N. Korea to keep borders shut until COVID-19 treatments ready

North Korea has announced that it will keep its borders shut until there’s an effective diagnosis and treatment method for the corona virus the regime’s vice health minister Kim hyung-jun said in an interview with the Chosun Simbu a Shinbo pro-north Korea newspaper in Japan that the key way to keep the virus out is to not let […]

Bill Duke On The Day He Stopped Taking Drugs

Bill Duke, Actor/Filmmaker/Author: True story and very few people knew this ever happened. I’m sitting at my monitor one day and the assistant says “Do you know who is standing behind you?” I said “What are you talking about?” “Gordon Parks.” I said “Get out of here, I’m working. Stop playing.” He said “No, Gordon Parks is standing […]

Chinese Herbal Medicine – Chinese Herbal Medicine Claims That It Can Cure Any Kind Of Disease

Chinese Herbal Medicine. One of the oldest cultures that carried out a thorough study of herbs and other plant life related to human health was ancient China. Chinese Herbal Medicine, also referred to as CHM, went through many evolutions, as the knowledge grew more and more refined. Remember that the nature of illnesses that afflict humanity change over […]

Phytochemical Test for Flavonoid |Evaluation of herbal medicine – Solution-Pharmacy. Hindi

Hello friends, welcome to the channel solution Today we will show the the procedure for shinoda test Which is used for the detection of flavonoids in any plant materials Here we have taken orange peal powder For the detection of flavonoids First of all transfer small amount of orange peal powder into the conical flask and then add […]