CDC Official: We’ve Reached ‘The End Of Antibiotics, Period’

CDC Official: We’ve Reached ‘The End Of Antibiotics, Period’

associate director above the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention doctor or June Shrinivas on in an
interview for PBS Frontline about antibiotic-resistant bacteria and
prepare yourself to be scared shitless he says quote for a long time there have
been newspaper stories and covers of magazines that talked about the ended antibiotics question mark well
now I would say you can change the title to the end of
antibiotics period were in the post antibiotic era there are patients for whom we have no
therapy and we are literally in a position of
having a patient in a bed who has an infection something that five
years ago we could have treated but now we can’t scared yet gets worse he says Mercer is the best
example in this and armor so only used to happen in
health care facilities because there would be antibiotic-resistant bacteria that’s
what mercer is it would evolved to that point because you’re constantly fighting
bacteria something like that in hospitals so that’s the place where the evolution
what happened if it were to happen right so made sense for it to happen in
hospitals it doesn’t really make sense for the app and elsewhere but I wouldn’t I happening elsewhere
it’s happening in gyms and at schools and it’s also a different kind amor said
they say that this Mercer shows by it presents itself it I as a rash on the skin as well and it’s
incredibly painful and so here’s the part that made my jaw
drop I mean this already my jaw dropped but dropped
even further because such infections can’t be treated with
conventional antibiotic therapy is doctors have begun to quote reach back
into the archives and use order antibiotics we’re using a
lot of colistin and we’re using morbid every
year it’s very toxic we don’t like to use it
it damages the kidneys but were forced to use it in a lot of
instances so in other words you know what’s happening here the bacteria are evolving so fasten the
antibiotics can keep up and it got to the point that they’re
saying fuck man we gotta do something to try to fight these
things when we gonna do alright I try to go back in the archives to like
the primitive antibiotics that you know affected other areas the
bodies in a negative way like they said it affects the carnies right but the problem is this is their last
trick so up until this point like it’s been up fear oh my god the in a bit about
tiananmen the biotics but we’ve held on and we’ve been able to fight for the most part keep upright another
thing I know you’ll get is the last track the last trick is hey go back and use
the old one hope it works in his crusher fucking fingers when we’re gonna hit a point
where you you don’t think tipping point you go put my working we
have no idea what to do our antibiotics are useless


71 thoughts on “CDC Official: We’ve Reached ‘The End Of Antibiotics, Period’”

  • It was only a matter of time. With a culture that pumps antibiotics into everything and idiot moms who smear Purell on everything, the only thing we've managed to do is make super-bugs and kids with weak immune systems.

  • I've heard about this for years, now it's finally here. Suddenly we're not flossing for fresh breath but to stay alive.

  • Kilo Bravo Productions says:

    no, those fundy fucktards would say some shit about god punishing an unjust nation…something something…abortion and gay marriage…something something rabid and stupid. yea!

  • Last trick? Hardly. Bacteriophages have been used to treat bacterial infections in Eastern Europe for almost a century! However, current FDA regulations basically makes it impossible to use them in the US. Isn't it about time we FINALLY get the FDA to drop the effective ban?

  • Good luck with that. The FDA is a corrupt and toothless organization. Anything can be approved or banned by the FDA if they're paid enough, US pharmaceutical companies don't want to cure people, they want us to stay sick so that we keep having to pay them to keep our heads above water. Most effective treatments are going to have to fight against the tide to be approved unless they can rival the kind of bribes 'Big Pharma' can dish out.

  • Misuse and overuse of antibiotics by doctors has largely contributed to this problem. Malpractice on a large institutionalized level.

  • I feel like I shouldn't have watch this video. As a heart patient who will have to go to hospitals many more times in the future, this frightens me.

  • This is god showing us how weak and foolish we are. We'll have to go back to using prayer to treat disease like he wants. It worked so well back then, it's a wonder we ever stopped. Or, those are some of the most ignorant statements ever made and we're fucked.
    We screwed ourselves bad when we let religion sit at the science able regarding evolution. Being sensitive to their delusions was a huge error. Now people think any idea is as good as real science. This; climate change; we're so fucked.

  • Here comes some natural selection pressure. We eliminated most of them and now little thins the herd or the gene pool. Our hay day is about to end. Between this, climate change, and some theist starting WWIII because they attribute some thought to a god speaking to them, we'll be lucky if we don't go extinct. What a shame.
    Science is our only hope, and half our nation thinks they know better. We must get rational people to run for office, and we must get them elected. It's life or death.

  • So… As meat eaters accuse me of being "militant" and "bitchy" about me stating that we need to cut down on meat consumption- antibiotic resistance is one of those reasons to reduce our intake. Though it's possible to still consume the same amount of animal products and reduce antiobiotic resistance by not feeding cattle so much antibiotics, you just may as well cut down on consumption.

    The other problem: people are not COMPLETING their antibiotic treatments…

  • That is one doctor, there was another doctor on CNN who said it's not as bad as some have claimed. In other words, this is science, and don't just take one person's word for it and don't use a handful of examples and extrapolate it to the rest of the population.

  • We never should have let religion sit at the science table. They weren't qualified. We can see what happens when we take theists fragile sensitivities into account.
    Frame their religions factually. The xians are in a blood sacrifice cult from the bronze age. The creators were barbarians by any civilized standard. And believers cannot be trusted to make rational decisions for us. How can we tell if they're basing on reality, or their delusion? We can't! Why take a chance?

