Chikitsa – Medicine Store (please turn on captions)

To Install Medicine Store, Go to Modules Click on Add Extensions Click on Upload Extension Click on Choose File and Select the file you purchased. Click on Install Click on Activate The extension is installed and Active You will see new menu Stock Go to Items Click on Add to add a new Item Enter the Name , Desired Stock and Sell Price for Item Click on Edit to modify the Item You can delete an Item Lets add few more items in the same way Lets Add a Supplier Now, as we have a supplier, we can add a Purchase Enter Bill No for your reference, Select Item, enter Quantity, Select Supplier, and Purchase Price Lets add another purchase You can filter the purchases based on dates or Items Click on Print to print the report for filtered Purchases (The flickering is some video recording issue) Lets move on to Purchase Return If you have to return a purchase, you can make an entry here to adjust the stock Add the Bill No, Item, Quantity that you are returning, Supplier and Price Here too you can filter the purchase returns based on Date or Items or both And Print the Report based on the filters Lets do a Sell – Thats the whole purpose of this plugin isn’t it? Select a Patient, and start adding Items and Quantity If you add a same Item again, the quantity will adjust If you dont have an Item in Stock, the system will alert you You can print the Receipt In All Sell, you can see the sells done Click on New Sell to start working on new Sell You can do a sell return too. Add the Bill No, Select Item No, Enter Quantity , Patient Name and Price You can filter the sell return based on dates and Items And Print the report according to the filters Lets see the reports, Stock Report gives you a complete view of all your items and current stock You can click on the count in Purchase, Purchase Return, etc to see all the transactions in detail We also have an All Sell Report where you can filter and group your sells based on various parameters Group your sales based on Item, Bill No or Date You can filter the sales by date and items Lastly, you can also add your opening stock Select Item, Quantity and Average Price This will adjust your stock That’s it. Thank you for your interest. Do check our other extensions too!


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