Top 10 drugs used by teens – Drug & Alcohol Abuse Rehab

With all the new and different drugs emerging every year, getting the facts straight can seem overwhelming. But DARS is here to help you learn about the most common substances teens are faced with today. Weed, pot, grass are the same common drug from past generations; perhaps that is why Marijuana is the most commonly used drug today. […]

Successful Drug Intervention: A Step-By-Step Guide

About 21.5 million adults in the U.S. become addicted to drugs or alcohol each year. There’s nothing more frustrating or helpless than watching someone you love become a victim of addiction. But don’t lose hope just yet. One of the most important lifelines for victims of substance abuse is an intervention. Let’s review the drug intervention process step […]

Where can I find an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation near me?

If you are looking for court approved alcohol and drug evaluation, you only have one place to call…. the Diversion Center. Here at the Diversion Center we provide court approved Alcohol and Drug Evaluations DUI Evaluations Alcohol and Drug Assessments Substance Abuse Assessments Anger Management Evaluations Mental Health Evaluations And more. Hey, we understand that people make mistakes….. […]

Dr. Neeraj Mendiratta on Complex Care and the Future of Medicine

[♪♪♪] My name is Neeraj Mendiratta, I am the Service Chief here in Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group for the continuum care program in the DC and suburban Maryland area. I’ve been with MAPMG for eight years now. I started as a hospitalist, and shortly after that, kind of moved up my way to service chief of continuum care. […]

ASHWAGANDHA PLANT care and Health Benefits | Uses of AshwaGandha in Ayurvedic Medicine

Hello Friends! Today will look into the herbal plant � Ashwagandha, its medicinal benefits and How to grow and care Ashwagandha plant. Coming up! Ashwagandha with botanical name Withania somnifera is also called as the Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry, or winter cherry. The name Ashwagandha is composed of two Sanskrit words: Ashwa means �horse,� Gandha means �smell� because […]

How to cure Ulcer and Hemorrhoids Naturally – Herbal treatment for Ulcer and Piles

Ayyampana (Ayapana tea), scientifically known as Eupatorium triplinerve Vahl, is one of the best ayurvedic herbal medicinal plants for diseases like ulcer, wounds, inflammation of the urinary tracts, skin eruptions, posion bites, intermittent fevers especially yellow fever and ulcerative stomatitis. A decoction of the plant and the juice of the leaves mixed with shallots are considered to be […]