Como descargar 360 TOTAL SECURITY 2019 para windows 10 y 7 – El mejor antivirus 2019

Como descargar 360 TOTAL SECURITY 2019 para windows 10 y 7 – El mejor antivirus 2019

Hello my kakawesome friends I hope you are well, pretty well.Because today I come to you to present 360 Total Segurity, that from me point of view, is the best existing antivirus For pc with window 10 First of all I will leave a link in the description to my web page, in which you can download the program It is one of the lightest antiviruz and better than they currently exist in 2019 When they are in my website, they go down and click on dowload, this will take them to the page to the official website of 360 we wait for it to load and we click on download The download will start automatically they choose the place where they want to download it, and they give it in “Save as” I’m not. Because I’ve downloaded it will leave you an installer like this right click and run as administrator we wait for him to load already loaded the program, we choose here the language in which we want that the program is installed and click on install I will pause the video while. As you can see! has already been installed correctly. And we start it is one of the anti viruz that exist, from my point of view since it contains: a quick check, antivirus, accelerate the pc and free up space with the check: you can do I checked quickly The general condition of health and safety of your equipment with just one click In the antivirus, integrates search engines winners, including avira avira and bitdefender, to offer the latest in detection and protection against virus. In accelerate the pc: manages and optimizes your system services, startup elements and plugins shortens boot time and start using your system as soon as possible In the cleaning: It offers you free space on the disk, limiting the unnecessary files and plugins, so they can improve system performance With cleaning you can decide which areas or files remove. In the place of tools we can see all the extra things in sefety in performance and premium options And well, that’s been all for today! You know, you can leave a like and subscribe if you want to have new programs on your pc periodically that can improve it or simply or if you want more games and know more about computers See you next time, bye bye


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