Couples Treat Single Friends Like Toys

Couples Treat Single Friends Like Toys

– I’m bored. – I’m bored of you. – [Voiceover] Been in a
relationship for awhile? Run out of things to do
with your significant other? Well why not try meddling in the affairs
of your Single Friends? – I’m lonely. – I wish I could have a
relationship just like yours. – Susie works at my office. – Tim’s my friend from college. – I always trust my friend Brian’s advice. – Becky has great taste in men, unlike me. – [Voiceover] Single Friends just love it when you tinker about in their love lives. And, sold separately, First Date Spots. A coffee shop between
both of their houses. A park down by the river. – You’re so handsome. – [Voiceover] And a bar, that neither of them would normally go to so it won’t get ruined
if the date goes bad. – It was so insightful of Brian and Becky to realize we had so
many interests in common. – I can’t wait to have exciting
first time sex with you. – You mean like the kind that
Brian and Becky used to have? (laughs) – Oh, tell him to get her flowers, she loves flowers. – Remind her to bring up lacrosse. He played in high school and
he loves talking about it. – Wow, your arms are so big, are you an athlete? – It’s going great. – Wanna make out? – I don’t. – [Voiceover] Talk to your
Single Friends separately to get all the fun single person details. – So, how big was his dick? – Big! – Just like I always pictured. – Was she funny? – Not really. – Oh like you’re such a prize. – You know I was thinking they should go to that
spa we used to love. – Maybe we should go to. – Oh Brian, yes! – Our relationship is saved. – And all we had to do was live
vicariously through others. – You know the Capital One called– – Will you get off my goddamn back? – Okay, all of a sudden
it’s gonna change– – [Voiceover] Single Friends, a great way to rekindle
your stale love life. Or if you’re gay just be
in an open relationship. – [Becky] It’s not our money.
– [Brian] It’s our money. – [Siobhan] Hi, I’m
Siobhan from CollegeHumor. Click over here to subscribe, or click here for more fun stuff, ya filthy animals. I was abandoned in this office when I was 10 years old, by my parents. I’ve only eaten pizza for such a long time. I think I have scurvy.


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