Can Depression Be Cured? New Research on Depression and its Treatments

>>From the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.>>Robert L. Gallucci: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Library of Congress to the Kluge Center and to our meeting today Exploring Important Questions around Depression and its Treatments. I’m Bob Gallucci. I am the director of Kluge Center. I’d ask you at this time to do what I’m going to […]

What Is Emergency Medicine and How Is It Important? with S. V. Mahadevan

[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Good afternoon. Great to be here, and to talk about what is emergency medicine and how it’s important. And as mentioned I founded Stanford Emergency Medicine International in 2000, and for the past 15 years we’ve been working around the world with our partners advancing medical education, fostering systems development, studying our interventions both before and […]

Which AntiVirus is best for Windows 10? – vipre advanced security 2018 full review

hello pc users. Today, I am going to test vipre advanced security. so without wasting any time let’s get started. let’s take a look at the interface. at the left side, it is showing here, when last time it was scanned. and it is checking for updates right now. Firewall protection is ON. which is very clean and […]

Best Antivirus for Android that You Should Try

Hello, This is Praveen from This time we are going to review 4 Free Best Antivirus for Android Smart phones which ensure better security. These Android Apps will helps to protect smart phone from dangerous virus attacks. I don’t know how many are actually consider this as a major aspect in protecting their Android Mobile from threats. […]

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance: Fan Liu

In my work, I’m in a constant race against bacteria. Antibiotic resistance has become an increasingly challenging problem in the world. In the United States alone, every year, we have more than 2 million people that become seriously ill because of these infections. Bacteria are fascinating little creatures. They grow really really fast, and they are developing resistance […]