The Mobile Stroke Unit | Saving Lives Through Early Intervention | Weill Cornell Medicine

I’m Roy Pizzarello I’m a retired cardiologist and I live in New York City it was a February of 2011 and I was home vacuuming all of a sudden I couldn’t move my right arm or my right leg and I remember I couldn’t I couldn’t speak and luckily I was right by the bed so I lay […]

Heart murmur sounds (cardiac auscultation sounds)

[Lyt til hver hjerteklap, mens du føler over halspulsåren] James, nu vil jeg lytte til brystet og føle pulsen i halsen samtidigt. OK? [At identificere den første hjerterytme, følg halspulsåren mens du lytter] [mitral-klapper – femte interkostale mellemrum langs midtklavikulærlinjen] [tricuspidal-klapper – fjerde interkostale mellemrum ved brystbenets venstre kant] [pulmonal-klappen – andet interkostale mellemrum ved brystbenets venstre kant] […]

René Recinos Wins Golden Stethoscope Award July 27, 2018!

[René Recinos] Good morning, Paul. [Paul Manternach] How you doing today, sir? [Rene] Tired [indecipherable] last night. Rod, how are you? [Rod Schlader] Good, Good. [Paul] Hey René, have you ever heard of the Golden Awards? [René] Uh, yes… [Paul] Golden Heart, Golden Hands, Golden Stephoscope. [René] Yes. [Paul] Well congratulations. {René] Thank you. [Paul] You’re the nominee […]

Lumbar Spine Selective Nerve Root Block Injection pain management movies

You will be lying on your front. Your skin will be cleaned. A small needle will be used to inject some local anesthetic to numb the skin. This may sting for a couple of seconds. The tip of a needle will be placed next to the spinal nerve. Fluoroscopy, an X-Ray TV, is often used to guide the […]

The Best Medicine: Bikur Cholim – An everyday Jewish idea for kids | Shaboom!

♪ BimBam ♪♪ Shabbat Shalom! Bring it on home. ♪ ♪ Shaboom! ♪ ♪ Sparks sparking you ♪ ♪ Helping others is what we do ♪ ♪ Down we go! Rainbow! Shaboom! ♪ ♪ Settin’ sparks aglow ♪ ♪ Magic-spin-n-whirl! Shaboom! ♪ ♪ Here to fix the world! ♪ ♪ Shaboom! ♪ ♪ Shaboom! Shaboom! Sha-boom! boom! boom! […]

Planning for Prostate Cancer Treatment

– Hi, I’m Dr. Steven Lester. I’m a radiation oncologist at Central Florida Cancer Care Center and today we’re discussing prostate cancer and radiation treatments in the planning component. Many patients come in, they have a lot of anxiety which you really shouldn’t have with prostate cancer for most patients but they wanna get started right away and […]

Leadership in Medicine, 2020 and Beyond–What Will Doctors Be?

MARCIA DAY CHILDRESS: Good afternoon. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Great to see all of you here. I’m delighted to welcome you to today’s Medical Center Hour. This is also UVA’s 2019 Alpha Omega Alpha Lecture sponsored by the Medical Student Honor Society, AOA. In addition, this particular venue on this particular day, as many of you know, is part of […]

Food As Medicine: Feedback with Melissa – Week 1 – July 2019

MELISSA ADAMSKI: Hi everyone, and welcome to our feedback video for week 1 of Food as Medicine. I’m Melissa, your course mentor, and it’s great to see everyone jumping in and starting to discuss the exciting information that we have around Food as Medicine in week 1. So we’ve got a lot of engagement going on, with thousands […]