Cure Pancreatic Cancer Naturally

Cure Pancreatic Cancer Naturally

Five amazing foods to heal your pancreatic cancer you should know The pancreas helps the body break down foods more efficiently and dessert their nutrients also along with insulin this organ produces many important hormones like polypeptides somatostatin and glucagon if your pancreas does not function properly several health problems can arise including diabetes Pancreatitis and even pancreatic cancer although the causes of its malfunctions are not well understood Diet and lifestyle can help rejuvenate your pancreas in Fact there are many pancreas friendly foods that can heal and protect this vital organ Here are ten amazing foods that help heal your pancreas 1 garlic garlic contains a compound called a licen which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory Properties as well as pancreatic cancer prevention ability garlic also contains other beneficial nutrients such as sulfur arginine olga saccharides flavonoids and selenium, which have positive effects on pancreatic tissues a 2013 study published in the Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention reports the preventive and therapeutic potential of garlic oil on pancreatic carcinoma cells It is also highly beneficial for preventing as well as treating diabetes It has anti hyperglycemic and lipid lowering properties it helps reduce the amount of sugar in the blood and stimulates the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin a 2011 study published in a pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences found that garlic supplementation with a standard and petia medication provides better blood sugar control in type 2 diabetics eat 2 or 3 raw garlic cloves daily on an empty stomach also Include garlic in your cooking or take a supplement after consulting a doctor To probiotic yogurt Before we continue this video do not forget to subscribe my channel to see other useful health videos yogurt with live Probiotic cultures is another amazing food. That is good for your pancreas probiotic yogurt helps replace and replenish the healthy bacteria in your gut which is important for a healthy digestive system a Healthy digestive system is important for pancreatic health it also has been found to be helpful in treating problems associated with the pancreas a 2011 study published in applied and environmental microbiology Reports that probiotic treatment appears to mitigate pancreatitis in an animal model the animals treated with proba had less infection of remote organs less infection of dying and dead pancreatic tissues and less severe immune response during acute pancreatitis the National Cancer Institute recommends eating three servings of low-fat or fat-free yogurt that contains active cultures probiotics or beneficial bacteria on a daily basis to enjoy a healthy digestive system and improve pancreatic health It will even reduce the overall risk of pancreatic cancer and help repair damage to the pancreatic tissues Three spinach spinach is a good source of iron and vitamin B the two nutrients that your pancreas needs to function properly When your body receives these two nutrients in adequate amounts there is less chance of inflammation in the pancreas inflammation in the pancreas increases your risk of pancreatic cancer in fact spinach contains a powerful cancer-fighting agent called mg DG mana galactose It’ll disappear zero that can slow down the growth of cancer cells in the pancreas and induce apoptosis spinach is also beneficial for controlling high glucose levels a 2015 study published in the Journal of the American College of nutrition found that spinach extracts rich in thylakoids produce an increase in satiety that would be accompanied by the appropriate changes in glucose and lipid measures eat spinach on a daily basis Incorporating it into your soups salads juices or smoothies For turmeric Turmeric a popular spice used in day to day cooking is also good for your pancreas It possesses cancer-fighting properties that help prevent many cancers including pancreatic cancer the compound for cumin And it is effective in identifying potential cancer cells and AIDS and destructing these harmful cells without damaging healthy cells a 2013 study published in anti cancer research found that a unique turmeric extract Known as lip a thermal curcumin may provide an alternative to chemotherapy in the treatment of lethal pancreatic cancers Turmeric is also a powerful anti-inflammatory Agent that protects your pancreas by preventing inflammation of any kind this spice is even good for controlling high blood sugar in preventing diabetes a 2012 study published in diabetes care found a curcumin extract effectively reduced a number of pre-diabetic individuals Who eventually develop type 2 diabetes mellitus as well as improved the overall function of SSL’s at? 1 teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of milk and drink it once each day if you wish to take a supplement Speak with your doctor first 5 blueberries all types of berries are good for your pancreatic health, but blueberries are the best for this purpose Blueberries are rich in antioxidants which can protect the pancreas from oxidative stress resulting from free radical damage These berries can also reduce your risk of developing serious conditions like pancreatic cancer the compound Toro stilbene and berries increases self destruction of lung stomach pancreatic and breast cancer cells blueberries also aid in reducing blood sugar levels and are good for people dealing with diabetes a 2014 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show that intake of fruits and vegetables Berries in particular was able to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes Also the anti-inflammatory properties of berries aid in reducing vascular damage to the pancreas caused by diabetes To keep your pancreas healthy include fresh blueberries in your diet Here are the early warning signs of pancreatic cancer that you must now One Jaundice it is common for people with pancreatic cancer to experience jaundice characterized by a lowing of the eyes or skin jaundice can also cause itchiness on the hands and feet especially the palms and soles any size of tumor located in the head of the pancreas can lead to irregular bowel a yellowish brown fluid released by your liver to aid digestion flowing from the gall bladder into the small intestine This causes excess buildup of bilirubin in the blood one of the main causes of jaundice if you have signs of jaundice Consult your doctor if it is a common symptom of many liver and gallbladder diseases as well as a sign of pancreatic cancer If other causes are ruled out ask your doctor about testing for pancreatic cancer Before we continue this video do not forget to subscribe my channel to see if they’re useful health videos too abdominal and lower back pain Abdominal as well as back pain are also common symptoms in patients with pancreatic cancer Usually the sharp pain is felt in the upper abdomen which gradually radiates toward the back many patients also report the pain is more severe at night and that they get slight relief from the pain by bending forward a 2001 study published in a pancreas Journal found that abdominal pain and pancreatic cancer patients can be due to the increasing size of the tumor invasion of the intra pancreatic nerves invasion of the anterior pancreatic capsule and lymph node Metastasis if you are experiencing persistent mild to moderate abdominal pain consult a doctor Most cases of pancreatic cancer are diagnosed in patients visiting the emergency room complaining of severe abdominal pain in Fact the location of the pain is helpful in determining where a tumor is located 3 nausea and vomiting nausea followed by vomiting is another sign of pancreatic cancer as The tumor grows it can block some portions of the digestive tract which Emperors the overall digestion process along with nausea and vomiting you may also experience heartburn and acid reflux as Any kind of interference with normal digestion and excretion processes can cause vomiting all nausea and vomiting? Episodes are not necessarily linked with cancer Try peppermint or ginger tea as well as limiting your water intake with meals But drink water between meals to reduce nausea If these symptoms tend to worsen after eating and it is becoming difficult for you to eat anything without throwing up consult your doctor in advanced cases of pancreatic cancer Surgery may be required to bypass the blockage and improve digestion For unexplained weight loss Unexplained weight loss is another noticeable warning sign of different types of cancer including pancreatic cancer weight loss often occurs when a tumor spreads to nearby organs and impairs their functioning This affects proper digestion of nutrients and also leads to poor appetite Also due to lack of pancreatic enzymes aiding digestion Dietary fats start passing through the body undigested which in turn causes weight loss furthermore the cancer cells compete with healthy cells for nutrients if You have started losing weight suddenly without making any changes to your diet or physical activity consult your doctor 5 greasy or light-colored stool Stools if people suffering from pancreatic cancer have some distinct characteristics The stools may become large pale Oily floating and smelly as the growing tumor prevents the pancreas from releasing its digestive enzymes These enzymes are needed to digest food especially fatty food The undigested fact ultimately ends up in your stool making it float or look reishi These fatty stools are difficult to flush away furthermore stools turn a lighter color due to the lack of bilirubin of The color and consistency of your stool says a lot about your health any kind of bell changes should be reported to your doctor Please note the content provided below and elsewhere on this video is not intended nor should it be can through this providing professional medical or nutritional advice Do not rely on information provided on this video for your health problems instead consult a qualified medical professional for advice


