at the Sky, Study Says

At least one person in your group of friends
is sure to wear prescription glasses. You might actually wear them yourself! Among the most common problems that affect
your vision is nearsightedness, meaning that you can’t see objects that are far away. This happens when your eye grows too much. Specialists say that we’re in the midst of
a worldwide epidemic, because the number of people who suffer from this problem has doubled
within the last 50 years. Genetics are normally considered to be the
main cause of the appearance of nearsightedness, but a study published in the medical newspaper
“The Lancet” says that there may be another cause—one that is easier to prevent: sunlight. This study observed the relationship between
time spent in the sun and outdoor activities and the appearance of nearsightedness. ´For example, the children in East Asia normally
spend more time inside with very little sunlight, and almost 90% of them suffer from nearsightedness. According to researchers, sunlight stimulates
the release of dopamine directly into the eyes. This neurotransmitter appears to prevent our
eyes from growing too much. Another explanation presented in a study performed
at Queensland University in Australia is that sunlight somehow nurtures our eyes. Sunlight also stimulates the production of
vitamin D, which is responsible for our brain and immune system’s health, and regulates
our eye health. It might also be due to color. Green and blue light waves tend to focus on
the front of the retina, while red light hits the back part. When we’re indoors with artificial illumination,
the light’s color pattern may be altered, and it could confuse the mechanisms that control
our eyes. Whatever the reason, sunlight, under the correct
circumstances, is beneficial not only for our physical health, but also our mental health. It can even help improve problems such as
depression. And, on top of this, it might help you not
have to wear glasses anymore…


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