Clinicians Information – Turning Point Addiction Medicine Unit

– The referral process
from a GP’s point of view, firstly involves writing a letter, which is usually addressed
to the Carrington Road Turning Point Eastern Treatment Services and the patient will then be contacted to be offered an
appointment to be assessed. The GP can also be
expected to be contacted by a clinician just to clarify issues around diagnoses and drug management. When a client has had their assessment at Carrington Road it is brought into a clinical review meeting
where the team discusses the best plan for the
client for their detox. We also prioritise clients that may be at high risk or medium risk. – At that meeting, we then develop the individualised care
plan that is their map and their journey through
the process of care that we give them. That can also include a
care plan for One East or Wellington House or both. – One East is setup
predominantly as a detox unit. It was the safety net of
the hospital behind it and that is beneficial
from a medical perspective as well as behavioural. – First and foremost, they’re
in a safe environment, environment that is staffed
by experienced nurses. We’ve got the on-call doctors 24/7. – My role here is to
support our aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
clients from beginning to end, so there’s more consistency of care and trying to really encourage the people like our psychologists
and our nursing staff to really take on someone’s culture as part of their recovery. – Clinicians at the start
or at the contact point need to alert clients to the fact that addiction is a multifaceted problem and also reassuring clients that look this is a journey,
it’s not a destination. Each individual client has got
their own unique experiences and the tools that are to be
presented should actually match what the client needs. – The tree’s incredible
and it embodies strength and hope and transition
and it allows people to be able to write messages of strength and encouragement to other people who potential may be struggling
and really need that. – So there effectively three
types of detoxes that we do. We provide symptomatic relief for patients undergoing detox from
a wide range of drugs. We also provide detox from opiods and a third group of
detoxes we do are detoxes from hypno-sedatives including alcohol. The other processes include
the provision of nursing care and emotional and
psychological social support. – We have no smoking whatsoever from the moment they’re admitted. We’re willing to administer as many nicotine replacement therapy products as required to help in that process. – It is our intention and our practise to detox patients off
all medication and drugs. – At Wellington House we
have a programme called DBT, that’s dialectical behavioural therapy. We do a skillset on that. That works around mindfulness,
distress tolerance, emotion regulation and
interpersonal skills. And that just really helps the clients put in some boundaries and establish areas that they’d like to work on. – We have different activities everyday. We get up in the morning,
we have our morning meeting. – We do some art therapy, do some creative groups. There’s also physical
activities like yoga, pilates, and some personal training
as well throughout the week. – They can stay up to 10 days at One East depending on their detox requirements and if they then require
it and it’s deemed as potentially beneficial,
they will be transferred for stabilisation to Wellington House for up to another 18 days. From there, services are implemented to transfer them to
current landing services that can support their
recovery journey further. – Post discharge, we’ve
also got our peer workers who follow up with them post
discharge just to touch base to make sure that things
are still travelling well and where there’s a need
for them to re-engage with the services again, then
we’ll make an arrangement for them to come back to the service through our normal referral
or walk in service.


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