Canadian nurse travels to Mexico for treatment

– Well, hello and welcome to our health care discussion series. My name is Colin Craig and today I’m pleased to be joined by Christina Sanford. Christina’s a nurse from Nova Scotia who’s going to share some details about her health care experience. Christina, thanks for joining me today. – You’re welcome, I’m happy to be here. – […]

Top Five Homeopathic Medicines For Every Medicine Cabinet by Gary Kracoff, NMD, R.Ph.

I’m Gary Kracoff I work at Johnson Compunding and Wellness Center in Waltham, Massachusetts. People ask me what should I have in my house, um, for some of the common problems, and really, to start, five remedies: arnica, nux, pulsatilla, ignatia and apis. Arnica is probably the most popular remedy in the world – it’s good for any […]

Neem oil, the best medicine for your plants//नीम का तेल, आपके पौधे की सबसे अच्छी दवा

Namaskar friends! i’m your host, Brahmdeo. Friends! You all know how dangerous it is to use chemical pesticides. It not only pollutes our environment, but also cause a serious bad effect on our health and may also cause Cancer like dangerous disease. Still, there is no control over commercial farming. But, whoever among from us, either personally or […]

How to disable windows update notification in avast node32 antivirus 9

Hey, Today I gonna show you how to disable windows update notification in your node32 anti-virus Open your node32 antivirus from system tray Click on F5 from your keyboard Click on Tool In the right side you will see Microsoft windows update Here you will get drop-down menu with some options Choose your desired Option I choose “no […]

Thyroid Replacement Medication: Alternatives to Levothyroxine

Hey Sara Peternell with Family Nutrition Services here. Listen, you caught me in my car today but I just hung up with one of my clients who was asking me some great questions about thyroid replacement medication. First of all I just like to say please direct all questions about your diagnosis and your prescription to your primary […]

What is hypertension? | Circulatory system diseases | Health & Medicine | Khan Academy

Let’s talk about hypertension. And I’ll write that here, hypertension. And hypertension basically means high blood pressure. And we actually categorize it in different groups. So let’s use my blood pressure, 115 over 75 as an example. And I had drawn a small figure for you where I had blood pressure on this side and I had time […]