Kelly Clarkson – Medicine (José Audisio Cover) – NBC “THE VOICE” COLLABORATION

What’s up guys! This is my cover of “Medicine” by Kelly Clarkson, from her new album (it’s amazing) and Kelly is a new coach on this upcoming season of The Voice, it premieres on February 26th. It’s the biggest singing competition show on television, so make sure you guys watch it and hope you enjoy my cover.

3.4 Solu-Cortef standard syringe emergency injection

This video explains how to give an emergency injection of Solu-Cortef with a standard syringe. You will need a bottle of Solu-Cortef (this is hydrocortisone powder for injection and the bottle contains a hundred milligrams of hydrocortisone sodium succinate), a glass or plastic vial of sterile water, some tissues, a syringe, a green, blue or orange needle. Green […]

Heart failure treatment – Late stages | Circulatory System and Disease | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

– So in the early stages of heart failure, remember that treatments were more targeted at the risk factors for heart failure and this is usually before the symptoms of heart failure even come about to try and slow or stop these symptoms from ever appearing. But in the later stages, when the symptoms associated with heart failure […]

Intestinal Worms – Home Remedies For Intestinal Worms – Tips To Cure Parasites In The Intestine

do you suffer from constant hunger pangs of frequent loose motions and headaches well the culprit very likely is intestinal worms food either bought or prepared under unhygienic conditions can contain eggs of worms which will breed in your intestine another entry point for these eggs are through the pores of your feet when one walks barefoot on […]

Why This American Pilot Became A Drug Smuggler

Adler Berriman Seal’s grave marker is adorned with an airplane and a cross, the first quite fitting for the pilot and the latter a questionable addition to some. It’s inscription of “a rebel adventurer, the likes of whom in previous days made America great” would likely enrage others. Why are there such strong emotions surrounding this man born […]

Everything is designed for this man, even drugs

This is reference man. He’s a white, 30-year-old, male who weighs about 155 pounds. And he decides how we live. For decades, industries have considered this the standard human. And designed the world around him. Everything from air conditioning in offices, to cars, even military equipment. But there are other ways we use reference man, that aren’t so […]

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