  • It is an issue that needs to be addressed. Like climate change. Whether today or tomorrow, we need to plan for it. Waiting until it's too late, or not addressing these life and death issues because they're too costly is insanity.
    We don't need to listen to A scientist, but we need to listen to science and a consensus of scientists.

  • devourerofbabies says:


    Leviticus 18:22
    "Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin."


  • Shit. πŸ™

    I am 37. Experts have been warning people for aa long as I can remember not to use antibiotics with abandon … and we did not listen.

    Again… shit. πŸ™

  • Douglas Richardson says:

    Yea , that doesn't ring too true from me , especially from someone whose name describes a cannibalizer of infants. Why is it always those who are the most ignorant who are so quick to betray their ignorance by yelling screaming and acting like an animal. You betray the stamp of your lowly origins Sir. Perhaps you should join the rest of humanity in becoming civilized and stop dragging your knuckles.

  • Why didn't we invest that 12 trillion dollars into medical research, instead of war. I HATE THE STATE!!! I hope Dick Cheney and his cohorts get this incurable disease.

  • David,there will be no end times .The end tomes bokk was writen to prevent the commkn man from justifiably kill their skave masters..we are all slaves to the true god of the elete, MAMMON! THE elete have NEVER beleived in religion. To them its a tool to keep the common man ignorant and afraid.

  • Man we are fuck! And you have religion to thank for that. Thank you religion for making us SOOOOO STUPID. Man we need to find a way to figth this bacterias from killing us. I hate when dumn ass creationist say evolution isn't real..Look what's happening to this fucking baterias they are evolving to fast. And we are left with no defense what so ever..

  • devourerofbabies says:

    It matters not whether you reject Him, he is EVERYONE'S Lord.

    Your sin drives you from Him.



  • devourerofbabies says:


    You have lived your life in rebellion against your God. Accept His grace and escape your well-earned punishment.


  • devourerofbabies says:

    Well then, the solution is simple, isn't it? If you get an infection, go stand in a desert in Iran and wait for Sheldon Adelson's nuke. The radiation should kill any pesky bacteria that are bothering you.

  • devourerofbabies says:

    My mind is not feeble, it is strong in the Lord.

    Psalm 14:1

    The FOOL hath said in his heart, There is no God.

    Quit being a FOOL.


  • devourerofbabies says:

    It also represents the failure of drug research mostly to the private sector. They make a lot more money off of renewing patents on hair growth and boner pills, so that's where the research goes.

  • devourerofbabies says:

    The end times are nigh. Rapture approaches. Cease your insolent rebellion against your Lord. Repent or be left behind.


  • Lot of the problem is caused by all the antibiotics farmers use to grow livestock, such as cattle, hogs, chickens, all that treated meat has caused our bodies too build up immunities to the drugs making them less effective, if they didn't use them in our food, this might not be as bad as it is.

  • We are creating these super bugs. It's only a matter of time until our drugs are obsolete. Shitty thing is there is not big money in developing anti microbial medications, we are too caught up in finding ways to keep our erections hard for four hours

  • Douglas Richardson says:

    no thanks. I appreciate the offer of submitting to an authortiarian dictator who can never be challanged , but frankly , i dont support tyrants , even if he did exist , he isnt worthy of worship.

  • Douglas Richardson says:

    dude , im not afraid of your misogonistic homophobic sky god ok , he is less of a threat then santa , at least santa is at the mall , and may go postal one christmas and knock my head off with a half eaten giant candy cane , your god however , no where to be found…terribly sorry for your loss.

  • devourerofbabies says:

    God is not misogynist, he LOVES all His children.

    When children misbehave, they receive the punishment they deserve. This is not done out of malice, but of love. The rod is not spared lest the child be spoiled.

    Hell is the punishment YOU deserve. ALL OF US deserve Hell. God doesn't want to punish you, but He must because He loves you.


    I'm trying to explain this to you, even though I know you probably won't understand because atheists have no logic.


  • devourerofbabies says:

    Big Pharma couldn't find a way to make a shitzillion dollars out of it so it was banned?

    Either that or the bacteria phages didn't discriminate and killed all the good bacteria too?

    Dunno. Probably one of those two. I'd bet on the first one.

  • Douglas Richardson says:

    Does your god know everything? Does he know what its like to have gay sex with a siphilis infected goat? or perhaps does he know what its like to lick the shit out of a slugs anus? cause if he doesnt , he is by definition , not all knowing , and if he is all powerful , can he create a rock he cannot lift? by definition he cannot because one action logically removes the capability of the other. GOOD DAY SIR!

  • devourerofbabies says:

    "Does your god know everything?"

    MY GOD and YOUR GOD (for they are the same Holy and Almighty One God) is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent.

    The One Eternal God cares not for your pathetic logic, for He is the author of the universe. Your puny brain is not intended to grasp the Infinite. Your feeble objections on the grounds of "logic" are insignificant to your Lord YAWEH.

  • The past few months I've gotten so many ear, throat, and sinus infections. I felt the antibiotics weren't helping since it might stop hurting but each week (since I go to the dr so often) it just is still there, or a new one showed up too. Now I'm truly scared since I know I have a throat infection again and a full script of augmetin

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