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  • Dana M. McIntosh says:

    It was May 2016 when doctors told me I had months to live, but the worst thing was telling my children. My husband Dave and I decided to wait a month, until their exams were over, and when the day came, I was lying in bed. Matthew, who is now 18, started to cry, and Georgina, 20, said, ‘Mum, you can’t expect me to go to your funeral. Afterwards, I lay in the middle of them, holding their hands. I realised that I had so much to say to them but I didn’t do it immediately as we tried to keep family life normal probably a bit in denial.Then one day, just as I was arriving for an appointment at Princess Alice Hospice in Esher, Surrey, not far from our home, one of the nurses said, "Dr Odia Herbal Herbs might do it."
    "Do what?" I asked. She introduced me to Dr Odia, I explained My Pancreatic life Story to him and I was told that I can be cured of this disease, Only God knew that I never believe because all my hope was lot at this point. But when Dr Odia make me understand I pray about it that God should care me through his herbs because I have a lovely family and kids. Two months after taking the herbal herbs I go for a check up and there where no sign of Pancreatic cancer. Is It that I'm totally cure? I ask myself until the Dr Confirmed it that I was cured of Pancreatic Cancer.I also learned how much friends and family can be part of getting well. Our circle of friends and relatives was an incredible support. I want to anyone suffering from Cancer to contact Dr Odia via ([email protected]), All thanks to him that I did't give up on life.

  • This may work for some people but it didn't work for my dad he died from pancreatic cancer and we tried everything under the sun naturally and medically and he still died from it

  • If it is so easy to cure cancer with diet why is there still cancer. My wife tried every diet before she died. She was the healthiest person I ever met.

  • Rhonda Fundytus says:

    I'm going through pancreatic cancer that has spread & mastitis. I'm only 55 & its put me in shock. My doctors in Canada say that they can only give me the strongest chemo to bide me a year . No Thankyou. I'm praying that I will be accepted in Mexico at an immunity therapy program. Thay at least have given me some hope 🙏. Please anyone pray for me & all others battling this monster 💕

  • GiantClassicOFC says:

    I'm 24 years old man. First time i had pancrea inflamation when I was 18 and it was because alcohol abuse. During these 6 years I had like 10 inflamations and all these ended in hospital. Since first inflamation I never stoped drinking or smoking, and that must be the main problem. Now, with six years of inflamations experience I'm trying to cure myself without any hospital help. If I feel that inflamation is starting, I'm always asking my wife to inject me with NO-SPA and Ketonal via syringe to my butt muscles, it relieves pain and spasms, next thing is to drink minimum 2.5litres of water and try to eat food like boiled oatflakes, beetroot soup without any salt or spices, tea with ginger, and most important thing is give your pancrea 2-3 days of rest without any work or any weight lifting. What I'm trying to say, it all depends on your habits, dont do like I do with all that alcohol and smoking thing,quit that, start eating healthy, run away from stress and etc. Pancreatitis is incureable, you must learn to live with it. If someone will want to talk about it, feel free to comment below 🙂

  • I appreciate this video, and it's information.
    However please know this for next time; No matter what you think your voice sounds like, or how well you read. No amount of insufficiency in your speech could make it worse than the Robo-Voice. You'll be fine. Any personal voice is better than the Robo-Voice. (well, except for that one weird guy with the scary mystery videos)
    Just use your own voice, it will be better I promise.
    Thanks 😉

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