Ce ANTIVIRUS sa folosesti pentru smartphone-ul tau ! 2017

Ce ANTIVIRUS sa folosesti pentru smartphone-ul tau ! 2017

Security on the phone is getting more and more uncertain. Many internet and TV news appear as millions of phones have been infected with a virus that caused great damage to those people. So let me recommend an antivirus you need to have on your phone all the time. Hi friends and welcome back to the Android INFO channel tips, opinions, tips, and everything that interests you it’s on this YouTube channel where all
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up-to-date with the latest videos added here. And let’s see about this antivirus. I chose this antivirus that many can already have because of the large number of reviews and recommendations from users who already have it on the phone. The app at the moment exceeded 1 billion downloads and over 23 million 800 reviews, with over 18 million 600 only 5-star reviews. Antivirus is called Security Master and I can say that before I start filming, I’ve already found two new apps that I just downloaded to my phone
malware, which I had to wipe from the phone to avoid infecting it and sending important information to the developer of this virus. This antivirus not only finds viruses, malware, and possibly dubious files, but also keeps you a clean cell phone from a waste disposal point of view from open applications as well as battery maintenance with several extra hours as well as many other benefits from this browser security application, socializing applications, as well as personal files. What I liked about this antivirus is if you activate the option to open socializing applications, or any applications if you want, through a
differently than others. An example can be given to you right now, we open Facebook app it, as soon as we open it, we get this error, do not worry, the application did not crash; simply, who does not know, basically has the impression that he can not enter that application and give back to look, we already know, we put the fingerprint and Facebook
it goes without a problem. What I like about this antivirus, besides finding viruses and potentially harmful ones on your phone, is also the quick charge option. With fast loading, I noticed a load from 0 to 100 with even a half-hour difference! This antivirus will reduce the number of resources during charging resulting in faster loading of your phone. What I liked about this antivirus is that you can browse the internet through the public wifi via a VPN server that basically changes your ip to make it impossible be hacked by people around you through different methods through that wifi network. For the rest I let you find them on your phone. So, so for this episode, What antivirus you use for your smartphone. Do not forget to support me with a likes and a subscription to trust me to continue with this Youtube channel. Goodbye.


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