Yungblud | Before They Were Famous | Former Disney Star on The Lodge

Before Yungblud would perform sold out shows Including a set in Leeds that made him cry Before Yungblud would collab with artists like MGK, Travis Barker, Charlotte Lawrence and his girlfriend Halsey for their song “11 Minutes” which has more than 35 million views on YouTube at the time of this recording. Before Yungblud would have over 180k […]

NICE medicines and prescribing associates

I’m Saran and i’m the lead medicines pharmacists in Herefordshire CCG so our main interest areas commissioning medicines. I’ve been working in the different primary care roles over the last twenty years my name’s sue and i’m the senior medicines optimisation pharmacist for Staffordshire clinical commissioning group We attend quarterly face-to-face meetings where we get expert content what’s […]

Meet our Doc: Mike Dichiaro, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

I was drawn to pediatric rehabilitation because I love the way the mind and the body work together so that kids and adults can do all the great things they do on a day-to- day basis and throughout their lives. Kids in rehabilitation have either congenital, or things that they’re born with, or acquired injuries like brain injuries. […]

Trend Micro Tutorial & Review – Antivirus Software

This in-depth Trendmicro review is brought to you by the top10sites. Trendmicro is providing Antivirus solutions for personal and business clients for more than 25 years using Smart Protection Network. Trendmicro is offering 3 Anitivirus packs- Antivirus+ for 25usd yearly, Maximum Security for 40usd yearly and Maximum Security plus Ultimate Service for 70usd yearly. The Antivirus+ pack covers […]

K7 Antivirus Review & Installing Steps💿- K7 Total Security[Tamil/Eng. Subs] | Unboxing & Reviews #1

Hi friends,In this video we will see about K7 antivirus review and installing steps before installing,The reason for choosing this antivirus is,I am using this antivirus since 3 years and it is best secured antivirus and it have lot of features Then,it is a paid antivirus It’s price ranges around 350rs which i have bought in amazon.You can […]

Antibiotic awareness – How hospitals view the challenge – Chris Little

It is massive, it’s one of the most, well I’m very passionate about it, it’s one of the most important things in the world to do with health. Antibiotics are the most wonderful medicines, they’re pretty unique, in that you actually take them, the right ones and you cure the disease. You don’t have to take them for […]

Halloween Trick or Treat Story | Halloween Candy from Steve and Maggie | Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV Come on, come on. It’s getting dark. Oh hey. Hello boys and girls. Oh. Oh dear. Oh silly me. Hey. You have to be careful when you’re lightning your jack-o’-lantern. Mine looks great. I hope yours does too. It’s getting dark. I think all the boys and girls are putting on […]