Poultry house environment controls and antibiotic reduction

Well, over the last 15 years the the innovation of newer environmental control techniques inside the poultry house have made uh made it possible for us to operate our houses in a much narrower back narrow or a band of temperature relative humidity we now have the electronics in many houses that can sense temperature relative humidity and […]

Meat & Poultry Labels: Grass-Fed, Free-Range, Organic…. What Does It All Mean?

hi I’m Darnell Cox with live young lifestyle and for me if I’m going to eat meat I want to make sure that I’m getting the most nutritious the most nutrient-dense and the healthiest happiest animals the first step is being able to decipher the labels so the labeling on all of these are not only confusing sometimes […]

How to Treat Poison Ivy Rash and Blisters at Home

How to Treat Poison Ivy Rash and Blisters at Home Poison ivy is a three-leaf plant commonly found in the United States. The plant contains toxic sticky oil known as urushiol that can cause an allergic reaction. Swelling, blisters, and redness are the common symptoms of poison ivy rash. When it comes to treating poison ivy rash and […]

Coconut Oil Cure Alzheimer And More | Huile de Coco Un Remède Contre l’Alzheimer Et Plus

Steve Newport’s Alzheimer’s disease has slowed considerably. Some of his symptoms even reversed, thanks to an unlikely treatment prescribed by his wife, Dr. Mary Newport, a physician who runs a neonatology ward at a Tampa, Florida hospital. She became determined to help her husband after he failed the so-called Alzheimer’s clock test. He drew a few little circles […]

Dr. Brad Spellberg debunks false arguments about agricultural antibiotic use

Well my background is a board-certified infectious diseases specialist. Fifteen years of clinical practice. And I do see patients as an infectious disease specialist. I also am the chief medical officer here at the hospital, although the opinions I’m expressing are my own, not reflective of the hospital. Antibiotic resistance is I think one of the most concerning […]

Why Antibiotic Ointments Should be Limited to the First Few Days After Eyelid Surgery

Thank you for your question. You submitted two photos with your question and you state that you have had Asian eyelid surgery done 2 weeks prior. And that currently, you’re concerned about itchiness, redness and swelling. And you’re asking if Tobradex can be used to help alleviate these symptoms. Well, I can certainly give you my opinion based […]

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