Cure Pancreatic Cancer Naturally


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  • Dana M. McIntosh says:

    It was May 2016 when doctors told me I had months to live, but the worst thing was telling my children. My husband Dave and I decided to wait a month, until their exams were over, and when the day came, I was lying in bed. Matthew, who is now 18, started to cry, and Georgina, 20, said, ‘Mum, you can’t expect me to go to your funeral. Afterwards, I lay in the middle of them, holding their hands. I realised that I had so much to say to them but I didn’t do it immediately as we tried to keep family life normal probably a bit in denial.Then one day, just as I was arriving for an appointment at Princess Alice Hospice in Esher, Surrey, not far from our home, one of the nurses said, "Dr Odia Herbal Herbs might do it."
    "Do what?" I asked. She introduced me to Dr Odia, I explained My Pancreatic life Story to him and I was told that I can be cured of this disease, Only God knew that I never believe because all my hope was lot at this point. But when Dr Odia make me understand I pray about it that God should care me through his herbs because I have a lovely family and kids. Two months after taking the herbal herbs I go for a check up and there where no sign of Pancreatic cancer. Is It that I'm totally cure? I ask myself until the Dr Confirmed it that I was cured of Pancreatic Cancer.I also learned how much friends and family can be part of getting well. Our circle of friends and relatives was an incredible support. I want to anyone suffering from Cancer to contact Dr Odia via ([email protected]), All thanks to him that I did't give up on life.

  • This may work for some people but it didn't work for my dad he died from pancreatic cancer and we tried everything under the sun naturally and medically and he still died from it

  • If it is so easy to cure cancer with diet why is there still cancer. My wife tried every diet before she died. She was the healthiest person I ever met.

  • Rhonda Fundytus says:

    I'm going through pancreatic cancer that has spread & mastitis. I'm only 55 & its put me in shock. My doctors in Canada say that they can only give me the strongest chemo to bide me a year . No Thankyou. I'm praying that I will be accepted in Mexico at an immunity therapy program. Thay at least have given me some hope 🙏. Please anyone pray for me & all others battling this monster 💕

  • GiantClassicOFC says:

    I'm 24 years old man. First time i had pancrea inflamation when I was 18 and it was because alcohol abuse. During these 6 years I had like 10 inflamations and all these ended in hospital. Since first inflamation I never stoped drinking or smoking, and that must be the main problem. Now, with six years of inflamations experience I'm trying to cure myself without any hospital help. If I feel that inflamation is starting, I'm always asking my wife to inject me with NO-SPA and Ketonal via syringe to my butt muscles, it relieves pain and spasms, next thing is to drink minimum 2.5litres of water and try to eat food like boiled oatflakes, beetroot soup without any salt or spices, tea with ginger, and most important thing is give your pancrea 2-3 days of rest without any work or any weight lifting. What I'm trying to say, it all depends on your habits, dont do like I do with all that alcohol and smoking thing,quit that, start eating healthy, run away from stress and etc. Pancreatitis is incureable, you must learn to live with it. If someone will want to talk about it, feel free to comment below 🙂

  • I appreciate this video, and it's information.
    However please know this for next time; No matter what you think your voice sounds like, or how well you read. No amount of insufficiency in your speech could make it worse than the Robo-Voice. You'll be fine. Any personal voice is better than the Robo-Voice. (well, except for that one weird guy with the scary mystery videos)
    Just use your own voice, it will be better I promise.
    Thanks 😉

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